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This interactive 3-day programme aims to develop great leaders by empowering them to lead with courage and authority.
Delegates will develop skills that will build both courageous leadership and followership in the workplace. Knowing ourselves (and those whom we lead), is the fundamental key to effective team development.
Emotional Intelligence is the ability we need to identify, understand and control our thoughts and feelings as managers or leaders, communicate them clearly to others and interact with empathy towards others’ emotions.
This section of the workshop will teach the basis of emotional intelligence and give guidelines on applying the theories in everyday situations that arise when working with subordinates. Testing candidates predominant Conflict Handling Preferences: This will form the basis on which the conflict management styles will be dealt with. Retired Associate Dean of Students, Willard Broom and Alicia Gilmore Catching givs an in depth overview of the University of Illinois administration.
This workshop provides an introduction into what it means to be a cause-driven leader and how the CAUSE-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP Competency Model provides a framework for developing leadership skills. The goal of the LGC conference is to highlight global issues and give students the tools they need to address those issues. Many of the leadership training programs available today are delivered by a staff of corporate trainers who have learned how to deliver a standardized curriculum. Prior to creating Roger Reece Seminars in 1998, Roger Reece was a corporate executive for 25 years.
Roger has an MBA, but many of the most valuable leadership lessons he has learned have been learned through his mistakes.
Roger Reece is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, business coach and management consultant. As Vice President of Marketing for a technology company in October of 1995, Roger hosted an all-day Halloween party where all employees were decked out in their most creative Halloween costumes. Today, Buford's role is to work with Roger to bring fun and laughter to his workshops and motivational presentations. Leadership Skills Training - leadership skills training development & education courses, seminars, programs, workshops & class!
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Leadership skills training courses usually include developmental and educational programs, materials and related resources.

True development of your leadership competence evolves through consistent practice, relevant application and rigorous assessment of those skills that you received from your leadership skills training service or program. The problem embedded within most leadership workshops, seminars and training programs is that students are exposed to brief overviews of leadership strategies, concepts and principles. Those mere glances at, brushes against and brief encounters with the critical subjects of leading, listening and learning are simply not strong or persistent enough to sustain any quality in or energy to the process of a personal leadership development plan and skills training. Please completely fill-in our Survey form and we'll quickly send you our FREE educational eBook, Your Leadership Power Book! As soon as you press the Submit button,the first of your FREE "Leadership Power Gifts"will be sent to your Inbox immediately. Our workshops target the needs of volunteers and professionals interested in running outdoor programs in their community.
By working with nationally recognized leaders in the outdoors, such as the Wilderness Medical Institute and the American Canoe Association we offer courses that provide participants with skills and peace-of-mind to safely and responsibly run programs.
ELIGIBILITY: Unless otherwise stated, workshops and courses are open to participants 15 years of age and older. CUSTOM: Along with scheduled workshops, we will also work with your community to set up custom workshops and courses.
The sport of cross-country skiing provides opportunities for people of all ages and ability levels to get outside and enjoy Maine winters.
This 2-day format includes hands-on practice time and advanced rescues including the essentials of river philosophy, hydrology, wading, swimming, throw rope use, use of rescue PFDs, mechanical advantage, and more. This course is pre-approved by such organizations as: the American Camping Association, the United States Forest Service, and other governmental agencies. Their awareness of their current leadership styles will be brought to the fore and they will learn what factors impact these styles and the resultant effect on their subordinates. During this interactive training intervention, delegates will engage in various activities to enable them to put these newly acquired skills into practice. Learn about the structure, who does what, and how to approach the University of Illinois about the changes you want to see.
Participants will gain hands-on experience assessing their competency strengths and opportunities for growth and become familiar with the tools and resources available to support their competency development. The conference would have breakout sessions to help develop the skills-sets that members of international organizations need in practice as well as a keynote speaker.
In his various roles with three large corporations as District Sales Manager, Director of Product Development, Director of Product Marketing, Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Business Development, Roger developed the qualities and skills of effective leadership through trial and error. He conducts over 100 workshops and presentations each year, and has helped thousands of business professionals to become more effective leaders. Energizes Your PowerNow Executive-level Leadership Secrets Are YoursLearn the Success Strategies of Legendary Leaders!

Facilities for skiing are available in communities all around the state, making it an easily accessible winter activity.
Fast paced and hands-on, this two-day course covers a wide range of wilderness medicine topics for people who travel and work in the outdoors.
This course then provides delegates with a toolkit to increase their leadership skills back in the workplace.
Willard will provide individual coaching for students who are in the midst of a campaign or just thinking about starting one. By the end of the conference, students will be able to create a strong network between themselves, university units, and RSO’s and help further their mission for bringing sustainable change to the world on different levels.
Every year committed leaders and activists suffer and drop out of our community because they have burnt out. If you want effective leadership training, make sure you're getting it from an effective leader. The implicit theme of his workshops is the leader's ability to create value in all aspects of life. Contact us for online videos, and more information about how Buford Fuddwhacker can beef up the humor in your leadership workshop, business meeting or conference. When it comes to providing leadership skills development and training programs, you would be well advised to blend together active components of proven educational pracitces of leading, listening and learning. This not only enhances your time outdoors, but also builds the strength of your outdoor community. Program leaders who are well prepared can foster a love of skiing and a love for the outdoors in participants, ensuring life-long participation in this long-standing Maine tradition.
People naturally follow effective leaders because they sense that value and are drawn to it.
The Healthy Hometown's Adventure Initiative Program is dedicated to providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor program leaders to learn and develop their skills. This year's Healthy Hometowns workshop will provide ski leaders with an on-snow opportunity to gain knowledge and confidence in a variety of leadership aspects including skill instruction, games, activities, safety, group management, and more. The day will also feature a catered lunch, allowing more time for networking during the mid-day break. When Roger Reece Seminars was founded in 1998, Buford became the unofficial Vice President of Humor.

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