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Jerry Hicks and his quest for answers was the catalyst for the whole Abraham Hicks phenomenon. Jerry grew up in a very poor environment, he was a sickly child, who in the opinion of the family doctor, wouldn't live out his childhood years. He has had a colorful career, ranging from a Circus Performer, to a Millionaire Entrepreneur. Jerry has always been a man of questions, he does and always has, asked the most difficult questions to answer. In his early life he moved from one religion to another, in an attempt to find the answer, he dabbled in the super natural, and read many books on the processes of life.
The book inspired him to set up his own foundation, helping people learn to the principle of Napoleon Hill's famous book. The Think and Grow Rich foundation was a Million Dollar company that helped thousands of people to realize their dreams.

It was Jerry's interest and thirst for more knowledge, that ultimately led, both him and Esther Hicks to allowing Abraham to enter into communication. Still today, Jerry is a man of questions, as Esther Hicks puts it, "I've never met a person who wanted to know more than Jerry.
It is thanks to Jerry Hicks that every word uttered by Abraham is recorded and documented.So has Jerry found an answer yet?As he puts it, "I have come to believe that we all make up a wonderful mix on this planet, and there's no right or wrong way, in any of it. Find out more about Jerry Hicks, Esther Hicks and the Abraham Hicks phenomenon, and the teachings of Abraham. The notice of Jerry Hicks transition was given at the Abe-Blog, informing us that on Friday 18th November 2012, Jerry Hicks died after his short battle with cancer. I have always wondered how Jerry has coped over the years, as he always seemed to be the one with the questions and I am sure that he would have loved to have had the special attachment to Abraham Esther has, isn't it strange how he is the one to finally get all the answers. I started this website back in 2006, with the dream of making it the No.1 site to discover, apply and master the Law of Attraction.

I am well on the way to achieving this dream, and would like to thank you for visiting my site, and for helping me to become one of the top Law of Attraction websites. I would also like to thank SBI for their site building tools and advice, which has made this all possible. If you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, please use the comments form at the bottom of this page.

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