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Rooks often find themselves in the thick of the final act, accounting for the lion's share of all chess endgames.
Battle chess is a computer chess program that allows you to play chess using animated characters as pieces.
Latest news, trending topics, and the glimpse of everything that is going on in the world of chess. Want to learn chess?From the very basic till all the advanced techniques, We have everything you need to master chess. Challenge people and start playing chess online with a heck free experience.We even have live tournaments. The Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj is one of the most prestigious centers of learning in the State of Maharashtra. Max Euwe (May 20, 1901 - Nov 26, 1981) was the greatest chess talent ever to come out of the Netherlands.
Euwe quickly became the dominant player in Holland, winning his first Dutch Championship at the age of 20.
Euwe's tournament results continued on the upward curve and by 1932, he and Salo Flohr were now considered as two of the biggest threats to Alekhine. Euwe took joint fourth place at the AVRO Tournament in Holland in 1938, which featured the world's 8 strongest players. Max Euwe only played as an amateur in an environment that was moving inexorably towards professionalism.
This is pure mathematics and systematic, brute force calculations are the order of the day. This is a vast field in itself and a richly rewarding one if you do some study.The Lucena Position and the Philidor Position are your starting points while everything tends to flow from there. The Western historians assert the fact that the origin was in India in the sixth century AD in the form of Chaturanga.
Nothing is as much fun as watching these little bricks come to life and kick the living daylights out of each other. Stucked up somewhere or want to know where to start ?Just talk to our super idols on our forum. It has been over 100 years that it has stood the test of time to become legend of unparalleled stature. He earned his doctorate in 1926 and lectured in this field when his studies were completed. Bogoljubov would later face Alekhine for the World Championship in 1929 and 1934, losing both times.He most famous quote was, "When I am White, I win because I am White.
The only other credible challengers were Nimzowitsch, Bogoljubov, Flohr and now this emerging talent from Holland, Max Euwe.
A match between the two was inevitable.Flohr was a formidable Czech Grandmaster who saw his best chess years in the 1930s. Alekhine was fortunate that Euwe would not freeze him out in a similar way that he had avoided the Cuban.Euwe's innate sense of fairness and gentlemanly conduct meant that there was no question of the former champion not getting a rematch. One of the emerging talents, Paul Keres, narrowly beat him in a match the following year on a score of 6-5 with 3 draws.It was a sign of things to come as Euwe was at the beginning of a slide out of the top tier. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest presidents in the organization's history. He kept his day job and did not give chess his full attention in the same way that some of the others did. His own affinity for mathematics colored his views on how chess should be played.He was a disciple of ruthless logic, though not necessarily the KISS method of keeping it simple. You battled for the best squares for your pieces.You fought hard to give them air to breathe so they might threaten the enemy. It tends to be nothing more than a race to promotion.They are surprisingly complex with many of these positions difficult to play even for top masters.
But it's by no means rare to see the queens on the board for the final act.The queen's duties will depend on the other actors and how the position has panned out. You have all sorts of permutations that you could think of involving either one or two bishops or knights for either side.Just think of the complexity that different pawn structure configurations can add to the mix. Usually a few of the foot soldiers would survive the officers in the rough and tumble of a chess game.The main focus here is the ability to handle pieces in the wide open expanse of a chess board completely uninhabited by pawns. Their accuracy during this phase would often be reputed to be close to unerring.Becoming a great endgame player is not down to divine genius. They walk around the board from square to square as you play your moves.But the really fun part is when they capture enemy characters. Well we all need to do it somehow.This is a great medium to get younger kids interested in chess.
This should be used to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you .How can you benefit them? He grew up with chess as an integral part of his life.He was one of the last great chess players of the amateur era.

When I am Black, I win because I am Bogoljubov!" If you're going to be successful, modesty can be an early casualty!The match took place in Holland.
Rubinstein had started to fade at this stage.Alekhine was making it difficult for Capablanca to get a shot. He was a positional chess player of some repute and an excellent endgame player in particular.The match was played in two cities.
Alekhine had just retained his title against Bogoljubov when Euwe and his friend Hans Kmoch were talking one day in 1934.Kmoch urged Euwe to challenge Alekhine for the title. Alekhine may have been a heavy favorite with chess experts but the Dutch people were hoping for a fairy tale result.Alekhine said that he would easily win and there were not many to argue with him. The rematch was scheduled for 1937, again to be played in Holland.Alekhine immediately gave up the alcohol and went back into serious training.
Over the next few years these newcomers like Keres, Botvinnik, Smyslov and Reshevsky were taking over the mantle from the old guard.Euwe was finding it harder and harder to match the new generation. He became known for sticking to his principles, refusing to bend to the whims of vested interests. That he could win the title as a part-timer against full-time opponents only makes you wonder how good he might have been if he gave the game his undivided attention. He was not afraid to wade into sharp complications, his mathematical acumen bestowing him with the deep calculation skills required for such things.He only held the World Championship for two years, losing it to the same man he took it from.
You fight with every fiber of your soul every time you play chess.You stood toe to toe with your opponent and searched for every opportunity to win some material. These endings are packed with themes and concepts for you to master.You've got doubled pawns, isolated pawns, passed pawns, outside pawns, outside passed pawns, deep freezes, foxes in the chicken coup and much more besides. She may be called into defensive duty to hold up the progress of an advanced pawn.She may be in attack as part of a mating net. Whether you are defending or attacking in these positions, your rook will be trying to take command of key ranks or files.One of the keys to playing these positions is getting the more active rook. You need a wide range of techniques and skills for these endings.Learning to handle your bishops and knights with composure and verve can make you a formidable player.
Rooks, bishops and queens have the opportunity to exercise their powers to the fullest extent on open straights and diagonals. Specific themes and techniques that can be learned through study and perfected through play are most in demand. But the counter point is that there is reference about Xiangqi in Chinese literature during 480BC to 221BC.The Western and Indian historians attribute modern chess to Wei-Qui, known as Go in Japan. The rooks are depicted by monsters that roam around the board smashing enemies over the head. My personal favorite is when the King uses his royal staff as a baseball bat and launches a bomb towards the Knight.
The motto of the Samaj reads for the well being and happiness of the masses to kindle the social cause. Soon he was beating both of them.He took part in his first competition at the age of 10 in Amsterdam. He returned to work in Amsterdam later on.Chess would soon play a small part in his professional life. His last hurrah came in the 1948 World Championship when he and the four just mentioned faced off on a league basis for the title left vacant after Alekhine's death. The lack of time and attention he gave to professional chess has resulted in a lack of historical recognition.Euwe's background in mathematics means it's no surprise that he took a level-headed scientific approach to chess. When his nemesis died while still holding the title, Euwe was one of five players to compete in a league format for the vacant title in 1948.
But a lot of people are of the opinion that modern chess shows more resemblance to Xiangqi in nature and playing style.
The role of the knights are played medieval knights that hack their enemies down with a sword.Pawns look like foot soldiers and bishops, queens and kings are like those from the Middle Ages. While they enjoy the battle scenes between the characters, they will hopefully unknown to themselves develop a passion for chess itself.
The expression on the Knight's face is indescribable.Let's move from modern chess history to finish our story with something a little more ancient. If he would have dedicated his life absolutely to chess in the same way as some of his contemporaries, maybe he would have had more than two years as World Champion, following his victory over Alexander Alekhine.
Even though he never put his chess ambition before his career, his results were showing a slow but steady improvement.He had a systematic, methodical approach to chess just as he had to everything else in life.
The Dutchman's next major assignment would be against the former champion Jose Raul Capablanca.
It was very close all the way through, never more than a point between them at any time.It finished all square in the end, 3-3 with 10 draws.
In the end he managed to convince him to go for it.Euwe later said of it, "At that point the decision had in fact been made. In contrast the Maths professor Euwe prepared meticulously and played diligently.It seemed that Alekhine was falling into the same trap of complacency as Capablanca had eight years previously.

Alekhine found another gear as the match progressed and powered away to victory winning 10-4 with 11 draws.
Sometimes you will see a queen vs rook or queen vs two rooks ending.Sometimes a queen will have to slug it out with a number of minor pieces. It is a discipline that can be largely learned and then honed.The chess middlegame is the phase that precedes it.
The earlier games described in Chinese literature looks much closer in nature with the modern version of chess and according to them chess may have originated in China first. Each of the pieces have their own specialized killing animation which plays when they're taking out an enemy.You can also hear court music playing in the background when pieces are moving and capturing. If anything, winning the World Championship as a part-timer against dedicated professionals should make him all the more respected.Euwe was also a prolific chess author, turning out 70 chess books over the years. He also did very well in school and found that he excelled in mathematics in particular.His huge interest in mathematics would complement his love for chess and he would combine both of these talents throughout his life, using each at times as a medium to work with the other.
He showed that the official rules, such as they were then, did not eliminate the possibility of infinite games.He did this using the Thue-Morse sequence which uses a binary code.
After Bogoljubov's second unsuccessful attempt to beat Alekhine, Euwe's challenge was accepted. Although he led 5-2 at one stage Euwe finished strong and beat him 9-8 with 13 draws to take the title.
It was also by far the biggest source of revenue to FIDE and a sizeable contingent of the world's strongest players were Soviets.Euwe was instrumental in paving the way to the Match of the Century between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky when Soviet posturing was threatening the match. Endings such as these are always finely balanced with one powerful figure up against weaker foes who have, however, an advantage in numbers. Flair and finesse play a greater role here but again there are structures and techniques that will form the basis of your game in the second phase. All in all it is a great spin on the game of chess and can get new players interested in the game. Intuitionism declares that a mathematical object only exists if a method to construct it can be given.
Towards the end of the 20s, his match results against other prominent players were beginning to mark him out as a force to be reckoned with.
The Cuban decided one practical thing he could do to build pressure for a rematch would be to beat all of the other contenders.Capa traveled to Amsterdam to face Euwe in a match in 1931. He also made sure Viktor Korchnoi would be able to play Anatoly Karpov in 1978 in the face of vehement Soviet objections following Korchnoi's defection. Some of the historians, including Forbes are of the opinion that a four player version, using a dice was mentioned in the Puranas (3000BC) which is similar to Chaturanga.There have been arguments that Xiangqi is not the origin of chess and it was a just another game with some similarities to chess.
In Euwe's test, the blueprint for a conclusion by force to a chess game could not be constructed.
He lost narrowly, 3-2 with 5 draws, against Alexander Alekhine in Amsterdam, only losing the last game. Euwe was beaten 2-0 with 8 draws by the Human Chess Machine who was still playing great chess. Alekhine accepted the challenge and the match was arranged for the following year in Euwe's home country. He was not however successful in satisfying Fischer's concerns to see the 1975 World Championship showdown against Karpov go ahead. He had great powers of calculations and no fear whatsoever of engaging in complicated tactical exchanges. Reading literally it means The Elephant Game and it has been used as supporting argument for the Indian theory.
His main achievement in this time was to make sure the Match of the Century in 1972 went ahead.
New rules such as the 50 move rule were introduced to rectify the shortcomings uncovered by Euwe's findings. Elephants are the integral part of Indian culture and the lately added bishop in the fifteenth century is still being considered as an elephant in India. That is why historians argue that the origin is beyond any contention.Those who back China say that the modern version contain traces of divination in which pieces representing celestial bodies were moved about the map of the cosmos, divided by the Milky Way.
The Chinese call the Milky Way a river the Xiangqi board has a river running through it.Both arguments carry weight in their own ways and a true verdict has not yet been arrived at. Still we can say that most of the historians had access to Indian and Persian documents and the same cannot be said about the Chinese documents. That is why the argument in favor of India carries a bit more weight than the Chinese argument. More research work needs to be done in the form of analyzing the facts related to the interpretations voiced by China.

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