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After becoming the first first lady to hold a postgraduate degree, Clinton achieved another first when she was elected to public office, something no previous first lady had attempted. Bill Clinton campaigned hard on the issue of health care reform prior to his 1992 election and, once in office, appointed his wife chair of the President’s Task Force on National Health Care Reform, referenced in our letter.
Moynihan was experienced in policy studies, having filled the post of assistant secretary of labor under presidents Kennedy and Johnson.
Our letter obliquely refers to the recent death of Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham (1911-1993), a successful Chicago businessman and life-long Republican who suffered a stroke in March 1993 and died three weeks later, on April 7, the day before Clinton wrote our letter.
William Baumol (b.1922) is an influential and highly regarded Princeton professor who has written prolifically on the economics of entrepreneurship, finance, the free market, the art market, the environment, and other topics. Our letter, written less than three weeks after becoming First Lady, obliquely mentions Senate Majority Leader George J. Clinton, a former Arkansas governor, became the youngest president since Kennedy upon his election in 1993. Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act into law with Moynihan’s approval and they also tackled the thorny issue of welfare reforn, a matter of special interest to Moynihan on which he and Clinton came to disagree. Prior to his Congressional career, Moynihan served President Nixon as his counselor on urban affairs. Despite his Democratic affiliations, President Nixon selected Moynihan to be his counselor on urban affairs.
Popular and prolific, Christie authored novels, plays, autobiographical works, short stories, and romances, many of which featured her famous sleuths Hercule Poirot or Miss Jane Marple. On March 2, 1796, five months after Napoleon assumed command of the Army of the Interior, he was promoted to commander of the Army in Italy. Badly outnumbered by his Austrian adversary, Napoleon’s daring maneuvers earned the French victory after victory in northern Italy. The French reached Bologna on June 19, 1796, ejected Papal representatives and established the Bolognese Republic, one of France’s first client states.
On February 1, 1797, three weeks before writing our letter, Josephine arrived in Bologna, where Napoleon had eagerly been awaiting her and where she remained while he campaigned in the south and sent her frequent and passionate love letters. In the face of French advances, Pope Pius VI again appealed for peace, and on February 19, 1797, the Peace of Tolentino ended the invasion of the Papal States. Born into a wealthy family of Spanish aristocrats in Venezuela, Bolivar was orphaned at a young age and raised by family slaves and private tutors, who instilled in him a strong sense of justice and liberty. He was a part of the delegation to Great Britain after the 1810 coup which formed the Supreme Junta of Caracas, and distinguished himself during the ensuing Venezuelan War of Independence.
However, by 1815, Bolivar found himself at odds with the government of Cartagena and sought refuge in Haiti, which provided him with the means to return to Venezuela and, in January 1817, he began the siege of the city of Angostura (renamed Ciudad Bolivar in 1846), located on the shores of the Orinoco River in the Province of Guayana.
Narciso Mendoza may be the Mexican child soldier (1800-1888) famous for heroically fighting the Spanish during the Mexican War of Independence at the age of 12. In 1878, Billy became embroiled in the Lincoln County War, a territorial conflict on the Western frontier. Within hours the local justice, coroner and jury assembled and examined the body and crime scene, attesting to the Kid’s identity.
Very little documentary evidence related to Billy the Kid survives, and the one known photograph of him, a circa 1879 ferrotype, sold in 2011 for $2.3 million dollars. I have granted the retirement repeatedly requested in your letter of the 20th of this month, and you will receive the same shortly from the Privy Chancellor’s Bureau. Rebelling against his despotic father at an early age, Frederick became deeply engrossed in the courtly arts – an interest that his father detested. The 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the war granted the United States, among other things, fishing rights off the Canadian coast.
In early February 1792, Jefferson issued his Report on the American Fisheries, drafted with Alexander Hamilton’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Tench Coxe. In 1917, Virginia Woolf and her husband, political theorist Leonard Woolf, established a book publishing enterprise in their home, Hogarth House.
It was as manager of the Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag, publisher of Freud’s works in Vienna, that Martin Freud became acquainted with the Woolfs.
Though not religious, Freud had a deep knowledge of and interest in biblical stories, which he carefully analyzed in Moses and Monotheism, begun in 1934 and partially published in German in 1937. In addition to his work in the field of psychoanalysis, Martin Freud wrote short stories, an autobiography and a novel, Parole d’Honneur, published in 1939 by Gollancz.
Our sterling silver salver with scalloped rope edge and four ball and claw feet is inscribed with the seal of the Discovery Voyage depicting icebergs and a penguin encircled within a heraldic belt.
The Discovery voyage was thefirst led by Scott and was arranged by the Joint Antarctic Committee composed of members from the Royal Society and the Royal Geographical Society.
In 1861, the Brooklyn Sunday School Union organized the first parade to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of its founding. In 1891, Peary, accompanied by his wife and his team, set off for Greenland to prove by inland exploration that the icy wilderness was in fact an island. Although he did not have a military background, Sickles, a New York congressman, became a prominent officer during the Civil War. Prior to his checkered military career, Sickles’ personal life had been rife with scandal. After the war, Sickles oversaw aspects of Reconstruction and resumed his Congressional career during which he helped preserve the battlefield at Gettysburg. The Sugar Act Legislation was a stop-gap measure enacted in 1960 and 1961 to prohibit sugar imports from Cuba, with whom Eisenhower severed diplomatic relations in January 1961.
Thanks in part to his phonograph recordings, some of the first made by any singer, Caruso is remembered as one of the most talented tenors ever.
Ours is a classic example of Caruso’s caricatures, signed during his tour through Argentina and Brazil which lasted from August through October 1917. The daughter of American reformer, philosopher, educator and transcendentalist Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888) and abolitionist Abigail May, Louisa had an unconventional upbringing.
Bronson suffered a stroke on October 24, 1882 while Louisa was in away from home in Boston. Our poignant letter details the anxious care Louisa administered to her father after his stroke. SANTA ANNA, ANTONIO LOPEZ - Santa Anna in Staten Island, New York, and the development of chewing gum! Santa Anna began his military career fighting for the Spanish Colonial Army against Mexican rebels.
In Staten Island, closely observed by the American government, Santa Anna gathered around him those who he thought could help advance his cause, including R.
His property having been confiscated by Juarez, Santa Anna’s aspirations were hampered by his reduced financial circumstances. Starring in your home town’s highly-anticipated Christmas show, alongside friends from your own theatre group – lots of aspiring young actors can only dream of such an opportunity. Certainly 17-year-old Thomy Lawson, who will play Susan in the Rose Theatre’s seasonal production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, knows what a chance this is. Thomy is just one member of the Rose Youth theatre who will taking to the stage as one of the four Pevensie children. Three groups of Rose Youth Theatre members will take on the leading roles of Edmund, Susan, Peter and Lucy, rotat- ing each night the show is performed. Thomy is part of the “red” team, and will be performing with fellow youth theatre members Gwithian Evans (Edmund), Callum Cronin (Peter) and Katie Ashman (Lucy). Thomy and her team were at last Thursday’s Narnia-inspired Christmas lights switch-on, where they performed the song Aslan’s On The Move from the Theresa Heskins-adapted show.
She says: “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has brought people from both inside and outside the Rose Youth Theatre together to create something special – we have all become a little family.
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In 2001, when Moynihan left his seat in the Senate, Clinton was elected to fill it, after receiving the senator’s endorsement. The administration’s goal was to implement a workable form of universal health care, and on September 22, 1993, President Clinton presented his plan to Congress, mandating employer-provided health insurance. His major contribution to science, however, came with his pioneering television transmission in 1925. His re-election made him the first Democrat since FDR to serve a full second term, and he left office with the highest approval rating of any president in the second half of the 20th century. A former assistant secretary of labor under Kennedy and Johnson and director of the Harvard–MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies, Moynihan was chosen, in part, because of his academic background in social policy. Over the course of his eight years in office, Clinton successfully accomplished these goals, leaving office with a budget surplus, record high employment and stock market gains. He had already started work on key campaign promises including health care reform, which fell under Moynihan’s jurisdiction as newly-elected chairman of the Finance Committee. Our letter is written from her home Winterbrook House, reputedly the model for Miss Marple’s home Danemead in the fictional village of St.
He took his post at a perilous time – the Republic had run out of money and it was especially difficult to find the means to feed, much less pay, the troops. After conquering the region, the army turned south to launch a campaign against the Papal States.

Despite agreeing to the Peace of Bologna on June 23, 1796, the treaty was not ratified by the French Directory or the Vatican and hostilities continued.
With the treaty, the papacy lost Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna, the French occupation of Avignon and the surrounding region was officially recognized, and the pope paid an indemnity of money and artwork.
After attending the Milicias de Veraguas militaryacademy, hewent to Europe to further his education, where he witnessed Napoleon’s coronation in Paris. After the fall of the First Republic of Venezuela in July 1812, Bolivar led the campaign to free the country from Spanish control, enlisting the recently formed United Provinces of New Granada in his so-called Admirable Campaign of 1813, during which time he earned the moniker El Libertador andsuccessfully captured Caracas from the royalists to reestablish the Venezuelan Republic. Like Bolivar, the Sucre family was descended from European aristocracy and eager to fight for the independence of Venezuela and other South American Spanish colonies.
He enjoyed a career in the Mexican Army before his exile to Central America, during which he was presumably recruited to the Venezuelan cause through the Commander of Caicara. Upon his appointment as sheriff in 1880, Pat Garrett made the capture of Billy his top priority in an effort to restore law and order. He corresponded with philosophers including Voltaire who published Frederick’s treatise Antimachiavel.
Parliament responded by passing the four Coercive Acts, nicknamed the Intolerable Acts in the colonies, one of which closed the port of Boston. In 1790, George Washington chose as his second secretary of state Thomas Jefferson, newly returned from revolutionary France where he replaced Benjamin Franklin. Congress began to debate legislation meant to support the now flagging cod fisheries by changing the manner in which salt was taxed, offering a tax break to ships’ captains who shared their profits with their crew.
Martin Freud, It would give us much pleasure if you would dine with us next Thursday, 15th, at 8.
After his immigration to England, Freud was determined to see the work further disseminated. Ferrar”) was born in Ireland, raised in South Africa and educated as a geologist in England. Known as the British National Antarctic Expedition, its achievements included the discovery of the polar plateau and Scott’s ascent, the first ever, in a hot air balloon over Antarctica. While commanding the battleship HMS Emperor of India, he was given our lovely sterling silver platter to honor his marriage to Mary Louisa Blane, a widow and retired actress.
From left: Edward Adrian Wilson, Ernest Henry Shackleton, Albert Armitage, Michael Barne, Dr. Two years later, he sailed on another expedition in an attempt to be the first to reach the North Pole.
He recruited many New York regiments including the Army of the Potomac’s Excelsior Brigade, but his insubordination at the Battle of Gettysburg and the loss of his leg ended his military career. In 1852, against the objections of both their families, he married the teenage Teresa Bagioli of Brooklyn (granddaughter of Lorenzo da Ponte, Mozart’s librettist), who was half his age. He was a noted bibliophile and, despite the scandals associated with his name, Sickles served as minister to Spain from 1869-1874. Simultaneously, he used diplomacy to navigate through the perilous events of world politics and, in so doing, ended the Korean War to oversee an era of peace and prosperity not experienced by Americans since the 1920s.
The International Development Association (IDA) was established in January 1960 as a means of loaning money to developing countries. She spent her childhood living according to the ideals of her father, who has been called the most transcendental of the transcendentalists, even briefly residing in a short-lived Utopian community founded by him.
However, in 1821, he turned against Spain and aligned himself with the cause of Mexican independence. In an attempt to raise funds, he had brought with him to Staten Island a large quantity of chicle hoping it could be used to replace rubber for tires. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. She went on to serve as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, and is currently making her second run for the presidency.
Scottish inventor; produced first televised picture of a moving object in 1926 and in 1928 developed color television.
His demonstration was repeated for the Royal Society the following year and, in 1927, he transmitted the first long-distance television images between London and Glasgow. Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act into law with Moynihan’s approval and they also tackled the thorny issue of welfare reform, a matter of special interest to Moynihan, which he felt was more important than health care reform. Napoleon married Josephine de Beauharnais a week later, on March 9, before departing for Italy on the 11th. Napoleon’s forces retained control of Bologna while defeating the Papal army and advancing south to Rimini, Ancona and Macerata. Nevertheless, one year later, General Berthier invaded the Vatican and kidnapped Pius who died in exile shortly thereafter.
Elegantly matted and framed with a color picture of Josephine, but not examined out of the frame. Although Bolivar and his comrades captured Angostura, he soon realized that the campaign was hampered by a lack of clear leadership and a formal government. Billy was captured by Garrett, put on trial and convicted for murder, but was able to escape from the Lincoln County jail in April 1881.
Despite his interest in music, poetry and philosophy, Frederick proved himself to be a skilled strategist upon his ascent to the throne in 1740, successfully concluding the many territorial wars that were fought during his reign.
Rather than quell unrest, the legislation threw the colonies into a full-blown state of rebellion. British novelist and founding member of the Bloomsbury Group, the brilliant social and intellectual circle that flourished from the Edwardian period until after World War II.
Dalloway, andOrlando: A Biography, all notable for the depth of their psychological insight. The Freuds immigrated to England in May, with Martin departing several weeks before his father because he had learned of his imminent arrest by the Nazis. Presented as a wedding gift to Royal Navy officer CHARLES ROYDS (1876-1931), the Discovery’s first lieutenant after whom Cape Royds in Antarctica is named. Mulock had joined the relief vessel Morning that resupplied Scott’s ships in the Antarctic. Prior to joining the Discovery, he had been a member of Carsten Borchgrevink’s Southern Cross expedition (1898-1901). A relatively young and inexperienced member of the voyage, Ferrar met the woman he would marry while the Discovery was docked in New Zealand. After the war, Royds was an instructor at the Admiralty, retiring from the navy as a rear-admiral. Reginald Koettlitz, Reginald Skelton, Robert Falcon Scott, Charles Royds, Louis Bernacchi, Hartley Travers Ferrar, Thomas V.
American admiral and explorer; widely recognized as the first person to reach the North Pole. In the subsequent Congressional hearings on the battle he defended his actions while disparaging those of Major General George G.
While she was pregnant, he openly consorted with a well-known New York prostitute named Fanny White, presented her to Queen Victoria while he impersonated a political rival and brought her into the New York State Assembly chambers, for which he was censured. Despite a heart attack in 1955 and speculation that he would not seek a second term, Eisenhower was easily nominated at the 1956 Republican National Convention and went on to defeat Adlai Stevenson a second time in a landslide victory.
Archivally matted with a colorized profile portrait of Caruso very similar to our caricature. Because his schools failed for being too progressive, Louisa May helped meet family expenses by writing magazine articles, gothic romances and stories for children. For driving the Spanish out of Veracruz, the new Mexican president Agustín de Iturbide promoted him to general. Crawford was in the midst of passing himself off as a millionaire when he met the financially strapped Santa Anna in New York. Instead, his secretary, Thomas Adams, after noticing that Santa Anna would occasionally chew the substance, conducted a series experiments with the chicle that lead to the development of chewing gum. The plan met with severe criticism from conservative think tanks and political leaders alike, but the Clintons’ Democratic allies were also divided on the issue.
In 1928, he again made history by transmitting the first televised images broadcast in color. In 1994, he declined President Clinton’s nomination to the Supreme Court so that he could continue working on health care legislation. Despite their differences, Clinton bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on the senator in 2000.
Winterbrook is located in the Berkshire village of Wallingford, likely the inspiration for the town of Market Basing, which is featured in numerous Christie stories.
After executing a powerful political rival and pressuring others to bow to his authority, Bolivar set about formalizing his government, declaring Angostura the provisional capital, and establishing a high court, governing council and council of state.
A bounty was placed on his head and three months later Garrett tracked Billy to the house of a friend in Fort Sumner, where he laid in wait and during the night of July 14, shot and killed the outlaw. In December 1774, the First Continental Congress enacted a trade boycott on British goods, and parliament fired back with the Restraining Acts passed in February 1775, which specifically barred New England ships from entering North Atlantic fisheries, significantly curtailing the region’s most lucrative industry.
It was also the first time in American history that national leaders, the leaders of a major industry, and ordinary working people debated the shape of American business and how government should seek to encourage economic development.

Sigmund Freud’s relationship with the Hogarth Press began in 1924 when it became the official English publisher of the International Psychoanalytic Library. After they arrived in London, Leonard and Virginia Woolf were among their callers, and her diary mentions lunching with father and son in July. His first polar journey was with Carsten Borchgrevink’s Southern Cross expedition (1898-1901), along with Hodgson (above). Despite the longstanding friendship between Scott and Skelton, he was passed over as second-in-command on Scott’s fatal 1910 Terra Nova expedition. His expedition duties included making geological surveys, classifying what became known as the Ferrar or Beacon sandstone layer and discovering the first Antarctic fossils.
That expedition, which commenced in 1910, developed into a race against the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen to become the first to reach the South Pole. Thereafter, he enjoyed a second career as deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for which he received a knighthood. With each attempt he became more determined, enlisting the aid of the Peary Arctic Society [and] of congressmen,” (Great Explorers, Owen). Our meeting was held just one month after the U-2 incident, which seriously strained American-Soviet relations. Anderson, whose name is listed next to this agenda item, was instrumental in urging other countries to consider joining the program. In addition to being a prolific doodler, Eisenhower, like Churchill, was an amateur artist who found time to paint during his presidency, often giving the works to friends. Her reputation was made, however, with the novel Little Women and a series of subsequent related books including Little Men. Santa Anna later turned on Iturbide and was involved in several coups culminating in his election as president in 1833.
Thomas to the United States with the intent of receiving American aid in his latest attempt to regain control of Mexico, then ruled by the French proxy, Emperor Maximilian. In fact, Moynihan, then chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and a supporter of some form of universal health care, damaged the Clinton plan by stating that there was no health care crisis. A hallmark of his long and impressive senatorial career was his ongoing interest in American poverty and the problem of welfare dependency.
Baird International Television Limited was formed in 1928 to explore the commercial applications of his innovations, and, beginning in 1929, the BBC transmitted television programming using one of Baird’s systems. Although Moynihan and the Clinton White House did not always see eye-to-eye, upon leaving his seat in the Senate in 2001, Moynihan endorsed former First Lady Hillary Clinton who was elected to fill it.
Behind his military achievements was Frederick’s expansion of military spending by which he made Prussia into one of the most powerful European nations. In the American Revolutionary War, “fishermen and fish merchants played key roles in winning the war. By December, she was working with Martin on the publication of Freud’s Moses and Monotheism. Mulock served as a surveyor and cartographer during the mission, publishing his results as Survey Work of the National Antarctic, 1901–04, for which he was awarded the Polar Medal. In recognition of this, he received the Murchison award from the R[oyal] G[eographical] S[ociety].
In 1903, he was elected president of the American Geographical Society and that autumn he garnered the unexpected support of both the secretary of the navy and President Theodore Roosevelt.
Other government officials slated to speak at the meeting included Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Arthur S.
However, the oppressive measures he enacted against the vanquished led to riots in several states. Baird’s commercial endeavor was hindered by the total loss of his Crystal Palace laboratory in 1936, and, by 1937, the BBC switched its transmissions to the competing Marconi system. In addition to his military and political successes, Frederick improved industry, infrastructure and implemented agricultural, educational, judicial, and prison reforms, substantially improving the quality of life for many Prussians. Merchants converted trade routes into military supply lines and transformed their fishing vessels into warships. He had a distinguished career in both World War I and II, during which time he was held captive by the Japanese.
Armitage was the oldest man in the expedition, and his years of Arctic service gave him more such experience than anyone else on the Discovery except Koettlitz… The contrasts between Armitage and Scott were noteworthy. Scott’s expedition ended tragically when he and four companions perished on their return march from the South Pole after failing to reach a supply depot.
The doctors gave her no hope for improvement, and the idea of a prolonged convalescence seemed dreary and miserable… But Bronson had more strength than she thought. Santa Anna ruthlessly put down most of the rebellions, but in April 1836, Texan forces captured Santa Anna after winning the Battle of San Jacinto and persuaded him to sign a treaty providing for Texan independence. Nonetheless, Baird continued to make important innovations in television broadcasting up until his death.
Fishermen armed and manned the first American navy, served in the first coast guard units, manned privateers, and fought on land.
Bernacchi explored regions of Africa and South America, wrote several books on the Antarctic, was a member of the Royal Geographic Society, and served in the British and United States military during World War I.
Finally after traveling hundreds of miles across ice in conditions more extreme than any previously encountered, Peary and his team reached the Pole on April 6, 1909. Hoeven, Under Secretary of Agriculture True Morse, Republican Senator and Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Following his return to Mexico by his captors, Santa Anna learned he had been deposed in his absence, and the new Mexican government considered the 1836 treaty invalid. Clay Crawford, Prison Escapee, Union Army Officer, Pretend Millionaire, Phony Physician and the Most Respected Man in Macon, Georgia, Lawson). These multi-faceted efforts helped secure American independence,” (The New England Cod Fishing Industry and Maritime Dimensions of the American Revolution, Magra). Penciled doodles on White House letterhead listing an agenda for a Congressional Leaders Meeting, which Eisenhower has filled with sketches of a wooden table with a large pot on it, paperclip outlines, a large arrow, and an umbrella as well as a few handwritten notes. He spent a year in exile in the United States before returning home in 1838 to lead Mexico’s army against France in the First Franco-Mexican War (at which time he lost a leg, which was buried with full military honors).
Written as president on pale green White House stationery blind-embossed with the presidential seal to former U.S. To Prussian Major FRIEDRICH WILHELM VON HACKE (?-1789), son of Prussian General Hans Christoph Friedrich Graf von Hacke, for whom Berlin’s famous Hackescher Markt is named. On the morning’s agenda were Aid to Education, Sugar Act Extension, International Development Association, Excise taxes - debt limit, and Status reports from the House and Senate. A classic caricature depicting the famed tenor in profile and signed in the lower right corner.
Sometimes in his sleep he would articulate a sentence as if he were giving a conversation,” (Louisa May Alcott, Saxton).
During the post-war turmoil, Santa Anna again became president of Mexico, whose treasury had been depleted in order to fight the French.
Written as president on pale green White House stationery blind embossed with the presidential seal. During this period of convalescence, Louisa, herself ill since an 1863 bout with typhoid pneumonia and mercury poisoning from being treated with calomel, became exhausted while supervising his recovery. By raising taxes, Santa Anna earned the ire of several Mexican states, prompting him to resign his office and flee for his life. Peary’s ties to Brooklyn include his employment at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a civil engineer prior to his career as an explorer, and he was an honorary member of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.
She fired nurse after nurse for drinking too much tea, relaxing on the job, having a bad attitude, a cold manner, or a taste for gossip. Additionally signed by West Point graduate, Civil War veteran, bogus millionaire, and inveterate scoundrel R. In 1846, the United States annexed Texas, which Mexico still recognized as part of its territory, precipitating the Mexican-American War at which point Santa Anna was allowed to return from Cuba to lead the fight against America after promising he had no designs on the presidency. Yet, he had already concluded a secret agreement with the United States stipulating that he would sell territory to its northern neighbor if he succeeded in returning to power. Santa Anna reneged on both promises, declaring himself president while unsuccessfully fighting against the American invasion. Despite his gradual improvement, by the spring of 1885, Bronson told Louisa that he was ready to die. When [her mother] Abba had died Louisa had almost given up, but in her devotion to her father she had found the determination to continue. She was left without a conduit into which to pour her dedication, and her existence, built on self-sacrifice, was rendered without meaning,” (Saxton op.

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