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Try out your luck with free winning Lottery Wheel #3014, the same wheel used to win Illinois Little Lotto. The Illinois lottery began giving IOUs to big prizewinners in July, but the delay previously applied only to winnings over $25,000.
The Illinois Legislature has been at an impasse over the annual budget, which was due July 1. Chicago’s system has been counting on $500 million from the state to cover its deficit. On top of that, pensioners, who are primarily paid through property taxes, won’t get paid as the state pays its bond obligation first.

The saddest part — aside from the failure of government to live up to its stated obligations — is that the system could be torched and burnt to the ground, and the whole thing started over with very few negative side effects.
The winner, who has yet to come forward, purchased their winning Quick Pick ticket at Shell, 12301 South 80th Avenue.
The state Legislature has little interest in actually trying to pass a budget, and predictions are that the discord could last for months. Lottery officials have said that state law prohibited larger payouts because the legislature must authorize the state comptroller to cut the checks.
Oh, and the state Supreme Court rejected a pension reform plan earlier this year so the completely screwed-up pension system won’t be righting itself anytime soon.

Instead, however, the system is staying right where it is, because lawmakers benefit from the Labyrinthine system, both through nepotism and a hand in state-sponsored business interests. A total of 37,854 players won prizes in Illinois.The Powerball drawing is held every Wednesday and Saturday.

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