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When we bought the site it was untouched forest.  So we decided to leave it exactly as we found it.
Thus we have the big house, the garage, the little childrens’ playhouse, the workshop, the summer kitchen, the barbecue, a gazebo, and the 2-story banya all circling the forest in the center. Living well is about bringing the right pieces together and putting them into one whole!  Each piece is important, but the point is — bring it all together and enjoy the result.
You can now see these skills are all part of one Motivational dynamic, circling around your Compelling Goal – THE Goal.  The Leader’s communication always ends with MOTIVATION toward THE Goal.
You then take charge, speak and make a formal presentations in a way that motivates your team toward that Goal.
Your presentation logic and your convincing congruency builds their belief in that Compelling Goal, and turns their expectations to a clear plan to achieve it; while their fears transform into new enthusiasm and they ignite into action! In short, you motivate them to choose that Goal, desire it, believe it, plan for it, and act NOW. Now there’s no better way to perfect your Motivational skills then to just start motivating yourself and others – RIGHT NOW! You will master the Secret of Motivation.  You will master the Motivation Formula.  And once you master it, you stay motivated forever! And as you master it this Secret and Formula, by your example you will teach others along the way to also master it.  You will lead them to success!  Yes, this process makes you a Top MLM Leader! Now you have to make sure you can actually deliver all these motivated people to the goals they have selected. This nuts-and-bolts, time-tested program is guaranteed to hone your interpersonal, organizational and external communication.

It starts with a self-assessment tool that determines which of the four common communication styles is dominant for you.
Latest Testimonial“The feedback we received is that your presentation was the best part of our conference.
Risk Communication, as it applies to organizational change, gives leadership a powerful problem solving communication toolkit that builds trust and fosters informed support among stakeholders. The Center’s communication practitioners provide science-based collaborative techniques one-on-one or in groups with organizational leaders. Utilizing proven science-based collaborative techniques, we excel at identifying key issues with high impact, producing strategies that prevent or mitigate high stress situations. The Center’s counsel and support is tailored to the unique and specific needs of your situation.
Pioneers in the development and application of advanced communication methods, we specialize in effective communication strategies during high stress, emotionally charged situations. While it is essential to convey facts clearly, that alone is often insufficient to quell people’s concerns. Waldorf’s Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership combines a unique blend of leadership strategy and the flexibility to choose from a full slate of concentration options, each focused on real-world leadership applications. Estimated time to complete this bachelor’s degree program is four years with full-time enrollment.
View gainful employment information including cost of attendance, on-time graduation rates, occupational opportunities, median student debt and other important information about Waldorf programs. With this information, you’ll gain new insights into your innate, predictable behavior when interacting with others.

However, what works best in communicating with one person doesn’t necessarily work with another. When concern is high and trust is low, conditions consistent with organizational change, a departure from traditional communication models becomes necessary.
Our senior consultants are experts in behavioral science, and are committed for the duration of the project. Research shows that public concerns typically are based 95 percent on perceptions and only five percent on facts.
This skill is important for creating relationship networks, influencing and inspiring people, and collaborating effectively.
The next step is to discover how to successfully interact with those whose approach is different from yours. Research studies on Risk Communication explain why this is so and suggest how to change the communication model for more effective results during difficult times.
People’s behavior usually is predicated on perceptions – often misperceptions – that differ substantially from reality (facts). Waldorf’s Leadership Communication concentration is designed for both current and aspiring leaders and offers built-in flexibility, so you can focus on aspects of leadership communication that best match your goals. Are your goals focused on leading and promoting your organization through social media, public relations, or strategies for communication during times of crisis?

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