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That is exactly why we created our new online training programs to help you with your Job Search process. Job Search Marketing Plan Bootcamp This Job Search Training program will help you learn to create an effective plan for your Job Search. The LinkedIn Training shows you not only the basics of LinkedIn but how you can use all their features to get in front of the right people.
I followed up with the hiring manager letting him know I just had a meeting with one of his former customers.
Katherine is up to date with the latest trends in social media and provides excellent insight and advice in leveraging best practices for launching a successful job search!

We can answer your questions and give you advice you cannot receive in a classroom setting.
They both have their benefits: The Job Search Marketing Plan shows you many ways to plan a job search and use the available tools.
Whether you need a job NOW, are thinking of making a change in the future or even looking at a career change, you need a plan to guide you. LinkedIn is one of those tools and that class helps you learn in depth how to use LinkedIn to find a job.
Our Job Search Marketing Plan will help you take all the steps needed to ensure you have reached everyone and every place you can to find your job.

He was impressed with my follow-up weeks after the interview and my industry network would be a asset to the company. Turns out that was his largest customer and they built the relationship on one person, when he left they lost the business.

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