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My wish is that some of you will find a new book in this list that will positively impact your life. Next Generation Leader (Andy Stanley): I'm not sure how I managed to miss one of Stanley's first books, especially a book on young leaders in the church. The Cost of Discipleship (Dietrich Bonhoeffer): Having read Bonhoeffer's Life Together earlier this year, I was driven to finally read this 20th century spiritual classic. If you know me, or have read this blog for any length of time, you know that I believe all great leaders are also voracious readers. The Founding Fathers On Leadership – There are great lessons to be learned from those who placed there lives at risk to give birth to a nation founded on the ideals of liberty and freedom. The Essential Drucker – Peter Drucker was the most noted management thinker of his time. Bonhoeffer – Few men have aligned their beliefs with their actions in the way that Dietrich Bonhoeffer did. Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths And Total Nonsense – Jeffrey Pfeffer and Bob Sutton take aim on popular business theory buy unwinding six widely accepted business theories.
True North – Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic provides a simple step-by-step guide for being an authentic leader. EntreLeadership – Most people think of Dave Ramsey as a commentator on personal financial advice.
Churchill on Leadership – Winston Churchill is one of my favorite leaders of the 20th Century.
Exceeding Expectations – This book contains leadership lessons from retired Air Force General Bill Looney. I would take it a one step further – Jesus is the best example of leadership for anyone to emulate.
Great truth, i have not read any yet but currently reading spiritual leadership by BLACKABY.
An inspirational asset in my ongoing journey to become the best engineering manager I can be. Filled with practical leadership principles and ideas that focus on emerging leadership, this book is quickly becoming one of my favorite leadership books. This is Nouwen's reflection on the life of Adam, a severely handicapped man and one of Nouwen's closest compatriots in the L'Arche community. Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran minister during World War II and was part of a plot to assassinate Hitler, only to end up dying in a concentration camp just weeks before the Allies' victory. Salinger): This was one of the only books I read in my high school English classes that has stuck with me over the years.
In fact, I would go so far as to say reading is simply a necessity if you’re serious about leadership.

Coming from a dysfunctional family, enduring a long line of personal and professional failures leading up to his presidency, and having to deal with a nation divided by civil war, Lincoln’s accomplishments as a leader are nothing short of remarkable. Having the opportunity to get to know Warren has been a great gift to me, and reading his thoughts on leadership will surely be one for you.
This book combines several of his best pieces in one volume, and is a must read for anyone looking to understand organizational, operational, or cultural management theory. A brilliant theologian hanged by Hitler, Bonhoeffer’s life is a testimony of ethical conviction that many of our leaders today should go to school on. My friend Jim Strock has created a manifesto that is in my opinion the preeminent work on the subject.
I read this book in a single sitting and found it to be a gripping account of courage, duty, honor, and service beyond self.
This book is a great help for leaders who desire to not live in emotional or intellectual conflict. True, but Dave is also a brilliant businessman, who oozes wisdom and offers sound counsel to anyone attempting to be a better leader. Most of you know that I have long believed that while conventional wisdom might be conventional, it rarely constitutes wisdom. Lee on Leadership – Lee was not only a great leader, but he was a true gentleman with character beyond reproach. A man of both keen insight and intellect, but also a humble man with a great sense of the importance of his role not only to the country, but to the world in which he lived. The most complete and by a couple of thousands year ahead of its time, definition of Leadership coming from the first person who truly led by example. I’m truly honored that you include Serve to Lead amid this tremendous group of books, a leadership library. The truth is that the best leaders are the best learners, and reading is essential to leading. What other leadership activities might ANR consider to support the attributes discussed today? Stanley writes with a simple-yet-profound accessibility that makes for a quick and memorable read.
Nouwen makes numerous comparisons and parallels between Adam's life and the life of Christ, showing how we find God in our weakness and vulnerability instead of strength or relevance. This book is his treatise on following Jesus with every we are, not settling for what he calls "cheap grace," but embracing a "come and die" lifestyle in the name of Christ.
I picked it up again recently, having seen it sitting on my bookshelf and having the spontaneous desire to read a classic novel. Spending time gleaning insights from the man many refer to as the father of the modern practice of leadership is time well spent.

To conquer a nation is one thing, to gain their respect and lead them with benevolence after the fact is quite another. If you need help in aligning vision, values, strategy, tactics, expectations, and outcomes then this book is for you.
This book uses real world case studies to break down the elements that must be identified and managed in order to lead successful change. In this book Buckingham flips conventional business theory on it’s head and challenges you to reexamine how you look at the world. Leadership lessons from General Lee’s life can be used in virtually any situation during any era. This is a timeless account of a very principled man whose leadership may have just saved the world. He did it himself during a career that spanned 4 decades, but most importantly, he inspired others to do the same. Discussion locations include the ANR Buildinga€™s Plum Room in Davis, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Centera€™s Walnut Room in Parlier and UCOPa€™s Room 9405 in Oakland. I can already see how his five principles for next generation leaders--competence, courage, clarity, coaching, and character--are all extremely necessary for my own growth as a young leader. It's not my favorite Nouwen book, but its strength lies in portraying spirituality as a place of authenticity and vulnerability, a place where we are loved by God simply for who we are, not what we necessarily accomplish.
Much of the book is Bonhoeffer's commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, much like another of my favorite books on discipleship--Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy.
The list below (in no particular order) is comprised of leadership lessons from Ancient History, US History, Religious History, Military History, and yes, I threw in a few of my favorite business business classics as well.
I didn’t know him well by any measure, but the brief encounters created a lasting impression. This book is also extremely well written and gives a vivid account of our nation’s first President. If you or your organization struggles with change, then this book needs to be on your reading list. While written for pastors and church leaders, it is one of my favorites for anyone who wants their thinking about leadership stretched. Holden Caulfield is the epitome of adolescent identity crisis as he longs for the more innocent days of childhood while indulging in adult activities all around New York City.
This is a classic for a reason; it feels very ahead of its time for being published in 1951.

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