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MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. There are many great people out there that you can learn from, and one of my favorite extraordinary people that I love to learn from is Steve Jobs.
Steve said that you cannot connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. Related read: How Positive Thinking Lead You To Success, this is one of the best posts from my blog, you definitely have to read it. Steve Jobs encourage us to use our time wisely; don’t waste it for time is what life is made of. If Steve Jobs doesn’t like what he did, he will never go through the hard times knocking on him. This has becomes one of the favorite quotes for most people right after Steve Jobs delivered his speech. Adopt these 5 principles into your life, improve each day and you will eventually achieve what you desire in life. Welcome to Micro Macro Monde - MMM - a unique place on this planet that I bought 6 years ago to turn into a dream - now for parts are for sale or rent. I cant manage the property and the MMM project by myself and therefore I am looking for partners OR to eventually sell the entire property. The coming pages might seem as a very a€?unconventionala€? way of selling a property - the reason for this you might understand when having read through this.
If you could imagine yourself becoming part of an enriching, stimulating real-life experiment that will not only give you new kinds of possibilities here and now but also make sure that when you are old and less a€?capablea€? you have a fantastic place to live - a place which on top of it all could become the most sustainable place - at least in this part of the world - then MMM might be something for you to invest in - maybe buy half and lets work together on realizing a dream.
It could also be that you just want to rent part of an amazing property from time to time as a place to work, paint, write or whatever you feel like doing of maybe more artistic expression for a while - then you can rent for minimum 2 weeks - its basic and simple (compost toilet etc) and you cook for yourself, but internet is available. The concept and place is called Micro Macro Monde (MMM) - a€?a micro place with a macro impacta€?. To envision, design and build places on the planet where humans can explore, experiment & thrive in modern nomadic communities living in micro moveable houses and in general having as little a€?materialistica€? impact as possible but with the best imaginable life quality. If you are interested in exploring the old as well new ideas around MMM then maybe you should consider coming to France and more exact to an MMM OPEN HOUSE event which will be happening on the old watermill Moulin de Planchette one hour and 30 minutes southwest of Paris. If you want to see more images from MMM please click here, where you will find lots of photos from the past years at MMM. Now Im not going to impose anything on anybody but I have of course through my past 30 years of work developed numerous ideas and concepts for how we can live in the future in new and very different ways. If you are interested in exploring the old as well new ideas around MMM then maybe you should consider coming to France and more exact to an MMM OPEN HOUSE event which will beA  happening on the old watermill Moulin de Planchette one hour and 30 minutes southwest of Paris.
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again.
Beauty is an outward gift, which is seldom despised, except by those to whom it has been refused. There is no question that photography has played a major role in the environmental movement.
I knew, of course, that trees and plants had roots, stems, bark, branches and foliage that reached up toward the light. I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do. The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by. We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.
The path to such early recognition was taken eagerly, like a runner catapulting from a starting block. Our interview, in exploring her lifea€™s path, revealed a person who, for all her dazzling gifts, is still down-to-earth, quick to say a€?thank youa€? to any accolades a€” and a delight to talk to. As far as influences go, she says a€?It was all over the map,a€? To a listener, ita€™s easy to see that jazz really got in, and got in deep.

About her mom and dada€™s rearing skills, she continued: a€?The daring does come from a place of being supported as a child and as an artist. Her grandfather, who was a jazz pianist and a composer, had passed away when Sonya was very young, and had left her mother his grand piano. Wikipedia, in a somewhat dated post, states: a€?As a 10-year-old, she performed at the 1999 Special Olympics World Games in North Carolina. Sonya has said that she developed as a jazz singer through her studies with Sheila Jordan, a renowned vocalist and educator (Jordan initially became known as an interpreter of the music of Charlie a€?Birda€? Parker and later studied with Charles Mingus and Lenny Tristano). Although she had started studying guitar with June Millington (followed later by lessons with Michael Daves), she was, at this point, fronting the band strictly as a singer. Sonya continued to strictly sing out front with the band as back-up until she was forced to start playing guitar with the band. Her fourth CD, released in 2010, Convict of Conviction, (more of an EP - 7 tracks) is another distinct departure and was, as she says, a€?a collection of music from winter, done with a string quartet.a€? We hear more piano here, as this is where Sonya decided to seriously make use of it. Sonya got a camera from her father when she was 12 and has been an avid photographer ever since. The foundation for Sonyaa€™s dream to be a singer was built brick by brick, one teacher after another.
Everything happens for a reason and no matter what life has handed you, as long as you keep a bright perspective, you can and are able to take charge of your life, create outstanding results and achieve what you truly desire. Planning and setting the goals you want can only direct you to the destination that you want to, while taking the journey, there definitely will be detours somewhere. Indeed, you have to live like every day is your last day, so that you will do only what matters. You stay for free but you pay for your own food and you bring your own a€?sleeping-geara€? unless you come from very far away. It dips, swoops and flips up into a falsetto at times, not commonly used by women singers a€” like a female version of Al Green. The first album, Words Came Back to Me, released when she was just 16, put her on the aural map, not just locally, but worldwide. Her parents, both full-time professional artists, had a big impact on their toddler daughter. Although the family lived in a rural area, it was part of the a€?Happy Valleya€? and home of a€?Five Colleges,a€? including Smith and Amherst. For four years she has taken part in the Vermont Jazz Center Summer Program with Sheila Jordan, and she has won an a€?outstanding musiciana€? award from the University of Massachusetts High School Jazz Festival and a scholarship to its Jazz in July summer program. She had always kept a journal, but the events of that day would become more than just a journal entry. By the time she started performing, she had written about three original songs, and filled out her sets with covers of jazz standards. Quoted elsewhere, she said: a€?One of the main things I remember doing when I was young, was driving ridiculous distances, just to sing one song at a jam session here, or a show there. Speaking about her development in general, she said: a€?Everythinga€™s happened almost, because I had to [learn new skills]. A sponsorship deal with Starbucksa€™A® Hear Music label brought the CD into coffee shops around the world. In an interview with Howard Berkes of NPR, we hear: a€?Once I started writing I couldna€™t stop. There is no bad event or good event, it is just something that happens, and depends on how you look at it.
If you’re age 30 right now and one of your dreams is to live in a luxury bungalow by the sea with your family before age 40, then go ahead and pursue it.
It says that you must stay hungry and stay foolish; keep your desire burning at all time and stay foolish to learn as much as you can. WORLDBY is a concept that has been shown on various exhibitions among others at the Art Museum in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates - some of these experiments could be integrated into the development of Micro Macro Monde - which as the original concept you can read more about here. Lost in a reverie, she questions an inner voice that says a€?walk away a€¦ walk away a€¦ walk away.a€? The lover she is contemplating comes with a lot of baggage and the mic shea€™s singing into lets us hear every breathy syllable. Her newest album, Convict of Conviction, reveals an artist eager to break new ground every time she puts pen to paper or sets her instrument(s) in motion. Ita€™s a wonder that we havena€™t heard stories about her first cries carrying a melody as she emerged from her mothera€™s womb.

Their studios were a€?a stonea€™s throwa€? behind the house they lived in and both played recorded music while they worked.
The area is also rich in music and home to many bands, such as Fountains of Wayne, The Nields and Winterpills.
That didna€™t happen, she has said, but the lessons have obviously been a huge success in every other regard.
She said: a€?I think it was the first time I really understood the worlda€™s suffering and felt really bad about it. In 2003, an article by Seth Rogovoy, of Berkshire Living Magazine, described 13-year-old Sonya this way: a€?poised and well-spoken a€¦ shea€™s not at all haughty and doesna€™t come across as particularly precocious.
It was made with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Daniel Lanois, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris) after her tour with Hancock ended. This is how Steve Jobs able to create the extraordinary results all these while, simply because he believes it and he sees thing from a positive perspective.
We know exactly what we want and if we look at the brighter side, think constructively, even tough times will give us something to learn from.
You will definitely reach 40; it is just a matter whether you arrive with your dreams accomplished or nothing.
If you don’t have the desire to achieve what you want, you will never take action and you will never produce awesome results. Teachers were within reach and, with her mothera€™s help, she eagerly studied with quite a few. Her other vocal coach during this period, Rebecca Parris, is a jazz singer similar to and on a level with Carmen McRae and Sara Vaughan and is known as the First Lady of Boston Jazz. I felt the need to do something a€” I had the desire to fix it, even though you cana€™t fix the worlda€™s suffering. She just happens to be the youngest performer to have sold out the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton two times in a row.
If I dona€™t write a song for a couple of weeks, I feel something pent-up inside of me that needs to come out. Thus, if you’re not passionate, you will lose motivation and give up faster than you can imagine. The rock band The Slip joined her for the recording sessions and then later accompanied her on tour. Often when it finally comes out, ita€™s not about me, but ita€™s a song and I feel lighter. Great people are able to go through the tough times because they love what they do, and they are willing to die for it. Sonya saw the gospel choir and thought a€?It was the coolest thing ever,a€? so she asked her mother if she could take voice lessons with Evelyn. I eventually started writing more, then suddenly [the set] was mostly originals and then it was all originals. Sometimes, her father, Peter Kitchell, a highly regarded abstract painter, would hold infant Sonya in a Snugli against his chest and play bongos along with Latin music. Ita€™s really important to me that my songs mean something to people and Ia€™m trying to write songs that are universal. If you can see through it just like how Richard Branson did, you can build a business out of it. I had basic skills, understanding music, but I never considered myself a piano player.a€? That would change many years later. As two or three years went by, I started to live all of those songs and understand them more deeply. Sonya got a band together with older students she knew and thus, Sonyaa€™s performing career was launched. Most of the people there have maybe never played with a band before and I never played solo before.

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