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Packed with everything you need to learn, this is your essential step-by-step guide to passing the Life in the UK Test. Life in the UK Test: Study Guide is the only book you need to study for the Life in the UK Test.
The book also includes free access to computer-based practice tests, allowing you to test yourself online. For cheaper shipping options click on 'Cart' and then choose your country in the shipping calculator. It is a computer-based test of 24 questions covering topics such as British history, traditions, society, government, values and culture.
You need to take the test if you are applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen. It’s very important to make sure when you register for a Life in the UK account that your personal details are right. You can book as many tests as you like, but all tests booked through your account must be for you. There’s an Official Study Guide (which I bought, but hardly used) and Official Practice Questions and Answers book also.
I was given a number and laminated information sheet explaining the test-taking process and that I should turn off my phone and any electronic devices. I went into a small room and was asked by one staff member for my registered form of identification and proof of address. And this is an Australian passport, the identification I used to book the test the second time. When I went to the test centre the first time, an applicant was refused because he didn’t have his printed bank statement (proof of address) stamped by his bank. I was nervous when answering the staff member’s simple questions and when she paused after I answered, I imagined her finding some small mistake and telling me, no this is wrong, you will have to re-apply. You’re not allowed to have a bag, book or study notes next to you when you take the test. Five minutes before the test was to start we were told there would be a practice test we could take, consisting of 4 questions. Instructions for how to answer questions are printed and displayed on the privacy wall of your desk also. We were told that if we needed to go to the toilet or get water, to do so now, as you can’t once the test starts. They logged into the software and once again verified our details from our ID: name, date of birth and something else. I went into the reception, sat down and thought about the possibly incorrect answers I gave to those 4 questions. I was given my printed Pass Notification Letter and told to look after it because they only give you one. Study a lot from the official book, which currently is Life in the United Kingdom – 3rd edition.
For me, taking information in from many sources (books, TV, YouTube, Wikipedia, museums, art galleries) makes the information stick. Writing notes and encoding information in easy to remember acronyms and pictures works for me also.
For example, something you need to know for the test are the names of each patron saint and their special day.
The only countries that celebrate their patron saints with official holidays are Northern Ireland and Scotland. To remember this I encoded the information into an acronym: WNES (order of their calendar day). Another easy to remember date is 1666 the date of the great fire of London (666 being the devil’s number heh). There’s many opportunities to learn about the Middle Ages (also known as medieval period) which lasted from 1066 (The Normal Conquest) up until about 1485. Information about the 400 years when the Romans occupied Britain and built roads, public buildings, created structures of law and introduced new plants and animals.
I visited for a few hours and enjoyed the interiors and paintings from the time of King Henry VII onwards.
Pick up an audio-visual guide (I always enjoy these things, find I leave with much more info than if I didn’t use them). I especially enjoyed seeing the rations people had to live on during WWII, also the massive V2 rocket and Blitz exhibits.
There’s 46 pages of test questions taken from the 3rd edition of the guide for you to take. If the number of pages change, simply change the number 46 above to the new number of pages. I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect when taking your Life in the UK test. Another thing I found useful was reading about other people’s experiences of taking the test.

You can talk to people who are studying for the test, and ask questions you may have about the test or applying for Indefinite Leave, or citizenship. If you study a lot by reading the Official Life in the United Kingdom guide and enter your information correctly when booking, you will pass! Our online video courses and free practice tests help you to prepare for the life in the Uk test in 2014 and gain British citizenship, covering the official government handbook – Life in the UK, A Guide for New Residents, 3rd edition. That said, your description of the procedure is accurate and helpful for anyone nervous about the test. I took the test a few months back and felt that most of the websites for the test are a bit old fashion. Still long way to go to rank in Google though, but you just kick me started :) thanks again. I was not allowed to appear in the life in UK test because town of birth was incorrect, although in the document given to me by the center it says that Country is incorrect but I guess there was no point in arguing. I passed my life in the uk test today :) I will now be applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Before the test, there we 2 people that didn't have the proper documentation and we sent home. Finally, in the last 3 days I took the practice tests which realistically take about 3 mins each and there are about 47 so you can do it over a few hours. I will show her :) if you want to email me and ask me anything let me know or can pass messages on.
If you are taking the Life in the UK test, you must read the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents handbook. It has been 10 years since the test was introduced and despite many negative feedback it has manage to survive with some minor amends ( I said minor but not sure if it can be called minor :-) ).
I am writing to you concerning your blog post about your experience passing the Life in the UK test. Due to these research aims, I am particularly interested in speaking to people who have either taken the test or are preparing to take the test.
In order to use the data for my dissertation I would need to have a chat with you for around 40-45 minutes and record it. If you are taking the Life in the UK test, remember you can study online and read the Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents handbook. I like reading, listening to music, talkback radio, podcasts, eating, traveling, satire and watching movies.
This comprehensive study guide contains everything needed to study for and pass the Life in the UK Test, including - official study materials from the Home Office, handy revision advice, practice test questions and step-by-step guidance through the test and Home Office processes and paperwork.
You won’t be able to take the test if you arrive less than 5 minutes before the start time. They told me where the toilet was and that there was drinking water in the corner of the room.
I think I saw this option and thought it was a stronger form of identification than a passport. If you have a middle name on your passport, enter your middle name when you book your test.
They ask you these questions to verify that you are who you say you are and if you’re careful when booking your test, you will be fine. I sat at my desk and waited as other people who had booked the same session time filled the room.
This would make us familiar with the test software and see how to go to the next question, or jump to previous questions etc.
Two staff members made their way to each test-taker’s computer, opened the test software.
As I was still nervous I made a small mistake in my signature, I put an extra loop in my last name. Think about how you have successfully learnt new information in the past and that’s how you best learn new information. Walking around and looking at art, furniture and architecture made it easier for me to imagine myself in the years of the facts I was learning about. It’s an excellent test site that allows you to bookmark incorrect answers so you can easily track the questions you need to work on. On the other hand, I took a heck of a lot of practice tests ahead of time, just about memorised that little book, and I suspect it helps that I'm a history teacher from a country where English is my first language. The invigilators at my centre were also extremely kind and clearly wanted people to pass (unlike when I took my written driving test!
So I took some time developed it with some new tech and modern favours.I hope you and your reader will love it. Although my friend was allowed to sit in the test (different test center) even though his name was incorrect.
I used powerpoint and googled images of the people, places, logos then overlaid key numbers or dates to it sticks in my memory. I am currently in the process of conducting research for my dissertation, which is an exploration into the relationship between English language and British citizenship.

I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to interview you about your experience? You’ll then have to book and pay for another test so make sure you plan your journey well and give yourself time in case something goes wrong. I was told my bag was too large for a locker, so I was allowed to take it into the test room, but told to put it on a desk far away from my computer.
I didn't know a single date (apart from st patrons) and I managed to pass, so I think the test was easy. I remembered most of the questions then checked afterwards and was sure two were incorrect. I had my Biometric card as my primary and my DVLA licence for my address, I took bills and a bank statement just for backup. Additionally, this Chapter gives an explanation of what ‘Crown Dependencies’ and ‘British overseas territories’ are.The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I jumped to the start and re-read each question carefully making sure my answers were correct. So i hope it is not difficult to understand the rules and also you have described all points clearly. The rest of Ireland is an independent country.The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
As I was allowed 6 incorrect answers, I counted on my fingers how many questions I was unsure about and saw that there were 4 questions I wasn’t certain about. I revisited these 4 questions and found that while I wasn’t sure of the answer, that eliminating any obviously wrong answers left me with two choices. My last name ends in ALD so the loops in the cursive of my signature sometimes varies slightly.
It really takes about 5 mins to answer all 24 questions, then took another 5 mins to check over each question twice before submitting.
I then focused on the two choices and thought about which one made logical sense and if there was anything about the question or answer which made one answer more likely. There are also several British overseas territories in other parts of the world, such as St Helena and the Falkland Islands.
Represented Australia against Britain in 1962 at the SCG setting up a try that won the game. They are also linked to the UK but are not part of it.The UK is governed by the parliament sitting in Westminster.
Toured with ashes winning Kangaroos in 1911 and again toured the UK in 1924.A Courtney Ed (Jnr) * Played from season1924-1927 and again in 1929 playing 25 first grade games. In 1924 played along side his father Tedda Courtney.A Dimond Peter **A  Power house winger who played from season 1958-1967 playing in 4 grand finals.
155 first grade games Peter scored 83 tries 5 goals and 2 field goals.Represented at every level including 7 tests against Great Britain. Later became first grade referee and officiated at international level and in two grand finals.
Great full back and goal kicker who played from 1938-1942 and 1944-1950 playing 120 first grade games kicking 376 goals. Was member of 1948 premiership winning team and was captain of the 1952 premiership winning team.
Representative honours include playing for Queensland and NSW and A 15 tests for Australia. Joint founder of the Pratten Park Magpies .A  Go to Bills interview on this website for a look at his football history from the 50a€™s to the 60a€™s. Represented NSW in 1918 and toured with the Kangaroos in 1919 and 1921 playing in all Tests.
Toured New Zealand with the Australian side in 1971 at the age of 20.A  Played in two World Cup series in 1972 and 1975.
He was appointed coach of NSW State of Origin team in 1997 and 1998 and introduced the now infamous a€?cattle doga€? move. Was selected to play with Westa€™s Tigers and was a member of the winning 2005 premiership team.
Played in the 1948 premiership team and would have been in the 1952 but was selected to tour with the Kangaroos. Also a Tribute to the late Bob Burns (Fishy) Amazing Lost Scrapbooks found Great Rugby League Web Sites.
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