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New Vibe Training is committed to offering informative, relevant, and motivational books and other products that are intended to enlighten, educate, empower, and inspire you to lead a more productive and enjoyable life, both personally and professionally. Foundations for Coach Leadership is a two-day requisite for the ICF Coach Certification Course provided by New Vibe Training.
Do I have to take the Foundations for Coach Leadership (FFCL) course before I enroll in the ICF Certified Professional Coach Training (CORE) course? Since 2002, Carl Casanova and New Vibe Training in Portland, Oregon have been preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the interpersonal communication skills necessary for success. As an ICF approved Certified Professional Coach Training Program (CORE), New Vibe Training graduates will be eligible to pursue their ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials following completion of our ACSTH program. We tailor our courses to the needs of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders through flexible scheduling and moderate class sizes, which maximize learning. Contact New Vibe Training today for more information about our life coaching courses and more in Portland, Oregon. Kimberley Lachapelle, the founder of MagnifySense® grew up in Kingston, Ontario and moved to Connecticut in 1990. In addition to an extensive background in retail management, talent development, training and human resources, she also has a significant amount of education and experience in life and leadership coaching.
Residing in Connecticut with her husband and seventeen year old son, she challenges herself daily in internal cultivation, outer expression, and physical well-being. For more professional details please visit Kimberley's professional profile on Linked-In. The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) trains and certifies masterful life, business, and corporate coaches. As we go through different stages of life, Valentine’s Day can have so many different connotations.
Whether you participate in Valentine’s Day activities or boycott it altogether, let’s face it, it’s here to stay. Use tomorrow as a starting point and make a special effort to show people that you care about them. Julia H., Portland, OregonI was reminded at how completely vulnerable and broken I was when I first met with you for help. Wellness Coaching Certification, Personal Trainer Certification, Holistic Life Coaching Certification, MMA-CA Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach Certification-Do It!
Become certified in any number of specialties for affordable rates, and start changing lives and the world for better!

Wellness Coaching Certification, Corporate Wellness Coaching, Personal Trainer Certification, Mind-Body Fitness Coaching, Stress Management Coaching,  Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Green Living Coaching, Holistic Life Coaching,  Personal Fitness Chef, MMA-CA Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach Certification, Food Psychology Coach, Fitness Nutrition Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist, Sports Injury Specialist, Sport Yoga Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor, Design Psychology, Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Kids Nutrition Specialist, Spencer Pilates, Sports Hypnosis, Sports Injury Specialist,Core Conditioning Coach, Tactix Method Martial Arts Group Fitness, plus much more!!
Recent CommentsThe Wellness Coach on The Top 3 Stomach Slimming Exercises by The Fat Doc, Dr. Students receive 24 ICF accredited coach specific training hours (ACSTH) which will be applied to the CORE course for a total of 126 hours. Due to course scheduling and timing, it may be in your favor to begin the CORE and take the Foundations for Coach Leadership course sometime during the six months you are in the CORE. Scheduling is usually every couple of months for two full days, Saturday & Suday, 9 am – 6 pm.
We design our life coach training certification programs to cultivate the strengths and goals of our students, while maintaining a balance within their personal and professional lives. Our multi-disciplinary scope uses various fields to strengthen skills in corporate development, family life, anger management, and couples communication. Through the life coaching process, clients receive life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching & job coaching. As much as she loved Ontario, she decided to stay in Connecticut and begin a new life at the age of 23. She has always believed strongly in owning her own development both personally and professionally. Kimberley holds a Master of Management degree from Cambridge College, a professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and with 700+ hours of coaching experience she obtained a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.
She serves on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) where she consistently demonstrates her passion, high standard and integrity for the coaching process, and commitment to the coaching community. Through many forms of healthy living, she recognizes the need for openness and continuous growth as well as the value in new learning opportunities as they are presented. It can be exciting, waiting to see what your significant other has planned for you, or it can be downright depressing if you find yourself single and alone with a bottle of wine and a box of self-bought chocolates. I like to think of it as a reminder to practice and show our love every day, both for ourselves and others.
These will significantly boost your energy and make someone else’s day at the same time. Hold back on giving advice: wait for others to ask you for your advice or opinion rather than giving it freely.
Allow more silent moments: this helps you connect with yourself in a deeper, more meaningful way and will enhance your relationships.

Practice empathy: putting yourself in another’s shoes can help us expand our understanding and suspend judgement. Forgiveness: let go of the perceived wrong others have done to you and most importantly, forgive yourself for not fulfilling whatever expectations you may have set for yourself. She began her career with this firm as a part-time cashier and the result of her belief allowed her to work her way up and hold numerous leadership positions. Kimberley has always had a desire to assist others in defining their success and creating magnificence in both their personal and professional lives.
If you ask me I think kindergartners everywhere have really nailed the holiday: hand-made cut out hearts that they happily hand out to anyone and everyone, with no notion of a deeper meaning. The fact is, each of us is on our own path to greatness and that will look different for everyone. Equipping you to advance your life purpose for decisive change at New Vibe Training.  Our coach training courses are a perfect fit for anyone searching for more out of life both in their careers and relationships. Putting yourself down and criticizing yourself prevents you from living a happy and full life. There’s no need to let Valentine’s Day get you down or let it overrun you with high expectations, instead, I encourage you to use this Valentine’s Day as a springboard for daily acts of kindness, love and appreciation. If you would never fathom saying or doing something to your best friend, your partner, or the stranger next to you in line at the grocery store, don’t say or do it to yourself! I appreciate your own ability to heal and share your life experiences within the depth of the material you are presenting to aid all of us in class. I, as well as the others in the group, were stretched to think out of the box in many areas of our lives. I looked forward to each session.Michelle R., Newberg, OregonI just want you to know how much I appreciate you for all you have done for me!
Tamara has guided me to make decisions based on what I want not what I fear, changing negative thinking to positive. She has taught me how to make plans that are achievable for the future and most importantly how to enjoy and live more in the present moment.

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