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Despite the fact that she watches shows like Bones and Castle, which have their fair share of gory crime scenes, she can’t bring herself to watch a show devoted to sex crimes. These are the types of crimes that no one likes to talk about, and the silence surrounding them is part of what creates the stigma in regards to the victims of these crimes. Nearly every episode concerning rape shows repeated reassurance of the victim by the police that they are not to blame. I’m not the only person who feels as though this show is changing the dialogue around sexual assault.
This outpouring prompted Hargitay to take her work a step further and form the Joyful Heart Foundation, a group whose “mission is to heal, educate, and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues.” They do this through wellness programs, education and awareness initiatives, and policy and advocacy work. Use the SHARE widget above to send an email or share FPA information on social media sites.
The measures strengthening abortion laws were the only piece of the 10-point Women’s Equality Act not passed in recent legislative sessions. My ability to do anything productive while at home completely tanked when I discovered that seasons eight through twelve were on Netflix. Many people agree with her and feel that the violence is gratuitous, and that such horrible crimes shouldn’t be used for entertainment.

An FBI survey in 2012 revealed that in the preceding five years, 60% of rapes went unreported. That, no matter what, their attacker deserves to be punished, and the police will work with them to ensure that that happens. Mariska Hargitay, who plays Detective Olivia Benson, began receiving letters shortly into the run of the show from victims who had never before spoken out.
Already, they have been instrumental in the investigation into backlogged rape kits in Detroit. The victims of these crimes need to be told that they are not to blame, and that there is help for them out there, and that is exactly what SVU accomplishes.
In order to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancy, we must increase access to contraception. Wade decision legalized a women’s right to choose an abortion, but advocates said New York lawmakers have not yet translated the provisions of the landmark Supreme Court decision into law in the state. And for SVU it would be very bad if they replace Benson and Stabler, They make this show so great. My mother, on the other hand, is completely horrified by the fact that I can watch something so gruesome and disturbing.

According to RAINN, some of the most common reasons for failing to report rapes to the police are fear of reprisal and fear of the police being biased. After watching SVU, they felt as though maybe they could come forward and discuss what had happened to them. They have also launched the “No More” ad campaign that features celebrities (many from SVU) and advocates talking about the need to raise awareness of sexual assault and erase the stigma surrounding victims. The show is hard to watch, but it makes it slightly easier to talk about the violence so many women, men, and children face, and that is the first step in ending it.
The assaults on the victims in SVU are shocking, but I think that’s why the show is so important.
Many victims are also unsure if their attack is “actually” rape because they knew their attacker, they didn’t fight back, they didn’t repeatedly say “no,” etc. All of these concerns can be combatted by increasing dialogue around sexual assault, and that’s exactly what SVU does.

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