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Subject lines are the first and sometimes only thing that a media contact will see–often times determining whether they will even bother to open your email or not. Don’t do yourself the disservice of not using relevant news pegs or research as your hook for your pitch.
You can have the best pitch in the world, but if it doesn’t align with the reporter’s beat (the types of stories they cover), then it will provide no use or value to them. I just wanted to follow up and see if you were interested in speaking with [NAME] about the dangerous and inevitable threat of medical ransomware. According to a new study, approximately one-third of radiology recommendations that need additional clinical action are not followed through on, and almost half of those orders are not even acknowledged. Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge in communications, marketing, and account management to the Circa Interactive team, and she has worked with partners such as HP, Cisco, and Adobe. Digital public relations is a relatively new strategy used in digital marketing to increase organic rankings. Professors are accustomed to more lengthy turnaround times as the academic world can be a slow moving one, but unfortunately the media industry works at a different pace. Our first priority is to always respect the professor’s time and obligations, which is why we will resort to alternative solutions to accommodate worthwhile opportunities when there is a conflict of time.
Some professors are less experienced with the media than others and, therefore, are not familiar with the process or the best ways to interact with members of the media. We overcome such challenges by not only thoroughly prepping a professor for an interview (sometimes providing them with an outline of interview questions provided by the reporter) but also by reassuring them that our first priority is their reputation. A huge part of a professor’s workload and research consists of publishing their findings in lengthy academic essays. We try to be as clear as possible upfront about the stylistic differences between the type of writing they’re used to and the style of writing required for media outlets to avoid wasting any of their time. Universities often have very specific branding guidelines that they don’t want tarnished or altered.
To ensure that you stick within these guidelines, it’s important to always vet out publications who want to feature a professor or program. A major component of any successful digital PR strategy for higher ed involves being able to comprehend and leverage the research being conducted within the university program.
In order to accomplish this, we conduct initial interviews with all of the professors we work with. Caroline brings a wealth of knowledge in communications, marketing, and account management to the Circa Interactive team.
During the presidential debates, many candidates have decided to dedicate a substantial amount of their talking points to addressing the state of the higher education industry. One area where universities can improve their processes is when and if they choose to create new program offerings.
A market feasibility study is an analysis into current and future degree program offerings with a focus on the viability of the program within the marketplace. Introducing a program that focuses on turning a profit for the institution is important, but making sure that the programs they are offering are setting their graduates up for success in the marketplace is essential to credibility and continued funding. One of the areas that has been identified as a major factor responsible for increased university costs is an influx of administrators. A high loan default rate on federal student loans by program graduates can also raise red flags for a university.
A market feasibility study can be a step in the right direction for universities looking to balance their costs and position their graduates for success. Robert offers a decade of demonstrated digital marketing expertise, and he has provided results to clients both within and outside of higher education while working as an analyst, team lead, and director. After graduating college, I left my home state of Iowa and traveled halfway across the country in search of something out West. In higher education digital marketing, especially on the digital PR and content marketing side, Joe’s question “What’s your angle” is crucial to success.
Sometimes even different stages of the same project can demand distinctly different skill sets.
Digital marketers can easily find themselves in a funk, especially during extensive outreach for a piece of content that had only a handful of responses. The digital marketing field will continue to be governed by the companies that strive to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation and productivity.
Tyler Putz is a retired division two college basketball player and a recent graduate from the University of Iowa. Entering a digital marketing internship can be intimidating, especially when the field is in higher education, where you’re being counted on by universities to professionally represent them and help spread their messages.
Writing copy for social media at Circa Interactive is a truly unique experience, because Circa works with a diverse range of higher education programs. The ultimate goal when pitching to a journalist is to satisfy the question, “Why should they care?” It’s usually not enough just to have crisp, educational, enticing content.
Working in higher education has given me a great appreciation for how important digital marketing is to the success of our programs, their students, and the educational system as a whole.
Dennis Donchev is a marketing intern at Circa Interactive and a student at San Diego State University.
While LinkedIn’s network of working professionals and job seekers isn’t comparable in size to Facebook, it has introduced an advertising platform that is logical and effective.
LinkedIn is an essential advertising source for any higher education marketer looking to position their program brand in front of potential students. Job Titles – Simple and straightforward, LinkedIn provides job title groupings that position it as superior to Facebook when it comes to targeting individuals based on their job titles.
Skills – This targeting option is unique to LinkedIn and can be very effective for honing in on potential student personas who might be challenging to target through jobs or degrees. Groups – Targeting individuals who are part of relevant groups or associations can be a nice complement to the prior three targeting options. Company + Industry – LinkedIn has put together broad industry categories that are less targeted but still effective. While we always recommend a diversified approach to marketing your program, LinkedIn is a platform that I would dedicate at least 30% of your budget.
With Google constantly introducing new updates to its search engine algorithms, factors that used to guarantee a highly ranked website have become irrelevant. Whether you’re using PR for link building or working to leverage your professor as a thought leader in their industry, establishing a relationship with the media is a crucial tactic to any higher education marketing strategy. Cision is one of the leading tools PR and marketing professionals utilize when it comes to media outreach. To start off, breaking down and analyzing your content is key to creating a good, targeted media list.
Once your pitch has been crafted, the next step is to research potential media outlets for those that best fit the client and pitch. The list can be even further refined through additional filters ranging from contact topic to publication frequency.
Following the creation of the media list and the finalization of the pitch, the distribution is ready to be sent out. Outreach can be a much more effective, efficient and less daunting process with tools like Cision. Sarah Song is a senior Public Relations major at Biola University and is the digital marketing and PR intern at Circa Interactive. Our team is focused on helping university programs increase rankings, generate leads, and build enrollment, and as a journalist and author with a master’s of fine arts in creative writing, I approach higher education marketing from a unique viewpoint.
Because of recent changes in the SEO industry, Google has placed more of an emphasis on organic and authentic content, and it has caused digital marketing professionals to pay closer attention to backlink quality over quantity. What excites me most about higher education marketing is the access to individuals who are on the cutting edge of their fields. Often, faculty members are more focused on publishing in academic journals, because that’s what will help them reach tenure. Once the most relevant and interesting stories are targeted, pProfessors can write articles about the problems they hope to solve with their research. But the way to accomplish this strategy immediately is to start asking: What stories do my professors have to tell? Search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing are rapidly growing as businesses continue to understand and strive for a profound online presence. For these universities to efficiently market online, they must design their websites to fit the standards of leading search engines.
Because of the general reliance on search engines, Internet marketers must comply with a continually changing set of standards in order for a webpage to be easily visible in the search results. Internet marketers work to design or tweak websites to represent the designated keywords their target audience types into a search engine.
Guest blogging is simply the act of an individual creating and publishing a blog post on a website or blog that they do not own. Search engines are well aware of Internet marketing trends, and as they have in the past, continue to crack down on unsavory marketing techniques. In order to combat this, search engines are penalizing duplicate content, as well as cracking down on low quality websites that are producing large numbers of poorly written guest posts.
In regards to online degree programs, if Google cracks down on a specific degree program for questionable link building, the ranking of the website will be seriously tarnished. Because of the importance of high quality guest blog websites, marketers need to be aware of and check a variety of factors before posting on a site. As with all businesses looking to generate customers through online marketing, universities and colleges can attain a sharp increase in new leads through a strong online presence. The Higher Ed Marketing Journal is an online marketing blog focused primarily on the marketing of Colleges and Universities. I enjoyed The Stickman Odyssey stories, but I had trouble finding the books in my house, as my three sons were also reading and enjoying the stories, too. Let’s here it for the fans of old libraries, the mysteries of books, and the intersections of old and new technology! This is a book for the hands of friends who love old bookstores and books, and I have just the right person in mind, too. Here, the narrator is Jamie Grimm, a wheelchair-bound middle schooler who yearns to be funny. I liked how the book puts Jamie’s physical and emotional struggles front and center, but in particular, Patterson and company really humanize Jamie as he struggles for some sense of normalcy in a life torn asunder by tragedy. The narrative arc here closely resembles the other two middle school books — a boy character dealing with a difficult situation that only comes to light late in the book. My middle school son really liked this book, and I suspect a few of the boys in my class will also find it interesting. This sequel to Wildwood by Colin Meloy (and beautifully illustrated by his wife, Carson Ellis) is another tour de force that completely and utterly sucked in my 8 year old son and I as we experienced it as a read-aloud.
I won’t go into all of the fascinating twists and turns of Under Wildwood, except to say that there is plenty of action and suspense to keep even the most reluctant reader satisfied and calling out for more, and plenty of depth of characters here that keep getting more complex as the story weaves itself together in various strands. Meloy (he, of The Decemberists rock band) toys with interesting vocabulary here, tossing out words even I had to look up or stop to think about from time to time. I highly recommend this book for read-aloud, and for middle school independent readers seeking an adventure. For the past few years, I’ve been using my Goodreads account to not only keep track of the books I have been reading, and not only to gather recommendations from my friends, but also, to be challenged to read. This shows the page totals, and that number of pages that I read in 2012 (32,000 pages!) is pretty astonishing to me.
Milgrim’s short book is a brisk read that ends well (Siri sacrifices herself for real love) and reminds us to turn off our devices once in a while and take a look around. If you read the New York Times Sunday magazine, you may know the name of its ethicist, Randy Cohen.
There’s a whole series of comic strips in this book in which David Lee Finkle, himself a teacher, envisions famous writers in history getting feedback on a standardized test, with Finkle using humorous anecdotes and famous phrases from each author as the punchline. I like that there is also a fair number of strips in which students are completely immersed in a book. In the higher education digital marketing space, we leverage the expertise of professors from the programs that we partner with to help increase the school’s visibility, student enrollment, thought leadership, and brand awareness. Ensuring that your subject line is clear, concise, and enticing are some of the most important elements. It’s no secret that the media lives off of news pegs, trending topics, and new research to tell their stories.
In fact, it will only blatantly show that you are sending out mass email distributions and aren’t doing the appropriate research and legwork before pitching them. If you’re lucky enough to get yours opened, the worst thing that someone with very little time can be confronted with is an unnecessarily long pitch. This is where most of your interest and responses will come from, so ensuring that you schedule reminders to do so is vital.
For this reason, I wanted to see if you were interested in speaking with [NAME], a leading encryption and cybersecurity expert, DARPA contractor, and a professor in NJIT’s Computer Science program.
For this reason, I wanted to see if you were interested in speaking with [NAME], a leading encryption and cybersecurity expert, DARPA contractor, and a professor in NJIT’s Computer Science program.
This is a deeply concerning finding that can have significant adverse effects on patient safety and outcome. Graduating with honors in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Oregon in 2011, Caroline now plays a key role in Circa Interactive’s digital PR strategy by building long term relationships with internationally recognized media outlets on behalf of our clients. It’s a practice where higher education marketers utilize public relations techniques to leverage the expertise and research of faculty members in order to acquire program links on high quality domains and publications.
While a story can be plastered all over the Internet in one day, a few days later it can just as easily seem irrelevant and overdone. One way we accomplish this is by offering to jump on a quick call with them to write down their response to a media inquiry (something like a HARO or ProfNet request). This can lead to professors straying from the topic at hand in an interview or using jargon that is not relatable to the average reader. One way we ensure that they are not put in an adverse situation is by being on their interview calls. These types of articles have a vastly different style and tone than bylines, which are created for news sites and blogs. We also provide website guidelines and examples of other articles that they should stylistically model their own writing after. If you’re unsure whether a publication will be a positive reflection of the school, then it’s always better to air on the side of caution and pass on an opportunity rather than risk the program’s trust and reputation.

This requires having a thorough understanding of the material, which can sometimes be complex, and knowing how to best position it to the media so that it gains traction and interest.
This enables us to dig much deeper into their current research and areas of expertise than their basic online bio’s will allow.
Graduating with honors  from the University of Oregon in 2011, Caroline now plays a key role in Circa Interactive’s digital PR strategy by building long term relationships with internationally recognized media outlets on behalf of our clients. While it is true that the percentage of Americans enrolling in postsecondary education has never been higher, the combination of inefficiencies within universities as well as slashed state and federal funding has left many students and institutions riddled with debt.
Universities decide to move forward with introducing new traditional and online programs for a variety of reasons, but proof of program demand through concrete data as well as market competition are two elements that are surprisingly overlooked. This study consists of an analysis into program demand and competition, as well as an examination into current career data and future projections. A market feasibility study pulls projections from a variety of different career-related sources and can be helpful in providing an ROI calculation for universities and potential students. Many of these administrators are responsible for ensuring program success, and marketing the programs as well as driving student enrollments can fall under their job descriptions. A program that enrolls students without taking into consideration career opportunities for graduates can put the university at risk of sanctions when it comes to federal student loans.
While the trajectory of higher education does at times look grim, an opportunity exists for many programs to separate themselves from the pack and set themselves up for long-term success. He has planned and implemented digital marketing campaigns for a number of large universities throughout the United States, and he leads Circa on all aspects of client strategy. Some of us often forget that our brains are constantly taking angles when they process data or content. For instance, I’ve observed that the body of outreaches requires a vastly different style of writing than subject line pitches, and in order to maintain innovation, a digital marketer will need to stay as pliable as dough so they can quickly configure their skill set to not only fit but exceed any project’s requirements. Our team has a phenomenal insight on how to handle these tough situations, as we often tell each other, “Don’t be afraid to throw spaghetti at the wall. If team members are unsure why they are doing something, they are far more likely to be uninspired or apathetic. While the responsibilities at Circa Interactive can be greater than many other internship settings, they ultimately drive you to become dedicated to your work and learn new skills at a high level. Building out a social calendar, creating media lists on Cision for pitches, and writing pitches that will reach editors of major publications are likely new tasks for someone just entering the digital marketing field. This can be seen in everything from daily collaboration to how the team shares ideas in the online chat tool called Slack, as well as the weekly editorial meetings that serve as a mini incubator session.
These past 4 months at Circa have been instrumental in packing my digital marketing arsenal, which I plan to use for my family’s business as well as for my future business endeavors. What LinkedIn lacks in volume, it makes up for in it’s straightforward targeting options and accurate audience segmentation, which, if leveraged correctly, will produce quality and relevant traffic that can turn into excellent leads and students. There is a perception that LinkedIn is composed solely of business professionals, but we have found this inaccurate and have produced great results for both our business and non-business focused programs.
Sponsored Ads will take up more real estate on the page and will generally have a higher click-thru-rate (CTR) than sidebar ads. When targeting individuals, it is important to know what they studied in their undergrad, as this insight can greatly affect your messaging when positioning your graduate program. For example, if you have a master’s degree focused on something like leadership, then it can be hard to understand whom to target as a broad array of people could be interested in a leadership degree. These can also be powerful for targeting individuals who are part of more niche industries, such as individuals who work with technologies that might not be mainstream. There are broad categories, such as accounting, that can be very effective for marketing a master’s degree in accounting but not very effective for more niche programs such as medical laboratory science or business analytics. Coupled with an effective landing page, LinkedIn can be relied upon as a good source of mid-priced but high quality leads for an array of graduate programs. He offers a decade of demonstrated search engine marketing expertise, working as an analyst, team lead and manager.
Researched keywords and description tags, which used to make up the bulk of SEO strategies, have since transitioned to site volume, sub-domain authorities and inbound and outbound links. Often times maintaining this relationship can be the easier step, while reaching out for the initial contact can pose the biggest challenges to marketers.
By generating a catered list of reporters, journalists and editors, Cision allows organizations to directly reach out to professionals within specific research focuses. Not only does the pitch have to provide newsworthy information, but the audience needs to be taken into consideration as well.
By researching pertinent publications within the industry, marketing professionals can better understand the media and later determine how relevant their pitch is for that specific outlet. The search tool allows users to filter through editors, bloggers and reporters at different outlets across the globe, all based off the criteria they have generated. Cision also allows users to schedule their outreaches, giving them the chance to reach their audiences during peak, optimal times. Cision isn’t cheap, but the investment is well worth it for SEOs and PR professionals looking to take their efforts to the next level. Audiences care about stories and characters because they want to see a journey or a struggle to overcome a problem.
I’m focused on building content that the best publications in the country will want to publish in order to build links and increase program visibility, and attention to storytelling is the key to landing these high level publications. Luckily, because we work with universities, we have access to invaluable content creators: professors. I have the opportunity to interview thought leaders in computer science, criminal justice, engineering, and more in order to  learn about their research in groundbreaking areas (cloud computing, homeland security technology, data mining in sports, and countless others). They tend not to consider mainstream media, and they write in a different style than publications like the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Ars Technica, PBS, and more. One professor was researching how leadership can help LGBT members in the workplace, and we helped him acquire an article on a major publication where he argued for more direct leadership action among mangers in order to create inclusive workplaces. A professor we work with is currently interested in how mobile computing will impact urban life. From the creation of these articles, it’s possible to have a link posted in their bio back to the program.
By asking what our professors can add to these stories, we’ve discovered a new way to build links. We have found that our success is based on access to high-level research and the ability to build engaging and rich stories.
The beginning should set up the problem or conflict, the middle should address some of the ways that this problem is affecting a community, and the ending should conclude the story with a call to action or summary. It’s a cliche thrown around in most webinars and workplaces, but what digital marketers need to consider is what separates good content from mediocre content.
Universities and colleges across the United States are developing their web presence in order to cater to those who wish to complete degrees online as opposed to on campus. Search engines, such as Google, have tremendous power in regards to the amount of traffic a webpage receives. Search engines catch on to ‘black hat’ techniques and work to alter their set of standards, or algorithm, in order for search engine users to receive the most relevant and trustworthy search results. They also must build the strength of the targeted website in order for it to outrank competitors. People guest blog for a variety of reasons, one strong motivation being the one or more backlinks they generally receive from the posting. These guest bloggers are required to create original, high quality articles, which will benefit the readers of the blog they are writing for.
A strong factor in ranking is how ‘popular’ a website is, meaning how many other websites are linking to (talking about) the particular website.
One way to attain these desired links is through guest blogging, which search engines generally see as a genuine link (depending on the caliber of the website the link comes from).
Some marketers are creating very low quality guest blogs or even copying previous content in order to link to a desired website in a large-scale, low cost way. Search engines want the most credible and honest results for their users and continue to work to attain such results.
This could result in many lost leads, therefore losing the university a large sum of money. One tactic would be to simply check if the website ranks on Google, to make sure it hasn’t been penalized at some point.
For this to happen, they must rank highly in search engine results and design their websites to be information rich and user friendly. I thought it would be yet another retelling of The Odyssey, which I can certainly live with but there often seems to be a lot of them out there. But of course, there are all sorts of adventures and mythical creatures and obstacles in his path.
By the way, we all agreed that the second book was a bit more exciting than the first book, but it may be that we got to know the characters a bit at that point.
First, they (Patterson, along with illustrator Laura Park and writer Chris Tebbetts) put out the two Middle School (Worst Years of my Life) series that combine angst about surviving middle school with comedic, graphic-novel drawings and the wild imagination of its main character (Rafe), and now they have put out I Funny about angst in middle school peppered with humor and graphic drawings. It was also wise to have a new friend who sets time limits on Jamie for talking without joking, so that honesty and emotion is part of their friendship and relationship. The illustrations by Park are funny, and complimentary to the story, and the plot is brisk in I Funny. Cardboard tells the story of a single father’s gift to his young son of a magical cardboard box, which animates and brings to life whatever the recipient creates.
Needless to say, the entire plan by Marcus goes awry, with the cardboard creatures creating an entire city underneath the ground and staking out their own independence. In fact, after reading the first Wildwood to myself and then as read-aloud to my son, I think this is one of those books whose words and whose story needs to be your lips to treasure and experience with others. Sure, numbers don’t tell the story (so to speak), but I do like the Reading Challenge that you can set for yourself on Goodreads. The screenshots above show the books that I read but also, tracks how it compares to the last few years. Some of the earlier years are not quite legitimate because I wasn’t as diligent with Goodreads as I have been in the last two years. It’s not quite a graphic novel, but there are graphic novel parts sprinkled through chapters. Cohen gives us solid advice, in an entertaining yet educational way, on as wide arrange of subjects.
It had me cracking up early, and often, even if it was a sort of literature-junky inside-joke kind of thing. Lowe (by Mark Pett, but the comic is now out of print) because it dealt with a new teacher in a challenging classroom, Mr. For us, this is primarily an SEO and link-building tactic to help boost program search engine rankings and visibility. While many would assume that shorter subject lines work best, especially considering the character restrictions of mobile devices, a report from Marketing Sherpa actually found that subject lines with 61 to 70 characters had the highest open rate. While it’s not always realistic or feasible, personalize pitches whenever possible and mention any related articles that they recently wrote.
Find out how to say everything that you need to say in a paragraph or less (with rare exceptions). He has been conducting research on security and homomorphic encryption of embedded medical devices and can discuss the severity of this looming threat and the ways that we can leverage new protection techniques against this potentially fatal new cybercrime tactic. This points to need for better communication with physicians and patients and more advanced IT systems and procedures in place to help ensure that important diagnoses or recommendations don’t get missed. It’s a very important and exciting component of our larger SEO strategy, but it does not come without its own specific set of challenges. This can become problematic when professors aren’t familiar with the short length of news cycles and, therefore, don’t have the same sense of urgency. A lack of media experience can also cause professors to be uncomfortable or distrusting of the media, and as a result, prompt them to request things of reporters, such as a copy of the article or interview, that can create a roadblock in the process. Although it’s extremely rare that we need to jump in, we make a point of being present so that we are able to take action in the rare event that a reporter crosses the line or pushes them too hard. Helping professors to understand this distinct difference will not only improve the chances of their article being published, but will also ease the overall process by requiring less edits and feedback which could potentially offend them. If we still still don’t feel that their article effectively embodies the style and tone of the site, then we will provide thorough edits, explaining our reasoning and reiterating that it is their article and ultimately their decision whether to accept our feedback or not. It is also very important to the integrity of the professor’s work that you represent and pitch it accurately. We continuously stay up-to-date on relevant industry news which shows us where their research and expertise fits into the larger media narratives and, therefore, sheds light onto how their research can be applied to real-world settings. President Obama and the more progressive presidential candidates have proposed expensive initiatives to make college more affordable and potentially free for all students, and the more conservative candidates envision legislation that will penalize universities that charge exorbitant tuition rates.
Many higher education institutions will simply introduce a new on-campus program because they have the resources in place, or introduce an on-campus program online simply because it does well on campus, but a market feasibility study should be introduced to make certain that there is a place within the marketplace for the program while at the same time ensuring that graduates can acquire professional positions. Market feasibility takes the approach of examining program opportunity both before and after student enrollment: key indicators as to whether a program can turn a profit for the university while also positioning its students for future success.
By researching and providing this information to potential students, an advanced degree can look more like a long-term investment that has a break-even point rather than an ambiguous venture, which could lead to future financial instability.
By ensuring that any existing or new programs that are introduced are in demand by students, a university can save costs both on the payroll side and when it comes to a program’s marketing budget, as costs to enroll a student will be much lower. As many potential students don’t have the cash up front to pay for a full degree program, enrolling students without the use of federal loans can be very challenging for a university. Before founding Circa Interactive, Robert led digital marketing teams at the higher education organization Embanet.
The idea of “just finding a job” didn’t interest me, nor did the idea of saving money (rent is much cheaper in Iowa than California). Stay aware of what angle your brain is taking when it is processing information, always try to configure your skills to fit each project and ensure you are communicating with your team to maintain a shared vision. Most importantly, don’t lose your confidence or start doubting. In order to become familiar with one of these new tasks, digital marketers should take their time, but mistakes are bound to happen (which isn’t a bad thing).
You’re given the green light to be flexible and experiment with how you market content and connect professors with the media, so do it!
The goal is to educate the program’s current and prospective audience, which means the person writing the copy for the social calendars has to put in a lot of research. Attaching (or “pegging”) a recent event in the news relevant to your prospect and pitch can help answer the above question. While cost-per-clicks (CPCs) can be higher in LinkedIn when compared to Facebook or the Google Display Network, traffic relevancy and quality also tends to be higher, which helps to keep your conversion rates to lead high.

If you have a large and broad audience segment, then sidebar ads can be effective at limiting irrelevant clicks. For any job titles that aren’t large enough to warrant their own grouping, LinkedIn will simply group them together with other similar titles in a logical way. For example, if you wanted to market a master’s in health informatics to an audience segment who had graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, providing copy and imagery that speaks to how a nurse can benefit from an informatics education, while still utilizing their nursing skills, can be very powerful. Through skills targeting, you can focus on individuals who have skills in executive leadership, or org. For example, if you were marketing a program that targeted web analysts, then targeting all of the various groups and associations relating to web analytics can be effective. Cost-per-lead (CPL) tends to be higher when utilizing this targeting option as relevancy is lower.
With SEO professionals putting greater emphasis on links, PR has become a critical component in attaining top ranks.
We recommend using Cision to help with media outreach and building relationship with reporters, publications and editors. By keeping in mind a couple best practices and tips, marketing and PR professionals can improve both their response rates and general outreach skills. This is crucial when creating an effectively targeted list; if the list of contacts becomes too robust or unfocused, then the pitch can lose its relevance and newsworthiness, leading to a low response rate. Our job is to present their research, the materials they teach in class, and their viewpoints in order to tell our programs’ stories in as many ways over as many platforms as possible.
What he was pointing out was the conflict between the infrastructure of our cities and the updates these urban landscapes would need to handle the projected innovations, while suggesting solutions.
Countless marketing professionals use infographics as a part of their strategy, but effective story telling is what separates the quality infographics from the mediocre.
Once these infographics are created, we then look at where they fit into the larger narratives in the news. For me, it’s all about storytelling, and in the higher education world, we have access to endless amount of stories and content that any editor, any reporter, or general reader would love to experience. This is due to the behavior of the public online, who almost exclusively type keywords in a search engine to find what they are looking for.
Another factor is the quality of previous postings and the amount of blatant marketing visible on the website. To increase rankings, these universities pushing online programs should strive to acquire backlinks through strong websites by offering well written and engaging guest posts. Ford takes his stories, told in characters who are little more than stick figures, in directions that echoes the ancient texts but keeps an original storyline going. He hooks up with a band of friends, with various strengths and weaknesses and stories unfolding of their own, and Ford weaves an epic tapestry of comic art here in The Stickman Odyssey.
With a mix of humor and acknowledgement of the programming power of Google, plus a love of old books, Sloan has crafted a fun and engaging story that mostly holds together.
Jamie is so wrapped up in his armor of humor that he has trouble relating to the real world. What it lacks is a certain depth, although it certainly hints at that when Jamie finally tells his story to his new friend.
Jamie seems like a cousin to Rafe, the main character in the other middle school stories by Patterson. Cam, the boy, and his unemployed dad, a down-on-his-luck kind of guy who has not yet come to grips with the loss of his wife, don’t quite believe the story (as told by a sort-of carnival barker who lays out a few rules for using the cardboard that Dad ignores, to his peril, of course). I imagine some of my students will be intrigued by the book cover, which shows Cam staring into the massive eyes of a cardboard giant.
Where Wildwood introduced us to Prue and Curtis, and the imaginative land of the Impassable Wilderness just outside of Portland, Under Wildwood continues the saga when Prue goes back to the wilderness (Curtis had remained at the end of the first book, joining in with a band of bandits), and is given a prophecy that will drive the story into the third and final book (I hope he is writing that right now. Honestly, I am not sure I would have even realized how much I have been reading if not for Goodreads.
Fitz shows the veteran teaching trying to make sense of the changing landscape shaped more by the leaders at the top than the students in the classroom.
Professors make excellent sources for stories through their unmatched level of expertise and experience in their respective fields, but without the correct messaging and communication strategy, this may never come across effectively to the media when pitching them.
This proves that you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to cut down your subject line, as it can actually be beneficial to have a longer one.
Reporters and editors receive hundreds of pitches every day, so providing them with a story that their readers will be interested in and offering sources to help supplement that story will make them more compelled to move forward with the conversation. For this reason, I wanted to see if you were interested in speaking with [NAME], a professor of Radiologic Technology at the University of Cincinnati and a member of the Board of Directors for The Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences. Below I will discuss some of the obstacles that are commonly faced when implementing PR for higher ed clients and how to best overcome them to ensure success. More importantly, professors are incredibly busy people, which can make delivering timely articles or setting up interviews while the topic is still relevant much more challenging.
If the reporter or editor’s schedule does not align with the professor’s calendar, then we will seek alternative options, such as providing an emailed response instead of a phone interview. In one case, we had a professor leave an interview feeling that the reporter did not properly grasp his research and because of this, he wanted to see a copy of the article beforehand. We are also not afraid to request that a story be pulled if we think it might put the professor in a bad light.
When we go through all of these steps, they usually have a greater understanding and trust in our expertise and are very receptive to our suggestions. For example, one of our professor’s specializes in medical coding, and a big industry narrative we leveraged for his expertise was the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. It is clear, regardless of an individual’s political preference, something has to be done to reign in university spending and introduce processes that will help universities to run more efficiently. The aim is to provide concrete data through an analysis into search volume and market metrics, which are key indicators of program demand. Naturally, I thought the graphic would be great for computer science or bioinformatics blogs. There may, at times, be opportunities that appear enticing, but if they are outside of the overall vision, they are nothing but distractions that take up time and resources.
If there are times that you lose focus and doubt your abilities, just drop the bricks, lighten up, and progress forward. But sometimes you don’t know if you’re approaching a list from the wrong angle or if your pitch isn’t quite tailored to your list in the most relevant manner possible, which is why asking for criticism is so important. For example, when writing dozens of pitches per week, a little tweak in the subject line or the way you introduce your infographic can really make a difference in the number of responses and publications.
This is why I embraced social media, because it allowed me to keep learning while coming across content that could end up being the lead in the next perfect pitch for our media outreach. Think about it, you’re competing against dozens if not hundreds of emails at a time to get an editor’s attention.
LinkedIn’s real strengths are in its ability to hone in on potential students through its targeting parameters. While cost-per-clicks (CPCs) can be high, the conversion rate to lead of this traffic can be at 15% or higher, which quickly makes up for the higher click costs.
The best pitches are able to present a current story and seamlessly tie in their product or expert.
They are on the pulse of industry trends and research, and while it seems obvious now, they are exponentially valuable as content creators. If you’re able to offer ghostwriting services, then this helps with the consistency and volume of articles. That final question is important because it helps dictate potential audience and outreach strategy. We reach out to the media, aware of the current state of a narrative, set up an interview with a reporter, and ask the reporter to include a link if they use their quotes.
Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, in a wonderful way that mostly keeps the pace and interest going (although the ending is a bit of a letdown). His entry into a stand-up comedian contest opens up doors for him, and gives him new confidence, but he also has come to come to terms with his life and his wheel-chair bound world. Still, Cam and his dad create a cardboard man anyway, who springs to life as a boxing champion named Bill. One of the more fascinating elements is when Prue and Curtis get trapped underground, and encounter an entire civilization of moles at war. Milgrim, whose parody book Goodnight, iPad is so fun to read and watch, has an eye for what technology is doing to us, as people. I really liked how he gathered the pieces around themes: family, home, civics, money, technology, school and religion, and more. And I think we often see our own personal quandaries, and weaknesses, reflected in the questions of others. Fitz motivates his students to be passionate about reading and writing, and the ways that his teaching style often runs into administrative roadblocks. Regardless of the industry that you’re in or represent, knowing how to effectively craft a pitch for the media is the most critical step to success in PR and content marketing. While creating a subject line that entices the media to want to open your email should always be the goal, make sure that you don’t use “click-bait” phrasing as a tactic to draw the recipient in as this may leave a bad taste in their mouth and hurt the chances of them opening your future pitches. Along these same lines, always try to include hyperlinks to any research or statistics that you reference in your pitch.
Similarly, if it is not a time-sensitive story at all, then waiting a little longer than a week is also fine.
If neither of these options work, then we will leverage the expertise of another professor if it aligns with the reporter’s need. While to the everyday person this might be mundane or unfamiliar, it was huge industry news that impacted most healthcare professionals nationwide. The study provides the university with further insight into demand and costs associated with effectively marketing the program. Upon joining the team, I have had the unbelievable privilege of collaborating with some of the most innovative, brilliant minds, and through these collaborations, I have made note of four essentials for maintaining innovation within higher education digital marketing. I’ve always thought of positive feedback as criticism only half-baked, so I made it a goal to seek out what it is I do correctly AS WELL AS incorrectly, using the talent pool in the office as a resource for any questions or problems I encountered. Just like everything in life, that extra step can be the difference between hearing crickets and landing an opportunity. By creating a clear connection for your readers, you give your readers a reason to be interested with your pitch. So our focus has been finding ways to leverage their expertise and tell their stories within the media. It might help to think about faculty members as central characters in the narratives being told in the media. The reality of this strategy is that some publications won’t put a link and some will, but this has become an important part of our larger marketing strategy, leading to links on publications with high DAs (Forbes, Gov Tech, IB Times, and more) while marketing content to a larger and diverse audience. Ford is able to this because he pays attention to character development, which you sort of have to do when everyone is a stick figure (the books are subtitled: An Epic Doodle). The story revolves around the narrator, Clay Jannon, who is skirting on the edges of the web design business in San Francisco when he takes a job as a clerk at an old bookstore. Then, in a burst of inspiration, dad creates a cardboard machine that can create other cardboard creatures (which is against the old man’s rule), and suddenly, the story is full gear. Each section begins with a short essay from Cohen that parses out his thoughts, and includes points of contradiction. Here are some tangible tips and examples that will help you become a PR pitching pro in no time and write a persuasive media pitch.
You don’t want them to shy away from expressing interest or continuing the conversation simply because they don’t have time to do the legwork to track down the sources themselves. Include your original pitch at the bottom of your follow-up email to help jog the recipient’s memory and provide more context for them. Professors often have important research and grants underway, as well as outside careers that they don’t want to tarnish or jeopardize in any way with a poorly worded quote or a misrepresentation of their work.
By subscribing to and reading healthcare news sites, we were able to effectively pitch and land placements in many relevant verticals for this professor.
Understanding the costs to compete is instrumental, and, coupled with insight into other expenses, universities can understand how to price a program. Obviously, I realized that my angle wasn’t working, so our team worked together to come up with a pitch based around STEM education.
You have to drop the heavy bricks of doubt, stress or worry and refresh with something new. As you create your pitch, you must be cognizant to stay within the time restraints of your story, especially when working around new, trending topics. They are actively seeking answers to problems and conflicts through academic writing and their research, and they are in the middle (in media res) of the action. He imbues the characters with identity, and those weakness and strengths of character carry the plots along at a quick pace.
It’s an odd place, built more vertical than horizontal, with shelves reaching up high into the air. Cardboard then becomes a story of good versus evil, as Cam and Marcus join forces to put a stop to the cardboard kingdom. We also meet Curtis’ sisters, who are on their own adventure on the outskirts of the Impassable Wilderness.
In his view, our ethical decisions are ones that impact others around us, and he is careful to delineate the legal decisions from the ethical decisions.
When pitching a source for a story, I recommend abiding by this same rule of thumb and hyperlink to their bio page to provide more context and information on their specialities and background in case they’re interested.
This is essential, as some reporters may not even consider your pitch if it is irrelevant or old. It’s important to remember that faculty members aren’t just teachers; they are professionals.
Most have theoretical and practical knowledge, which makes them the ideal candidate for the media.

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