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Presentation on theme: "Myers’ PSYCHOLOGY (7th Ed) Chapter 4 The Developing Person James A. The Developing Person zFold yesterday’s questionnaire length-wise ? Orient the paper horizontally and on the back top half write down 2-3 adjectives that you think describe each decade of life ? 0-9 years ? 10-19 years ? 20-29 years ? 30-39 years ? 40-49 years ? 50-59 years ? 60-69 years ? 70-79 years ? 80- ? The Developing Person zThen, again, only on the top half, write down what you think is the IDEAL age.
Infancy and Childhood: Physical Development ? Babies only 3 months old can learn that kicking moves a mobile--and can retain that learning for a month (Rovee- Collier, 1989, 1997).

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 ? We have a lot to get through today ? Hard with computers SOOO CLOSE ? All that you’re missing! 18-22 HomeworkClasswork Turn In Text pages 264-307 States of Consciousness Test tomorrow MON. States of Consciousness Test Text pages 135-150: Prenatal Development & Newborn thru Cognitive Development Bring in picture of YOU when you were a baby – be sure your name is on the back of the picture WED. Create lifeline Developmental psych – Introduction Text pages 135-150: Prenatal Development & Newborn thru Cognitive Development Baby Picture THU.

Video: Life’s Greatest Miracle Text pages 150-158 Cognitive Development thru Social Development Baby Picture FRI.

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