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Both of the above relationship styles exist on a continuum so that each of us has the capability to move up and down on that scale at a given time -- Unless we get stuck at one end or the other.Human development stages includes periods of healthy co-dependence and healthy counter-dependence -- See Chart. When growing up in a less-than-nurturing-family system, many factors and significant emotional events occur during the course of human development stages that influence which relationship style is formed -- I use the word "formed" vs.
Note: During a crisis, or periods of ongoing high stress, a person's defenses may collapse entirely resulting in the conscious experience of both ego states at once. La inteligencia con frecuencia es considerada de acuerdo a la puntuacion en los examenes o calificaciones escolares, sin tomar en cuenta alguna otra area en la que la persona pueda sobresalir. Email subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 365 Boston Post Rd, Suite 123, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA.
For example, in the initial stage of a relationship healthy codependence helps us connect with another while healthy counter-dependence helps us establish and maintain our separateness or autonomy in relation to the other.As you will see below, the very nature of our connectedness to our mother in the first stage of life, along with the permission given for us to separate in the second stage, sets the pace for how we connect and separate in later significant relationships.Will it be a healthy balance of connectedness & separateness (Intimacy)? However, those who have been hurt the worst may have repressed or "disowned" one of those ego states. This can result in the futility position of "I'm Not Ok, You're Not Ok" -- These are periods of danger and, in many cases, an indication of the need for immediate professional help.
Gardner reconocio las diversas facetas del conocimiento y desarrollo su teoria de inteligencias mutiples.

Or must we pursue an unavailable other driven by fear of abandonment (Codependent) -- or distance ourselves from connections driven by fear of being trapped (Counter-dependent)? In other words, embedded in the following human development stages lies the roots of both Interpersonal and Intrapersonal problems.According to Erikson, each stage of development involves a crisis. This unique program utilizes a developmental recovery process that mimics the developmental stages of childhood outlined below.
Or do you simply want to join a discussion with others who are interested in childhood development & abandonment issues??Click on the following link to go to the Human Development Stages & Abandonment Discussion Forum. If you have an emergency, call 911, other local emergency contact, your local emergency room, or law enforcement agency. It's the resolution of this crisis that determines the outcome of a specific stage -- i.e, positive or negative. I propose that significantly negative outcomes result in the development of the full continuum.
Another term for Internalizer is Codependent, Externalizers are also known as Counter-Dependent. Getting stuck on this continuum is not a good thing either way if we want to have healthy and fulfilling relationships -- but it may be the best we can do if we didn't get childhood needs met and or have not otherwise received adequate training in healthy Intimacy Skills.

Positive outcomes do not fall on a continuum as they represent a healthy adjustment to that stage. Is it any wonder how Givers & Takers, Distancers & Pursuers, or Persecutors & Victims end up in a relationship together?The problem with this kind of Polorization is that it takes two people to make a whole person. All other things being equal, kids who consistently get appropriate parenting throughout these developmental stages are expected to have good outcomes as one stage builds on the outcome of the previous stage.But kids who do not get the parenting they need are expected to have deficits in various stages.
This is what makes the idea of separation from a bad relationship terrifying -- Subconsciously they each know that it would be like dividing themselves in half. This is clearly observed in the stages of development below as well as in the concept of psychological Sweatshirts as proposed by Eric Berne, MD. Intrapersonally, each person with negative outcomes holds both existential positions -- This is accomplished by the defenses of Reaction Formation and Repression. Interpersonally, they need each other to experience the disowned half of themselves -- accomplished through subconscious perception and the defense mechanisms of Projection and Introjection.

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