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The talent of listening requires the listener to focus her or his attention solely on the person speaking. Spending more time with friends and family can allow a person to practice their communication skills. Attending social events can give a person ample opportunity to practice communication skills.
The first step in developing or improving communication skills requires that you rethink your perception of what communication is all about.
Most of all, effective listening requires resisting the urge to begin formulating a response while the speaker is still sharing information. Visual cues are also an important tool when it comes to developing or refining communication skills. One thing to remember is that effective communication skills and techniques improve the more you use them. When you have a problem that you want to bring up with someone else, or if they bring up an issue to you, there are ways to make the conversation go smoothly.

Learning how to listen is a skill that can be used in every relationship, be it your child, spouse, best friend, or even your neighbor. When a person feels like they’re being heard, they become less angry and less defensive.
Last updated: 14 Jun 2012Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. And while some people struggle with being able to talk about their problem, often the main issue is ineffective listening.
Using these skills may feel artificial or fake at first, but as you practice them more, and see them working, it will soon become second nature.
Turn off the TV, ignore your cell phone, tell the kids to play in their room and close the door.
If your neighbor is upset because your weeds are out of control, keep the conversation on that topic. They are more likely to open up about what is really going on because they feel heard, not judged.

If the neighbor begins to complain about your cat pooping in their lawn, tell them that you need to talk about one issue at a time, and that you’ll be happy to talk about your cat’s poop at a later time.
You will be amazed at what happens when you begin to truly listen to what other people say. Beth may say, “so you’re saying that you’re mad because I stayed out late?” Joe replies, “No, that’s not it. There is also the need to hone listening skills and the ability to utilize visual information in processing and responding to information.

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