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The Office of Online Learning is located on the second floor of the Warren Library, Suite 203, in The Center for Teaching Excellence. An online education is asynchronous, which means that it is student-centered and uses online learning to share information outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people. Instructors are present throughout the online experience, but you have to be motivated by yourself to be successful as an online student.
Its mission is to provide the support infrastructure needed to assist and encourage the efficient and effective use of computer-based instructional technology in the curriculum. Whether they chose the path of asynchronous learning (online), or synchronous (brick and mortar), they possess a set of traits that led them to their education platform choice.

So, it would seem to be an online learner you would need to be a self-starter, and unreliant on the more heavily focused peer engagement you would expect on a campus in a physical classroom.
You need to be curious about your subjects, and being a good critical thinker is especially important for your discussion posts. Whether you’re staying at home to raise your family or are a busy professional in a demanding career, you can still complete your education — wherever and whenever you prefer. Time management is key in getting assignments completed on time, and not letting yourself get distracted by your freedom of surroundings.
You’ll benefit from small class sizes so that you’ll receive the support and attention you need to be successful.

There’s nobody there to scold you in person for handing something in late, you’ll need to parent yourself!

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