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So, if you are in a rut, have an area of life that needs change or feel as though your direction is faltering, coaching will be a beneficial intervention. When discussing your life ambitions with a Coach, the great thing is that the sessions are completely confidential and non-judgmental. August 15, 2013 by Dave Iuppa 3 Comments The best answer to the question “What degree do you need to become a life coach?” is simple. May 8, 2012 by Jeannine Yoder Leave a Comment You want to know “What degree do you need to become a life coach?”. I was always ambitious, but when I was 21 and stuck in a miserable job, reading Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins changed my life.
A week after completing the book I wrote a chapter and a synopsis for my first novel Career Girls. The question of coaching of course implies that the coach-ee has desire, ambition, and is willing to make an effort; only those types give coaching a chance in the first place. After I fist moved to NY, still traumatized by having to leave Parliament and my constituents and home for my family, I saw a clinical psychologist for my sleep disorder and glumly asked him if he thought I needed therapy. Before our first session I did some homework, filling out a three-page questionnaire probing me to think long and hard about what felt wrong and right in different areas, including my love life, finances, career, personal space, and friendships.
During my second chat with Laurie she had already read my homework so there was no wasting time chatting about my feelings. I’m too pragmatic to happily spend an hour talking about my emotions with a virtual stranger, so I was genuinely thrilled that each coaching session was action-focused, and I left the hour with a set of tasks to do over the following week to help me first work out exactly what my goals should be, and then nail them. For my next homework assignment, I had to write my dream scenario for the three areas in which I scored worst: my love life, finances, and personal space. A coach will empower and motivate, provide that focus you need and help you strive for those elusive life goals. I clarified my aims and strategies to achieve the things we identified as being immediate as opposed to mid to longer term.

Tagged With: Coaching Certification, What Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?What Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?
You must choose your questions wisely and you must prepare yourself to filter through all of the hidden agenda’s, bull crap, fillers and rambling to discover the truth. The difference that it made for me was to take specific actions, instead of having a formless ambition and just wanting a better, more exciting life. I bought a standard reference book for writers on agents and publishers and sent it to the top 13 agents in the book. Others who can afford it book personal coaching sessions, online or in person, or over the phone. However, I got swept up with some pretty grand resolutions this year, and decided I needed to outsource my goal-setting immediately if I was to be a successful adult in 2016. This activity took a solid hour and involved giving each of these areas a rating from one to 10, and if the rating was below seven, I then had to write a heartfelt paragraph about why it wasn’t up to scratch, which was pretty confronting. Instead, she jumped right in and explained that people use various excuses to justify why they don’t have the life they want. This was hard, and involved picturing what I want each area to look like in one year’s time. The first step, purging, involved talking through and writing down all of the reasons why I don’t have my ultimate life when it comes to love, money, and my home. It’s about keeping you on track and getting from A to B as soon as possible.  Through differing exercises, listening and questioning techniques, a Coach will act as a catalyst for change and help you move from where you are now, to where you want to be. Different pressures from family, work, relationships, with finances, weight and fitness issues.
Through the ongoing sessions, the Coach will share in your success, motivate you where you have fears or challenge you where you have stalled.
If you consider the cost of coaching to the benefits derived from your sessions, it’s a no brainer.

Matthew was professional at all times and showed integrity and empathy throughout our sessions. Which is how I found myself chatting with Laurie Gerber, life coach, every Monday for over a month. Laurie explained that this helps clients like me nut out exactly what it is they want to achieve, and to create a vision that they can return to for motivation. We look to assess how to progress these affected areas and empower you to take action and control. And, while I approached my first session with more than a little doubt, it took all of 10 minutes until I was hooked—and six sessions later, I tell everyone who will listen (and some who don’t) why they need to invest in a life coach. A goal has to stretch you enough to challenge you, but not too much so that it sends you into a blind panic. It’s one of the reasons why we coach and for us it is a tremendous privilege being part of your life journey. Those little stepping stones you are walking over are getting you nearer to where you want to be.
Everyone has a level of ambition but it is channelling this in the correct format that will achieve results.
But the simple truth is: if you haven’t really lived, I believe that you can’t make a very good life coach.

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