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This workshop has already helped young people develop the key skills they need for success in employment or future education.
This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop and a great addition to any employability or leadership programme. If you would like to book this workshop or have any questions please call 01244 515872 or contact us here. Randall County 4-H Rabbit Project group is hosting the Rabbit Project Kickoff meeting on Sunday, Sept.
Would you like an extra eye to look over your scholarship application?  Would you like for someone to catch a mistake or suggest a better way to present information before it goes to the State level?
Crosby County 4-H is leading a District 2 4-H Community Service Event to donate gift cards to teachers from Post Elementary.
Through an interactive workshop, participants are led through a series of decision making exercises and problem solving tasks that explore leadership techniques.

Students build confidence as they become more comfortable with leading a group through a range of tasks.
GLOBE is a comprehensive two-tier Texas 4-H Youth Development citizenship and leadership program designed to create awareness and understanding of different cultures and the challenges they face. National 4-H Congress is the flagship event of the National 4-H program held annually in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
The school burned yesterday and most of the school supplies for the teachers and students were destroyed. Throughout the process, participants identify and assess their own strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to identify their individual leadership styles. NEETS and hard to reach groups have shown very positive changes after participating in the leadership workshop. 4-H members will be challenged to look at their own communities through the eyes of people experiencing hunger and poverty and take humanitarian action.

Texas 4-H members apply March 1 through April 15 on 4-H Connect and are required to have two reference letters, one of which should be from a County Extension Agent. This is a great event for new people to come and learn and get started right with a rabbit project.
The goal is to provide each teacher with $100 of gift cards so that they can replace some of their items in the classroom. GLOBE is designed for intermediate (grades 6-8) and senior (grades 9-12) 4-H members….

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