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Law of Attraction Happiness Coaching with Maria Lesetz, Your Personal Road Map to being Happy Now! Some people continue to be miserable because they have not been able to live out their dreams. Wanting to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how it can improve your overall quality of life? What you may not realize is that choosing to be happy in this present moment is your ticket to living out your desires and dreams. Her dynamic energy and heartfelt caring for her clients is beyond anything I have experienced before.
It's not enough to just wait and hope that someone or something will magically appear and bring you joy, you must channel it and live it.
So I gave it a go and can happily announce that 6 months later I am the exact dress size I have always wanted to be but more importantly I don't obsess over my body image anymore and feel much more confident in my own skin.
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Gratitude Rocks: Order my hand-painted custom gratitude rocks that are infused with my Lovin' Life energy! Lovin' Life Audios: Listen to one of my Maria Mojo Mondays classes and have fun randomly choosing one of my inspirational Lovin' Life audio clips to hear your positive inspirational tip of the day! Bringing my Positive Messages to Mainstream TV: Watch a few of my inspirational video clips that were aired on Fox News at 10 and KVAL News. If you are ready to hire a life coach, hop on over to step 3 where you can pick the option that resonates with you the most! If you enjoy my energy and can feel it just by navigating my website, imagine what you could change and create in your life as a result of working with me 1-on-1 as one of my exclusive private coaching clients. If you are interested in learning about the Mind-Body connection and the role that your emotions play when you are trying to lose weight and keep it off for good, this is the option for you. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition or disease and you are looking to hire a coach to help you to embrace a more positive attitude and learn how to leverage the power of your mind to positively impact your overall health and wellbeing, this is the option for you.

I can always count on Maria to be upbeat and energetic, and she has so many different tools to offer so that she is able to handle any issue that comes up. Receive my Lovin' Life Inspiration every Monday delivered directly to your inbox to set your positive vibe for the week!
Kiyosaki debunks the popular belief that “it takes money to make money.” He tells the story of how he and his wife Kim were homeless in 1985, rich by 1989, and financially free by 1994.
If you’re an E [Employee] there is nothing wrong with that – Kiyosaki says you can become wealthy in any quadrant – but in most cases you have sacrificed financial freedom for a perceived, albeit illusory, security. If you’re an S [Self-employed], typically you are an independent thinker who likes to take control and be respected as an expert in your field, but your business is usually owner-dependent, which means if you are not working, there is no cash flow.
On this side of the quadrant are your B’s [Business owners] and I’s [Investors], which the financially illiterate masses mistakenly believe are more risk-laden than E’s and S’s. 3) Network marketing, which provides most operational and administrative systems at a fraction of the cost of most franchises. As a Success Coach one of my functions is to assist you in moving gradually from the left side of the quadrant to the right; from E to S, S to B, and from B to I. I know I use to hesitate about contacting the person or the website as I didn’t have the confidence to take the bull by the horns and just do it. Years of practice at just doing it – has made such a impact on my life, the way I act, the way I treat people. Do you wake up in the morning excited for the new day and all the fantastic things that are going to happen today. What have you got to loose, absolutely nothing, I would love to talk with you so you can see the and learn about the journey I have been on and how I got here. Content on this website created by the Coach may not reflect the views of Inspired Spirit Pty Ltd. She has made me re-think everything I ever believed about goal setting and the potential to find joy in my life.
Working with Maria is great as she's straight talking and tells you exactly what you need to hear.

It's directly correlated to what you think and feel and it plays a major role in what you are capable of creating in your life. Life Coaching for Doctors is an invaluable resource for the medical profession and as a pioneer in this field, I am dedicated to helping you shift from Physician Burnout to Physician Wellness. She has been invaluable to me in helping me to overcome burnout and maintain excitement in my practice and in my life. The work I have done with Maria has brought me to experience more joy at home with my family and friends, as well as a greater appreciation for my practice and an exciting vision for the future.
The irony, as Kiyosaki sees it, is that the left side of the quadrant is the financially riskier of the two sides. From a Law of Attraction standpoint, being happy now is your ticket to realizing your greatest desires and dreams! I've done lots of weight loss programs before and not achieved the results I wanted but felt Maria's was different somehow with her unique approach to the mindset work behind weight loss. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has tried to change an aspect of their life before and failed.
As a result of practicing what I teach, I am now experiencing great health and a life filled with pure joy. She is great at moving me away from negativity that occurs after difficult days at work and into a more positive and allowing state of mind. I feel she gave me the clarity, commitment, and confidence to pursue a dream I've had for years but never believed it could really happen. In fact, Kiyosaki advises that no matter in which quadrant you currently reside, put some green into investments after you have received some financial education.

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