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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Always be recruiting; In addition to past success, adaptability and intellectual curiosity are two keys traits. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I also feel that a leader must listen to their team members and find ways to motivate through vision and strategic direction.  A leader needs to lead by example and enable team members to unleash their talents for use towards the goal. I believe this makes any leader effective because family is the most important thing in the world, if you do not have your family you may feel alone.
Firstlywill be an analysis of what key attributes are needed to be an inclusive leader, withexamples from sporting and non – sporting leaders. Leadership involvesinfluencing others, self confidence assures the leader that they are doing the correct task oractivity, to best further the experiences of their group.Inclusive LeaderThere is a well known leader that are going to be discussed, Nelson Mandela. I could improve to develop theserelationships and make new relationships with members of the group that I have a weakrelationship with. To be a leader you must feel like you have the backing of the most important people in your life, which should be your family. Next will be a discussion on how I canlead in a more inclusive way by using key points that have emerged from part one. Finallywill be a conclusion that will sum up my findings and results.Attributes of an Inclusive LeaderInclusive Leadership is socially responsible leadership, inclusive of many diverse peopleunited by the search to define and act on good common goals.
If your family believes in you then it makes you more motivated to achieve your goals because you don’t want to let them down.
I have many strong relationships with my group and I feel that I can approach allof them about any situation.My self confidence is of a reasonable level, but I am always conscious to whether I havemissed out a piece of key information when explaining a task or making a decision.

This allows participants to focus on theircommon goal, rather than what makes them different from each other.(Northouse, 2010) talks about there being 5 key traits to make an Inclusive leader. To improve this I believe I needto do more research into the field I will be operating in and to stick by my decision once thatI have made it. Theseare: Intelligence Determination Integrity Sociability Self- ConfidenceIntelligence is an essential trait to inclusive leaders as intelligence contributes to decisionmaking, problem solving and social understanding.
Mandela Was released from prison in 1990.Later that year black Africans were allowed to vote and Mandela was voted as president ofSouth Africa. Although saying that there shouldn’t betoo much of a gap of intelligence between the leader and the group else it could have acounterproductive impact on the leadership.Determination consists of initiative, persistence and drive. He had many plans for equality, but white South Africans believed that he wasgoing to turn the tides the other way and give “blacks” all the authority. Meaning that the leader will bemore proactive, more perseverance will be shown when overcoming an obstacle and allowsfor dominance when the followers need to be directed.Integrity involves being trustworthy and honest.
He managed to join the “blacks”and “whites” of South Africa to make them a Nation by using a major sporting event, theRugby World Cup 1995 in South Africa by working alongside then South African CaptainFrancois Pienaar, a white South African. They are loyal and dependable which reassures the group andmakes them able to rely and be open with the leader.Sociability skills are very key for an inclusive leader as it shows they are friendly, outgoingand sensitive. I have experience in manydifferent sporting situations, giving me the advantage of being able to understand what thegroup could be going through. Although I could use more of a democratic leadership style tomake less important decisions, so that participants will feel more involved and a part of thesession, rather than just listening to my orders.
To be an effective leader you must have a strong friendship with the other members of the group. This also gives them a chance to be creativeand think for themselves.My determination could be vastly improved.

I do have the initiative to be able to beproactive, but I believe that my persistence and drive need to improve.
Once the group feels like you are on the same level as them they ill then become your friends.
At the momentbecause I don’t have the require persistence and drive, I am able to overcome everyobstacles and situation that is thrown at me. This means that the group that I am leadingaren’t able to experience every situation properly.
Also a low level of drive can causeparticipants to have a delayed response when receiving orders, making the leader less incontrol and authoritive. To improve my drive and persistence I am going to try to relate myleadership to a personal aspect to bring more passion out of me, so that I am moreconcerned about the success of the session. I am a very honest person with trustworthy traits, allowingpeople to have confidence in me, that I will get the best out of everyone. Wealth is something that drives an effective leader to do their best because they want the best financial gain at the end of it all.
There may be rough patches along the way but I believe a true leader shows integrity and lifts themselves and their team to new heights.

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