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I offer one-on-one coaching and group programs for clients who are serious about changing or upgrading their life, while developing the skills and motivation to maintain that change. I believe that each and every one of us has the potential and personal resources necessary to be, do and have what we truly desire in life.
Agent of Change Life Coaching Melbourne and NLP Melbourne is down-to-earth, specialised, honest, empowering, fun and tailored to your needs. Contact me now and learn how you can start living the life you desire, deserve and are truly capable of. Why not have a 10 Minute Chat with Heath Myers Agent of Change and see if and how he can assist you. Upgrade your mindset and move forward fast with effective transformational coaching techniques.
Motivational education programs, courses and events that inspire growth and personal awakening. Imagine you could afford the best life coach to work with your child and could watch them flourish and thrive as they uncover their individual gifts and talents. What value would you place on your child’s ability to transform stress and fear of failure into success, insight and achievement? Subscribe for Weekly Parent Coach TipsSubscribe below to receive FREE weekly coaching tips to use with your child. For the Parents…LifeDirection provides ILS Coach Seminars, Life Coaching and ILS Coach Training for parents seeking to create their own life fulfillment and who wish to inspire their children to do the same.

For the Kids…We facilitate Inner Life Skills™ workshops around South Africa to support children in becoming empowered, self motivated and inspired toward revealing their hidden gifts and brilliance!
I will be presenting the first part of my Tough Conversations seminars this Sunday at 10 am in the Central Florida Area. We are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that counseling produces greater results when founded  upon and directed by the Word of God. Christians who want to earn a Christian Counseling Degree and License, to enter the field of counseling as a profession.
Christians who are called to empower and  lead others in meeting their goals through Life Coaching. Pastors who want to learn how to counsel members of their church and their community and be connected to others who are doing the same.
Christians who want a tool with effectiveness to use in Christ Centered consulting in the area of life they know most about (e.g.
In His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a non-profit, professional organization that trains, licenses, and awards degrees for Christian counselors, and trains Life Coaches. In His Image: Institute of Counseling and Training is a Certified Academic Institution of the National Christian Counselors Association.
The picture below was taken at the Goddess Within You Workshops - series of  4 transformational Life Coaching workshops for women I organized in Vancouver in January 2010. Power thoughtsIt’s time to make a new vision of your future and let go of any beliefs and thoughts that do not support it.

Master Cleanse – 10 Power Days of Detoxing, De-cluttering and Re-connecting with the Power Whit-in.
If you want to start engaging with your child in powerful ways that release their potential, improve their self esteem and empower them with solution focussed, problem solving skills, our Weekly Parent Coach Tips are a great way to start. Our purpose is to equip Christians who believe that God has called them into the ministry of counseling, or life coaching. When we don’t, the result is unconscious behavior and actions that misalign and distract us from realising true happiness and success.
Therefore, we equip and provide credentials for those who know God has called them to be a trained Counselor.Our Counselors provide answers, not just insight! Thank you for visiting my site and please check in soon again if you are interested in attending one my workshops. They seek to be led by the Spirit of God, and use practical and spiritual tools to bring freedom, success, and victory to the client.
We are able to empower each client greatly, in life and relationships, with the tools taught at In His Image Institute of Counseling and Training.

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