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This interactive 3-day programme aims to develop great leaders by empowering them to lead with courage and authority. Delegates will develop skills that will build both courageous leadership and followership in the workplace. Knowing ourselves (and those whom we lead), is the fundamental key to effective team development. Emotional Intelligence is the ability we need to identify, understand and control our thoughts and feelings as managers or leaders, communicate them clearly to others and interact with empathy towards others’ emotions. This section of the workshop will teach the basis of emotional intelligence and give guidelines on applying the theories in everyday situations that arise when working with subordinates.

Testing candidates predominant Conflict Handling Preferences: This will form the basis on which the conflict management styles will be dealt with. Are you employees resistant to change?  Learn how to encourage change versus resistance to change.  Grow your company with full engaged employees with vital leaders. Their awareness of their current leadership styles will be brought to the fore and they will learn what factors impact these styles and the resultant effect on their subordinates. During this interactive training intervention, delegates will engage in various activities to enable them to put these newly acquired skills into practice.
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This course then provides delegates with a toolkit to increase their leadership skills back in the workplace. By responding to the change leaders prepare followers to focus on learning and discovery instead of security and control.

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