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As life coaching continues to receive positive publicity and demonstrates evidence-based results, there are still precautions one must take before diving into this profession. A complication with the coaching industry is that anyone can call themselves a professional life coach. The most time-effective and legitimate avenue when pursing a life coaching career is to become certified by completing a start-to-finish coach-training program recognized by the ICF as Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
The Gardner Institute is proudly recognized by the ICF as an agency for certified training, an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours). The Gardner Institute goes a step beyond the teaching of the fundamentals in coaching outlined by ICF life coaching course guidelines, by offering a unique certification as a Spiritual Life Coach. The Mindset for Success process offers the opportunity to rewire our limiting neural pathways or beliefs, with new, empowering beliefs that we consciously choose to create a reality we have always wanted. When a student completes Spiritual Life Coach Certification at The Gardner Institute, one then has access to the intellectual property to utilize this unprecedented process to create results for their clients and greater success for their overall coaching practice. New Insights Life Coaching 101is an excellent, yet affordable, home study based, foundation course in life coaching.This is a 'must-do' course if you are interested in becoming a practising life coach but feeling in any way unsure about taking the next step, or confused about which route to take to get there! Enrolment in this Introductory Course does not require any pre-qualifications or other prior course completion requirements. As New Insights Life Coaching 101 is a home study course, you have the convenience of being able to start whenever it suits you.
The course is assessed by way of:Mini Assignments to be completed and submitted after Modules One and Two. New Insights.Should you wish to receive official acknowledgement for completing the course you must complete the requirements above within six months of the date on which you register.
In effect this means you will be refunded for half of the Life Coaching 101 course fee if you decide to register for the full programme.What could be fairer than that? This course is designed to prepare you to take the next step towards becoming a life coach a€“ viz. The International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) is designed to give you the tools you need to achieve greater success as a Christian Life Coach. Members at this level include students and retired persons, and those who have a beginning level interest in Christian coaching. These members can include religious leaders including pastors, youth leaders, missionaries, Christian counselors, pastoral counselors, Christian educators, and full-time life coaches.
Members at this level automatically become part of the IBCC referral network and receive benefits from ICCA. The Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC) is affiliated with the over 5,000 member International Christian Coaching Association and the nearly 50,000-member American Association of Christian Counselors.
You can complete your Christian Life Coach training by taking a variety of courses offered at Light University and become eligible to apply for credentialing through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC).

24 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Christian Life Coach credential. 36 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach credential. 60 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach credential.
200 hours of training is required to become eligible to apply for the Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach credential. These techniques could involve psychological counselling, sharing of advice, help in formulating plans, general guidance, or even thought and dream analysis or mind mapping. Steps On How To Become A Life Coach Academic Qualification To Become A Life Coach Life coaching is a recent vocation that is fast gaining in popularity in the field of human growth and development. Fields Where A Life Coach Can Operate The popularity of life coaching has caught on so widely that there are almost no fields left where a Life Coach cannot operate. Maybe we have been craving a better relationship, a more successful career or even just a more fulfilling life overall. Regardless of what pursuits you may be looking to achieve, a life coach can serve you in meeting your aspirations and goals.
A recent Forbes article focusing on trends of 2015 cites that professional coaching is a worthwhile investment for individuals at all levels of an organization and essential to personal growth. Life coaching is still not a regulated profession with many fly-by-night online life coaching certifications. This ensures an attendee will receive comprehensive instruction based around the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and all other credentials deemed necessary to be a qualified life coach. This means after your completion of the life coaching certification program offered by The Gardner Institute, you are then identified by the ICF as a qualified professional in the industry. Students who obtain Spiritual Life Coach Certification by The Gardner Institute will gain access to a thorough curriculum and training that utilizes the Mindset for Success process. The process involves a patented series of self-dialogues that imprint the subconscious mind with new neural pathways, leading a client to a life of fulfillment.
There are many life coaching training programs, however The Gardner Institute is an ICF credentialed school that has combined the laws of neuroscience with Universal Spiritual Principles to create a deep and integrated approach to personal development. You have total flexibility to study the material and complete the exercises in your own time and at your own pace within the six month period allowed.
You will benefit from the insights of skilled professionals who want to see you succeed in making a positive difference in people’s lives. Currently, the BCLC offers four national credentials in Christian Coaching: Board Certified Christian Life Coach (BCCLC), Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach (BCACLC), Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach (BCMCLC), and Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (BCPCLC). Once additional Life Coaching courses are completed and available later this year, a Master Coach credential will require a concentrated sequence of study in at least one topical area. Once additional Life Coaching courses are completed and available later this year, a Professional Coach credential will require a concentrated sequence of study in at least two different topical areas.

Taking inspiration from the fields of psychology, sociology and human behaviour, a system of interventional counselling and coaching has emerged which assists people to identify personal goals and thereafter guide them towards the achievement of those goals through the use of various techniques. One could attend regular classes to obtain such a diploma or certification or enrol in online courses. Since a life coach assists a person towards personal development and consequently is involved in personal goal setting and achievement of those goals through various interventions, the application of such acumen can be applied to any field in life. This process was formulated using the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience to facilitate profound transformation for its participants. A client will not only achieve the surface of their goals, but also gain a sense of profound purpose and contentment that is found only when we tap into our highest consciousness or spiritual self. By spending just a few hours per week reading the material and completing the exercises you should easily be able to complete the course within a period of three weeks to three months.
The mission of the BCLC is to serve life coaches throughout the world in taking positive and tangible steps to develop the emerging profession of Christian coaching.
Life coaching is more or less akin to psychotherapy and can be applied to every sphere of life. Many Life Coach training institutes have come up in developed as well as in developing countries. Several books are also available for those interested in broadening their knowledge base in this field, besides a host of audio CDs. If a person takes the time to do even 10 minutes of research, they will immediately recognize that a candidate pursuing a career in coaching of any kind should first be trained by a coaching institute that has been recognized and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) - the leading international coaching organization and professional association for coaches. Their vision includes creating and maintaining a viable and comprehensive Christian Care Network as a resource for hurting people and those looking for support and direction. A person involved in the above practice of helping individuals in identifying their life’s personal goals and providing guidance and motivational direction to assist them towards realization of those goals, would be recognised as a Life Coach.
Requisites For A Life Coach A Life Coach works towards helping an individual attain their full personal potential.
This requires the person to possess a personality that is warm and charismatic and able to reach out to people and gain their confidence. These limiting neural pathways are inevitable and exist in everyone as they are wired into our brains through the exposure to various external factors that influence our beliefs, from our families to society. If they consider themselves inclined towards life coaching as a profession, it is then necessary to select the specific field in which they wish to specialize. Once that is decided, the next step would be to acquire the necessary certification or diploma by enrolling in classes for a life coaching course or study online.

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