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Courses focused on helping Store Managers Field Managers, and Managers-in-Training identify, practice, and develop the skills they need to become successful leaders and operators.
RTS’ retail management courses include interactive learning activities, downloadable and printable job aids, realistic scenarios, testing, and certificates of completion. This Training focuses on and introduces the learner to the final 3 key skills of effective time managers – Delegation, Efficient Practices, and Eliminating Procrastination. Explores the principles and activities management personnel need to focus on in order to hire effectively and ultimately to reduce employee turnover. Instructs the learner on the activities they need to execute and the skills they need to build in order to effectively select candidates who will become long term, productive team members.
This online management course provides the student with the information they need in order to perform the activities associated with executing hiring paperwork and getting new team members off to a great start.
This retail management course is designed to help retail managers understand how to communicate effectively with team members in order to help them achieve high levels of performance. After completing this training the learner will understand the factors that that motivate their team members and how to use them while setting goals and expectations. Students will learn and practice the skills associated with analyzing personnel performance issues and the activities needed to address them.
If your company is seeking assistance in building a training program to support your business goals then RTS is the place to go.  Our team of content developers and retail experts will meet with your stakeholders and review your policies and procedures.  Then we will get to work on building the instructor-led training or online management courses that will clearly communicate your standards and requirements!  Contact us today for a free one-hour consultation! RTS offers custom development for franchise training, distributors and retail associations! Hilf Supply Chain Solutions is a UK based Management Training Consultancy which specialises in the areas of Demand Planning, MRP, Inventory Management & Forecasting.
Supply chain training solutions for large multi-national clients in carefully targeted industry sectors.

SMMIT Networks developing inhouse projects for supporting industries like Mobile Industry, production line industries, and Travel industry (Agent related).
MERIT's Inventory management software is a computer-based system used for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. To a finance manager, inventory refers to the value of raw materials, consumables, spares, work in progress, finished goods and scrap in which the company's funds have been invested.
A key to eating at home is making sure you always have the necessary ingredients on-hand to make your go-to dishes. One way of doing that is to have sticky notes attached to the fridge so you can write down what’s needed to be bought during the next excursion. The opinions expressed are those of the writer and are not intended to be investment or financial advice, or any other kind of professional service. Courses are broken-up into short 30-minute modules so you can complete them during a lunch break or before a shift. Introduces the issues associated with poor time management and reviews the 5 core skills of effective time managers.
Designed for area, district, and regional managers, this course will explore the reasons for conducting store visits, the various styles of store visits, and the activities required to make store visits impactful for team members and the Company. Upon completing this training, the learner will understand the reasons for having meetings, uncover tools that will make meetings more productive, and discover the pitfalls that can make meetings unproductive. MobiTrack is developed for Mobile industry for tracking the servicing line through out the life cycle. It aims to explain the nature of inventory, its purpose, the various types of inventories and the costs associated with them. Managing the inventory in your pantry and refrigerator can be equally impactful on your profits and losses!

There’s nothing worse than going home with the intention of making a healthy salad or sandwich only to realize your missing lettuce or bread. You must determine for yourself or in consultation with a professional whether any financial strategy or advice is right for you. Then is discusses the core priorities for retail managers and how to plan for completing the activities associated with them.
We are the undisputed British market leader in providing APICS training, having provided high quality APICS training in the UK, to an impressive list of corporate clients for over 10 years. Inventory Management is for the Moanufacturing companies for maintaining purchases and sales from spare parts to the finished goods.
And an efficient management of inventory should ultimately result in the maximization of the owners' wealth.
For Wal-Mart, effectively managing their inventory – the stock of goods they sell in their store – is the difference between profits and losses. Neither the author nor the publishers are responsible for any liability or loss incurred as a result of the use of any of the contents of this blog. For a detailed overview of the specialist tuition we deliver please visit our various Training Course pages or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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