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Get your coaching certification from the most recognized coaching school in the world today.
In just 16 days you will gain a comprehensive set of practical, hands-on skills, and the professional credentials needed to build a thriving coaching business. In Module I you will be given a step-by-step introduction to Erickson’s Solution Focused Approach to coaching. Module II will provide you with an expansive set of tools to delve into your client’s question, “How shall I achieve it?” You will learn specific methods to assist your clients in developing a productive relationship with strategies, planning, execution and time.
The aim of Module III is to raise awareness of how connecting with our deepest values enable us to commit to following through on a project. In order to facilitate ongoing learning and integration of the tools, skills, and processes learned in The Art and Science of Coaching, upon completion of Module IV you will be arranged in to triad groups with your fellow students. The Study of Metaprograms – a must know for coaches, what they are and how to use them. This module is designed to make sure your coaching meets the standards of the ICF and the Erickson Certified Professional Coach designation. Upon successful completion of Module V you will be able to use the title ‘Erickson Certified Professional Coach.’ The next step is to apply directly to the ICF for your Associate Coach Certificate (ACC) or Professional Coach Certificate (PCC).
In this six month online live course Teresia LaRocque gives you a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to make your business goals into your reality. Copyright 2016 © Erickson International, Erickson College, Erickson Coaching International. In addition to receiving your free CD download, you’ll get the Success Report newsletter (a $197 value) and as a bonus: FREE Path2Purpose 6-Week Coaching Course (valued at $597)!
Success is a continual process and it requires you to make continual investments in information and resources to increase your income and status. It is this kind of specific education that saves you time and money so that you can Make more money in the end. Learn and invest in people who have been where you want to go, done what you want to do and are still doing it very well.
I have a client, when he started coaching with me, he had only a business idea and within 1 year had developed two thriving businesses, with several contracts worth over $100,000.
Create a personal growth budget and set your intentions to learn something new every month. Become a Librarian.The world’s best ideas, thoughts and strategies are deposited within the pages of books. Enter your email below to receive your free download of my powerful CD, Ten Millionaire Entrepreneur’s Secrets for Business Success AND the 6-week coaching system Path 2 Purpose.

Our Enrollment Advisors are Professional Coaches and can help you choose the program that will best suit your lifestyle, schedule, and budget.
The Art and Science of Coaching is a revolutionary life and business coach training program designed by Master Trainer and founder of Erickson College Marilyn Atkinson. Our unique Solution Focused Techniques are taught in a supportive and interactive environment that allows you to practice your new skills as you learn them.
You will learn the basics of coach position and will be able to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module.
When we identify and align with our core values we are able to answer the question, “Why is it important for me to be doing this?” In this module we will teach you processes that facilitate values integration and how to handle objections.
Meeting with consistency either in person or via telephones you will complete a minimum of 10 hours of coaching. With successful completion of Module V you will be able to confidently apply directly to the ICF for your ACC or PCC certification. To compliment your coaching skill set you will develop the mindset, habits, and business savvy of a successful entrepreneur. If you’re not investing a portion of your income into a financial education, you are stopping and blocking your own ability to make more money.  Have you ever noticed that wealthy people have one or more libraries in their home?
You can spend one day in a workshop and learn what someone may have take years to develop and perfect.  Now more than ever before smart entrepreneurs are fast-tracking their success by learning wealth building secrets that too others years to discover. If you take a  $697 course where you learn and implement a new idea that generates $20,000 for you, then you’ve had a tremendous return on your investment. Any type of advice that will produce a significant amount of increase for you is worth you investing in. When you come across someone who has achieved success that you desire to have in your life, jump at the opportunity to learn from them. Focus on personal growth, commit to constantly planting seeds of knowledge and wisdom in your life and soon you will manifest your dreams and desires. As a coach to thousands of people, I’ve learned over the years that many people have the desire to succeed, but lack the necessary information. At Erickson we teach you the skills to become an expert coach and a proficient business owner so you can develop your genius and get paid for it too. A brief study of meta-programs will also highlight the differences in our communication styles and reveal methods to communicate more effectively with others. These groups have proven to be highly effective in creating an ongoing space for learning to occur. At the end of six months you will have moved beyond your comfort zone to envision, create, and begin implementing a business plan that is perfectly tailored to your desired outcomes.

After coaching he became focused on his passions and talent and now can leverage his gifts to make a great impact and get handsomely rewarded for it. Learn to rediscover the joy of reading motivational and inspiring information.  Books allow you to follow in the footsteps of giants and live in a world of unlimited possibilities.
Oftentimes when you are learning new information, your mind is flooded with new ideas and things you can implement in your life and business.
Do something about what you’re learning everyday.  Take a point, a plan or and idea and just implement it. At the same time we will move towards completion of the first four training modules, which includes testing of skills and competencies.  In this last phase the topics of all four modules will come together to complete the bigger picture of the integrated Solution Focused Coaching Model.
If you desire to build great wealth, you will invest in a great coach to help you get there. Information changes the seasons of your life, so when you feel it’s time for a new life phase, you must create a flood of new information.
The median annual book consumption for women is 9 books and her median income was $36,931 in 2011.  If you want to get on the other side of median, you must increase your knowledge base.
Write those thoughts in your journal so you can have a catalog of strategies to build from.
One time I implemented a quick money making marketing strategy, which only took a few hours to set up and it generated new profits all and day and night! Take a look at your current library-do you have the information to reference for the next phase of your life?  Make a plan to develop your own personal library of success inspiration. By simply turning off the radio in your car and tuning into an audio book or home study program, you can read a book each week, which is 4 books per month and approximately 50 books in a year.  You are now an expert in your field and can leverage your knowledge with unlimited income!
Several students from my 37 Journaling Secrets Course used this method to expand their business with new products and programs. When you are ready to shift into a new gear, you need to have a positive driving determination for self-improvement and success. Recording your thoughts and developing them is a very important key strategy in personal growth and always leads to more increase!

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