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Much of the recent literature on effective schools has intuitively connected the leadership role of the school principal , and school learning environment, to the achievement of organisational outcomes such as those related to teacher performance. My youngest son came home from school the other day with a packet of information from one of his coaches.
And don’t be surprised to find that you’re at a different stage of leadership depending on the team. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Transformational leadership theory has cast these relations in a new perspective, where advocates have claimed that transformational leaders are more able to manipulate environmental contexts so as to achieve their organisational objectives compared to transactional and laissez-faire leadership styles.
Included in the packet was a sheet of paper titled “The Leadership Continuum.” It outlines five levels of leadership and what is necessary to demonstrate each.
Be responsible for “victory.” This is the step at which your leadership moves from personal to team-oriented. You might be on a team where being a level 1 or 2 leader is how you can best contribute, while on another team you might need to step up and be a level 4 or 5. How great your son and his team is getting early exposure to this content as future leaders!
This study examines the effects of different types of secondary principals’ leadership behaviours on aspects of a school’s learning environment, and selected teacher outcomes.

I hadn’t seen this before, but in reading it, I thought it was certainly applicable not just to team sports but also to the team environment in the workplace. This fifth level of leadership, the highest on the continuum, requires you to find your “leadership voice.” It’s not always enough to lead by example or feel responsible for the team’s results. Good leaders understand the nuances of the various teams they’re a part of and can adapt to the circumstances. The Impact of transformational leadership style of the school principal on school learning environments and selected teacher outcomes. In my book, that includes the types of choices you’re making in your personal and work life.
Results are significant for those who exercise leadership authority in schools, and are contrary to the findings suggested by transformational leadership literature. Great leaders don’t stop with themselves—they believe their actions, their performance, and their leadership can and will influence the rest of the team. That may be saying something that must be said, being the voice of the team in difficult circumstances, or even demanding performance out of others on the team.
Knowing when to take on the various stages of leadership as the circumstances dictate is a key part of leadership. It’s really impossible to succeed in a leadership position if you don’t do these two things.

This can occur only if you’re holding yourself to a high standard of performance and conducting yourself in a way that others aspire to achieve. An individual who reaches this level of leadership accepts the responsibility of the team’s outcome, not just his or her own. Some situations demand more than action—and having a leader who can lend a voice to that situation is necessary. A good leader is accountable and is willing to take responsibility for the outcome regardless of what it might be.
I’m a believer that actions speak louder than words, and leading by example requires actions that are worthy of imitation. And there’s a reason this one is the highest level on the continuum—it’s not easy to know when to speak up or know the right words and tone for the situation. I consider this passing the “mom test.” Do you behave in a way that would make your mother proud? Whether you’re at a stage where you’re leading yourself or whether you’re at a level 4 or 5, every team needs leaders who can contribute in various ways.

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