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Por Evangelina Contreras En estos dias en los que los propositos de ano nuevo estan a la orden del dia.
En la medida que tu sepas, ?que es el duelo para ti?, ?como lo identificas?, ?como lo vives?, ?donde lo sientes? Interesante el tema que publicaste que te puedo decir yo sobre ello, mi dolor mas grande fue que la persona que estaba a mi lado ya no estuviera fue dificil al principio hasta el nivel de distraccion ocasionandome un accidente en mi barbilla y fumar como chacuaco en las dos fui a parar al hospital jejeje chistoso ahorita despues de un ano de ello y otro a mediados del ano pasado cuando firme mi separacion definitiva y ser fuerte porque tenia que regresar al trabajo en pleno inicio de una auditoria. Although I had twelve years of Christian schooling (thirteen if you count kindergarten), I did not have a substantial relationship with God. Do You seem to have a pattern of Conflict with Yourself, Someone or Something over and over again? Do You ever run away from things, situations or people that seem to be Blocking You or standing in Your way? Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time! Con lo que has aprendido del tema, con lo que te han dicho tus padres, la sociedad, la religion.

Pero bueno eso fue un capitulo mas de mi vida y actualmente estoy escribiendo mas paginas de mi vida diaria. We prayed before every meal; instead of really asking God to bless my food, I inwardly prayed that my Dad would hurry up so I could dig in!
I thought a lot about food in-between meals too, sneaking it, hiding wrappers and eventually turning to food instead of God for comfort. That is when my relationship with food was replaced with a new, real relationship with God.
There wasn’t a lot of family conversation at our dinner table when we were growing up; I think it ties back to that old adage that children were to be seen and not heard. I really wasn’t aware that this was happening, even when I reached a weight of over 250 pounds. Gradually, as I turned to daily prayer and meditation, I began to see God as a loving entity in my life. As my nephew Scott says, “It is what it is.” What I do about my life today is what really matters.

Sin embargo se sugiere que busques el apoyo de una persona preparada para acompanarte en este periodo, ya que no es facil y es en este momento que estamos vulnerables a otros problemas tales como las adicciones. It could have been with eight of us in a small kitchen, it’d been more like noise than conversation. I nurture that by starting every day out with quiet time where I not only pray, but also sit quietly and try to listen to what God might be saying back to me. Every morning when I start out with quiet time, I ask God to show me how to be of maximum service to Him and to the people around me.
I plan my meals for the day and then I stop thinking about food until it’s time for the next meal. Now that we are all adults, whenever we get together, there is lively conversation at the dinner table!

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