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Whether you are at school, at university, at work or in business, you simply have to ensure that you learn using the most up to date, proven methods.
You must ensure that you use your whole brain, not only when studying, but in all your tasks. It is a comprehensive MindMapTutor, using Mind Maps and text that is easy to understand and simple to apply, giving you fast results. If you've been looking for advice on how to learn quicker and easier, odds are that you've come across various study methods. Our Learning Management Program has been divided into Ten Modules, forming a holistic program and is now available for the first time in a convenient value for money instant download.
The Learning Management Program's ten modules provide you with such valuable benefits that the application of just one of the principles could save you hundreds of hours a year and make the learning process so much easier and more fun. Each module is introduced with a Mind Map, giving you an instant overview and memory hooks that ensure that you have the best chance of remembering the material possible.
The solution is to provide methods that are simple to use, easy to learn and produces fast results. We believe that goal setting not only allows you to get things done, it is also part of your motivation routine. We give you a step by step method that will allow you to engage your whole brain in the learning process. Your ability to recall the information that you've learned is not only important for exams.
By practising your recall, you prepare yourself for success by ensuring that you can recall the required information wherever and whenever you need to.

You need to maintain your mental, spiritual and physical sides to remain healthy, wealthy and wise! Download our Learning Management Program right now by using our secure PayPal shopping cart. We have bundled our Interactive Mind Map and our popular Ebook into one affordable package! A The Fully Interactive Mind Maps contains all the text and all the Mind Maps in the Ebook, so that you can interactively explore the content in a way that puts YOU at the centre of the learning process. The Interactive Mind Maps consist of 11 Mind Maps, one for the overview, and 10 detailed Mind Maps of the modules. You have full access to the Interactive Mind Map, which has been created in Xmind, Free OpenSource Mind Map Software. So whether you prefer a simple, easy to read Ebook, exploring the topic interactively, or both - the choice is yours. To use the Interactive Mind Map, you simply have to download Xmind, purchase our program as described below and within minutes, you will be on your way to learning faster and more effectively. Click on the outline icon to get an idea of the text contained in the interactive MindMapTutor, play with the different sizes, or click the popout icon to see a full screen view.
We therefore decided to provide this value for money downloadable program covering all the principles of our Learning Management Program in the same easy to read style that you've become used to, but formatted for download, online reading and printing.
Set Your Milestones May 18, 16 05:41 AMUse Mind Maps to set your milestones for the year. Mind Mapping your Roles and Goals May 13, 16 05:46 AMHave different goals for the different roles you have to play in your life.

Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching.
A good study method is important for any learner, whether you are doing formal learning, or simply want to keep up with the information overload in today's information age. The use of Mind Maps ensures that you are using your whole brain in the learning of the material and that you can remember it easier.
You have to learn how to manage the importance and urgency of tasks in order to become more proactive. Combine the logical, creative and artistic sides of your brain to learn faster, with less effort.
You can add your own thoughts, your own notes and even your own graphics to make the Mind Map uniquely yours.
Our Learning Management Program was previously only available via a more expensive online course and via physical classes. The lesson ideas allow them to see the purpose and relevance of learning about time management and modelling different options to help consideration of costs.
The use of easy to read text ensures that you understand it with as little effort as possible.
It is also structured in our unique MindMapTutor format, where each module is introduced with a Mind Map followed by easy to read text.

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