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Komunikasi Antarpribadi (Interpersonal Communication)(KAp)Mata kuliah ini berisi pengajaran mengenai bagaimana konteks komunikasi antarmanusia terjadi dengan efektif, hal ini dengan memahami mengenai karakteristik, prinsip-prinsip dan tujuan dari komunikasi yang dilakukan termasuk bagaimana memahami hubungan dan aspek analisisnya. Denyse – or Sister GilChrist, as she is called in the monastery – decided to become a nun in her early twenties, after having seen very poor people while travelling in Latin America and very rich people on a luxury tour in California. At the communication course, she took part in an English-speaking group of people from different cultural backgrounds. In the last meeting in the communication group, even one of the group leaders needed to wipe a tear. I created an entry for the SDSU Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (EET) as a project for EdTec 561 class. Having the opportunity to create my own style, I decided to choose colors that were bright and contrasting.
She is a nun at the Cistercian monastery Tautra Mariakloster in mid-Norway, where she has lived since its foundation in 1999.
This was done by giving step-by-step instructions on what to do with the set of numbers for the plot.

In addition to being displayed both horizontally and vertically, the box-and-whisker plot can be displayed with different markings, dots, dashes, and lines. I learned this because when several math teachers proofed my EET entry, they did not understand the mathematical meaning from my choice of words.
I picked up many things that can help me in my own work, where I often have to talk to people and interview them.
The work she speaks of is as a prioress of that monastery, which much to the bewilderment of its nine inhabitants has become a tourist attraction in this part of the country. Later she understood that they wanted the participants to form their own process, without relying on the leaders to solve their problems. Sometimes there was a language problem, and it may have slowed things down, but in the end I don’t think it took away from the group process. I also designed this entry so it would be understandable to my middle school math students. This was also accomplished by giving a visual example of a finished box-and-whisker plot, with labeled key points.

After researching nearly a dozen math books, I came up with my own simplified style of showing the box-and-whisker plot. Before she came to Norway, and even became a Norwegian citizen, her life as a nun was spent in the United States.
This artifact shows how mathematical concepts can be communicated both visually and with text on a web page.
Our lifestyle is very similar to that of Buddhist monks and nuns, and we experience many of the same problems in our communities.

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