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A murder case puts detectives on the trail of a vengeful womanizer infected with HIV who is knowingly spreading the disease. When seventeen-year-old Anna McWilliams is found strangled and beaten to death in an alley, her ex-boyfriend leads the cops to a website that McWilliams used to meet up with random men. During the trial, someone hacks Peter's Face Union page, warns everyone on it to get tested, and leaks the story to the media, causing the city to learn how hundreds of women may have been infected by Peter, who has no remorse for his actions.
After a conversation with Peter's grandfather, Dewey, Benson and Stabler realize he was the one that warned everyone and tell Peter, who confronts him. Detective Olivia Benson decides to create a user account for the site and finds womanizer Peter Butler, the man who met up with McWilliams. Rebecca sprays Peter in the face with hydrochloric acid, seriously burning him and causing him to lose an eye, forcing Cabot to charge her with assault as well. Dewey admits to lying about the whole thing and confessed to Peter about his mother: she loved Peter with all her heart, but when he was three, she started dating a man who was abusive to both of them.

The case is closed when a different suspect is proven guilty of her murder, and a new one opens when McWilliams rape kit tests positive for HIV. Cabot offers her a deal so she won't die in prison if found guilty, which could give her a twenty-year term.
Not only is HIV spreading because of countless attacks, but now the detectives must also track down a man who is knowingly spreading HIV and catch a rapist on the loose.
However, she refuses to take it, so Cabot is forced to destroy her credibility on the stand. Dewey thought by lying to him was protecting him as well, but it only resulted in further fueling his ire.
Eventually, the detectives figure out that the one spreading HIV is Peter Butler, who is angry with women because his mother ran off on him as a child. He then commits suicide by a sleeping pill overdose; in his dying breath, he tells Peter to become a good human being and not let his death be in vain.

He is charged with assault for spreading the disease with a young woman who he had slept with, Rebecca Ellison, testing positive for HIV from Peter.
As a result of his grandfather's sacrifice and knowing the truth about his mother, a guilt-ridden Peter lets go of his anger and does the right thing: he pleads guilty to all of his crimes and drops the charges against Rebecca, who Cabot and Benson release with the good news.
For the first time in Texas, phylogenetic DNA testing was used as evidence to confirm a link between Padieu and his victims. They also inform her that before Dewey died, he disinherited Peter and put all of his money into a fund to pay for the treatment of all of Peter's victims, which includes Rebecca.

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