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Perhaps it’s leading a business, or a charity group, or leading the organisation of an event. You can do this by ensuring what you say and what you do demonstrates passion, professionalism, courage and respect for others, so that your people are inspired to believe in your values and want to model and emulate you. When a problem does occur as it will in an endeavour, a true leader will never dwell on the problem and move straight into finding a solution. The way you can do this is to have an attitude that welcomes problems, expect them to happen and switch your mind to problem solving, so that you’re constantly looking for answers.
Being able to pass over leadership to members of your team and your partners when it is appropriate to do so is an important quality of a decent leader. You can get better at this through spending time with your people, finding out what they enjoy doing and what activities they are resistant about.
Leadership isn’t a one way thing, where you get people to do for you and you never do anything in return.
You can do this by getting involved in community projects, mentoring people in less fortunate positions and leading free workshops on areas of interest to people in your area.
If you consider yourself to be an unassuming, introverted or reserved person and you have dreams of leading, yet find you’re being held back, you might want to check out my latest eBook entitled ‘Lessons in Unassuming Leadership’. It will teach you how to use your personality characteristics as sources of power to help you lead effectively. Early on in my life I have experienced extreme amounts of fear and anxiety because of difficulties due to stammering. It is now my passion to help you overcome your own difficulties, and assist you in living the life you want and deserve. How To Overcome Job Interview Anxiety, How To Cold Call With Confidence and Say No To Exam Stress. I’m so glad you liked the post and that you could resonate with the point about solution oriented.
Other people will be worrying a lot about the problem, whereas the leader quickly steps above the problem. Indeed, I agree that all good leaders need to possess a sense of purpose and have something they truly believe in, very strongly. I loved the point you made about the big difference between leading and dictating through a position of authority. Though I believe you can make yourself a leader by doing and following the right things, I also think that some people are born leaders as some of the leadership qualities come pre-installed in them. As can try to become successful by copying the habits of successful people, so can you try to be a leader as well. Leaders have to be a role model, keep their cool and composure, be a good communicator, and of course, be a performer.
There are so many qualities a leader should possess and I’ll leave those to the rest of the commentators. I’m really glad you liked the post and I agree that some people do come with leadership qualities that are innate with them. Absolutely, two other qualities which good leaders display are being disciplined and having strong perseverance with whatever they are doing.
What you wrote in your comment is a very powerful process of what leaders do with such qualities. Thanks very much for adding your great insights and experience to the discussion here, Jon.
It’s really good to see you and thanks for sharing your experiences of watching your father lead.
What you wrote in your comment about encouraging leadership qualities in your team without feeling threatened is so true. One key point which really helps in making a true leader is, leader always practices which he preaches, this quality sets them apart from others.I look on to the leaders with this quality at the forefront.
The other very important point is integrity which really is the most talked about when corporate governance is an issue, we all know what happened with Satyam with Raju at the helm of the affairs. Just like you, I also belong to the school of thought that leaders are made, especially as I had to develop leadership qualities in my own life and continue to do so.
I could really resonate with what you said about leaders being able to see “all sides to the equation”.
I can really appreciate what you said about all of usbeing able to be leaders in different aspects of our lives. Thank you for your kind wishes about my book and for leaving your brilliant comment, Galen!
Hiten – I like leaders who are collaborative and community-oriented or team-oriented. Usually group wisdom will lead to the solutions you speak about in a quicker way because everyone will have a good idea.

I also love those leaders who will admit they don’t know everything and often end up using the ideas of their followers to do something, rather than their own.
Many thanks for your words of congratulations on the book, and for your words of encouragement, too!
I loved what you wrote about personal growth and how it is essential to becoming a better person.
Thanks so much for your comment and it is great to learn from a dedicated leadership expert as yourself. Yet, when you look at these characteristics, anyone can possess them, from the barista at your local coffee shop to the gas station attendant where you fill up your car.  Your mother-in-law might even have these traits, but it doesn’t make her a great leader. Perhaps another way to discern the leadership qualities of great leaders is to look at what makes employees dislike their jobs. When you look at the top reasons that people don’t like their jobs, they typically describe management problems rather than job characteristics. This means that great leadership qualities really are management techniques that can be learned. While some people may implement these techniques more naturally than others, Magnovo has built leadership training to develop specific leadership qualities that are based on behaviors: listening and observing, communication style, and presence.
Magnovo Training Group offers many options through our professional development services to discover and develop effective leadership styles.
Rob has been a speaker and trainer for over 20 years specializing in public speaking, personality profiles, sales training, management, and team building. Literature review has shed a light upon essential qualities for individuals holding leadership positions in organisations. Communication skills are also crucially important to be possessed by organisational leaders (Gallos, 2008, Bertocci and Bertocci, 2009).
According to Stanfield (2009) and Bertocci and Bertocci (2009) decisiveness marks important trait for organisational leaders.
Moreover, a high level of dedication to work is perceived to be highly important leadership skills by Shriberg (2010). Are you a manager of other people in your workplace?  If so, a recent survey of CEOs by IBM will be of interest to you. In an overall finding, the CEOs said that complexity is the top challenge facing managers and companies today. Marlin experts dig deep to identify topics that are relevant to your workers’ lives at home and at work, and then pair them with the important answers to workplace issues you want them to retain. You will also need to share your vision with other people including your followers, your employees, team and partners in such a way that they are inspired to become a part of what you are doing. You can also determine their level of confidence by observing their reactions to your requests.
By being committed to your cause, your followers will also see your commitment and you will gain trust from them. If you want to be a leader that really makes a change, you need to make a real difference in the lives of others. You can purchase the book from the Amazon Kindle Store and is also available as a PDF download.
As you quite rightly said, whatever this may be, it needs to be something, which the leader will fight for; it would be that important.
Those who do the latter usually do so to feed their egos, yet miss out on so many of the essential skills and behaviours of a proper leader.
Thank you for reminding me about leadership–the busy-ness of the week swallowed up those ideals. This is very true and probably related to having a strong commitment to self-development and personal growth. There are some qualities that all leaders have like being disciplined, having confidence and perseverance. The behaviours, skills and attitudes such people demonstrate represent excellent cases, which can be modelled. The leaders of tomorrow will look at those of today for advice on how they too can lead successfully. I can really appreciate what you wrote about being able to convert qualities into actions and results being full of purpose. My father was in the Army and I’ve watched him lead his men by example and with a lot of tact. I usually will stick to the school of thought which states that leaders are made, because there are certain personality traits which have to polished, those traits if not adequately polished can result in the leaders becoming managers.
As you quite rightly said, certain traits need to be polished, which help in the transition to a leader.
The more people we have stating this and living it too, the more hope it will give to those who perhaps still do not feel confident enough that they can lead.

I would consider myself anunassuming, introverted or reserved person with dreams of leading.
I loved what you wrote about a good leader being someone who remains positive and includes everyone in the group. Leaders have to be willing to let go so that the people they’re leading actually have the opportunity to get stuck in. I think being able to do this is what differentiates those leaders who are truly happy more often than those who need to be in control, in order to be happy. I’m not a fan of dictatorial leaders lol but do like leaders who listen to what everyone has to say and then makes decision based on that collective wisdom. Since everyone can influence those around us it’s important to be growing and developing in our leadership skills. Your comment is so encouraging for all those people who want to lead, especially for those who might doubt they can.
The majority of the problems employees have with their jobs can be reduced down to management behaviors.
We offer workshops that promote and strengthen executive presence, master presentation skills, manage change effectively, resolve conflicts, provide effective feedback and strengthen decision-making skills. As a former corporate executive, he brings a solid blend of theory and practice to help people connect and communicate. Having a clear vision and the ability of articulating it in an efficient manner appears as one of the most important leadership skills in the majority of sources addressed during the preliminary literature review. Gallos (2008) explains the importance of communication skills for organisational leaders by referring to the fact that leaders need to communicate with different organisational stakeholders in a daily basis, and each category of these stakeholders pursue varying aims and objectives.
When discussing this specific leadership trait Stanfield (2009) refers to The Great Man leadership theory, and argues that individuals born with leadership skills are tend to be more decisive than individuals who have acquired their leadership skills on the course of their lives. To justify his stand Shriberg (2010) mentions the case studies of successful organisational leaders such as Apple’s late Steve Jobs and former CEO of General Electric Jack Welch, where high level of dedication to the company and employees have enabled organisational leaders to achieve unparalleled success.
I entered the self-development field in 2003, and since then have changed myself into a successful individual.
The best leaders I have known have never been selfish and take satisfaction in watching their followers grow and develop. Leaders convert ideas into actionable steps; they convert actionable steps into purpose-filled results. I think these are qualities that I too tried to imbibe and practice when I was in a position of leadership.
I guess it is because they spend so much of their time looking from a ‘systems perspective’. Taking responsibility for ourselves, not blaming others, living our values, being, as Gandhi said, the change we want to see in the world. I’m hoping that it will be a motivational text for other people who are reserved, yet want to lead, but find they are being held back by the way they are. By getting involved in the nitty -gritty things while keeping an overall check on the wider vision, really helps leaders to earn the respect of those around them.
He is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and has served as President and Chairman on several Executive Leadership boards. According to Wart (2008) effective leaders are able to formulate motivating vision and create a situation where the vision is shared by all employees within the organisation. However, Stanfield (2009) does not offer any evidences based on empirical studies to justify this viewpoint.
Knowing how to encourage leadership qualities in your team members without feeling threatened yourself is key to leadership, to my mind. There are clear and distinct differences in qualities between managers and leaders and it can be fascinating to observe this in action. I totally agree that group wisdom is so much more effective than a dictatorial ‘my way is right’ approach.
In addition to being a Certified DiSC Trainer, Rob has logged hundreds of instructional classroom hours. Their ego stays completely out of it and they treat you as a partner and love to see you develop. A leader needs to be positive, include everyone in the group and accept and embrace their differences. Having said this, people can develop beliefs that there is something wrong with them, if they are.
Rob is one of the most requested trainers for repeat business because his engaging style of storytelling and humor captivates an audience and moves them to action.

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