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De opleiding start met een intensief programma waaronder enkele praktische buitenoefeningen waarbij de eigen attitude als Jobcoach centraal staat. De leergroep doorloopt de fasen van de leercyclus van Kolb die uitmondt in het experimenteren met nieuw gedrag en vaardigheden. Dat we geloven in de mogelijkheden van de werknemer en ons niet a priori bezig houden met zijn beperkingen. Dat we creatief om kunnen gaan met beperkingen en dat dit onze werknemers niet ‘anders’ maakt, alleen boeiender. Dat wij als begeleiders deze zelfstandigheid kunnen stimuleren door actieve experimenten waarbij wij de verantwoordelijkheid van de deelnemer niet ‘uit handen nemen’.
Globaal overzicht van het geheel van de sociale zekerheid: wetten en regelingen op het gebied van arbeidsongeschiktheid, arbeid en werkloosheid, reintegratie, sociale -en gehandicapten voorzieningen.
Wie zijn de uitvoerders van de sociale zekerheid: UWV, Gemeenten, centra voor werk en inkomen. Ervaringen en voorgang uit eigen praktijk, coachingstechnieken (coaching on the job) en verbeterplan. SullivanArc Employment Services provides employment to individuals in the community with support staff to guide them. Individual Placement: An individual with a disability is placed in a job in the community and paid by the employer.
Performance Based Placement: Similar to an Individual placement, the individual with a disability is placed in a job in the community and paid by the employer. Enclave Model: A small group of no more than 8 individuals with disabilities work side by side with non-disabled individuals while being supervised by a job coach.
Mobile Crew: A small group of no more than 4 individuals who do service jobs in the community with the supervision of a job coach.
Presence: Sear’s is an international retail chain, which operates a number of subsidiaries selling specific products. Additional Services: Sear’s stores sell a variety of products like general home appliances, electronic equipments, sports accessories, garments, shoes, toys, tools, beauty products, baby products, jewelry and other domestic items. Environmental Initiatives: Sear’s has taken a number of initiatives to make its operations environment friendly. Sales associate: Sales associates are assigned a variety of tasks like interacting with customers, assisting them in purchase, managing stock and maintaining registers.
Other entry-level positions: There are several other positions offered at these stores and distribution centers having specific jobs like driver, hardware associate, automotive technician, beauty advisor and others.
Management: There are various positions of management level offered at these stores like store manager, supervisor, assistant manager, loss prevention manager and shift leader. Sear’s promotes a professional work environment that is why it is the largest retail chain today. During the hiring process, many employers use phone interviews in order to screen a large applicant pool and determine who should be brought in for a face-to-face meeting.
Phone interviews are becoming a common first step in the job interview process, so it is important that you do everything that you can to be prepared for one.
In many ways, you should approach a phone interview in the same way that you would a face-to-face interview. Rehearse walking an interviewer through your resume and reviewing all of your previous jobs.

Remember, getting prepared for a phone interview isn’t just about you; you also want to prepare your environment and eliminate distractions. Next to your resume, set out your  list of  accomplishments and any other notes that you have prepared.
If a recruiter or employer calls for a phone interview when you’re not prepared or will be unable to stay on the phone without interruption, consider asking to reschedule and suggest some alternate times. Many job searchers make the mistake of thinking that a phone interview is going to be easier than a face-to-face interview, so they don’t think they need to practice. When the time comes for the actual phone interview, the following tips will help you sound more professional and increase your chances of getting called in for a face-to-face interview for the job. Allow the interviewer to finish speaking before you answer any questions; be careful not to interrupt them. After you hang up,  grab your pen and paper and jot down a few notes.  Write down the questions that you were asked so you can use them to practice for your next phone interview or in-person interview.
After reviewing the tips above, you should be prepared to wow any recruiter or hiring manager during a phone manager. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association.
Deze cyclus staat in de verdere training model voor het creeren van ‘leerkansen’ voor mensen met een grote afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt. Wat is de rol van de werkgevers –en werknemersorganisaties, sociale dienst, CWI, ziektekostenverzekeraars en indicatieorganen.
This model utilizes an employment developer to assist with job placement and a job-coach who provides support to the individual in the form of job-site training, on-going assessment and follow-along for as long as necessary in order for the individual to maintain employment.
SullivanArc provides support and training through a job coach, for the remainder of that person’s employment. However, instead of a job coach providing training followed by support services, the job coaching ends after 90 days of employment, at which time the person functions totally independently. This group is often working in areas where grounds maintenance and custodial work is available.
Candidates willing to find a job at these stores should apply online at the company’s website. It was founded by Richard Sears, who grew his business by selling equipments and other domestic products to farmers. The chain is operational in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and many other countries. It has been giving donations to a charity program – Heroes at Home, which is operated in cooperation with a charity organization Rebuilding Together.
It supports a paperless work culture and allows its employees to work four days a week in flexible hours to reduce commuting. Majority of these jobs are of entry-level and can be secured by any individual at least 16 years of age and legally eligible to work in the respective country. They may be promoted to higher designations depending upon their performance and experience.
The management professionals are hired on salary and held responsible for monitoring entire operations of store, doing recruitments; managing staff and communicating to corporate headquarter. Phone interviews are also often used when interviewing candidates based in other cities, saving on the costs of having the applicant drive or fly into town to interview.

In fact, when it comes to phone interviews, you may not receive any warning — a head hunter or hiring manager may simply call you in response to your resume to chat for a few minutes about your qualifications. Also, you won’t be able to see and respond to facial expressions and body language, which can feel awkward and throw you off. Smiling will change the tone of your voice, which can mean the difference between a positive and a negative image. A standing posture can help you feel more confident and strong, which interviewers will notice.
Remember that you don’t have to answer right away, you can take a few seconds to get your thoughts together.
A good thank you note will express gratitude for the interviewer’s time, communicate your enthusiasm about the job, and reiterate your strongest qualifications for the position.
With its vast presence throughout American continent, it provides thousands of job opportunities every year.
The company has been operating several subsidiaries confined to sales and services of specific products. It has always promoted efficient options of transportation and adopted measures to reduce energy and water consumption by its stores. Part-time workers are allowed flexible schedules, given performance bonuses, discounts and paid time-off. Gezamenlijke reflectie leidt tot het herzien van de begeleiderrol van coachen en individueel begeleiden.
It often organizes recruitment drives for entry-level positions as well as administrative, management and technical positions. The average annual revenue of the company is around $43 billion and operating income is $475 million.
The management professionals and other full-time employers enjoys other benefits as well, like 401(K) retirement plan, insurance, investment options, disability protection, paid vacations, paid time-off, holidays and regular appraisals.
Most of the entry-level jobs are secured by college students or individuals doing it side by side, these positions are filled by part-time workers. When there will be a vacancy at the applied location for requested position, you will be called for an interview.
Its catalog business expanded rapidly as products were offered to farmers on cheaper rates than local retail shops. Sear’s Optical are engaged in sales and maintenance of spectacles, lens and other optical equipments. Including the retail stores running under Kmart brand, it has more than 4000 stores worldwide and employs approximately 300,000 employees. By 1894, the catalog offered by the company increased to hundreds of pages with addition of new products like home appliances, garden equipments, accessories, cosmetics and sports accessories. Since then, it has been expanding to new locations year after year; currently it has about thousand stores worldwide.

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