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As a leader, you are no doubt barraged by the latest management fads and cutting-edge techniques for achieving results.
Generative Listening – Level 4 listening is quite refined; it is listening as a creative act.
Truly great leaders create inviting and fertile environments where healthy relationships are built, incredible work is accomplished, and organizations are a source of growth and rejuvenation. We hunt for organizations and individuals demonstrating wellbeing leadership, and we share them with you in this leader-to-leader exchange.
By genuinely listening—paying attention, actively perceiving and receiving information, and hearing what’s said, and better yet, what’s unsaid—you can tap into untold wealth and wellbeing in your organization.
While you hear the words of others, you’re primarily interested in what the content means to you personally. Like a laser, you tune in not only to her words, but also her rhythm, pitch, emotion and body language, all of which help you better understand her overall message.
At this level, you become a finely tuned receiver that picks up not only what is, but what wants to be.

They inherently know what journalist Brenda Ueland underscores: “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. Expect to find not only best practices, but also big ideas that will accelerate your ability to lead wellbeing in your life, your teams and organization, and the communities you serve. As you cultivate this skill, you learn to identify the latent potentials in people and engage the best in your team. When we really listen to people there is an alternating current, and this recharges us so that we never get tired of each other.
In Level 3 listening, you bring to play not only your ears, but also your eyes, body, feelings, intuitions and receptive mind.
This wisdom emerges without you forcing it to; in fact, it comes to bear in part because willfulness and ego have temporarily taken a back seat. We are constantly being re-created.” Simply by committing to a deeper kind of listening, you can serve as a generative force in people’s lives and your organization. And you better sense the deeper pulse of your organization, the market and the world at large.

You are open, softly focused, and sensitive to the slightest changes in the conversation, which may give subtle hints as to what to do next.
To operate at Level 4, you fully let go of preconceptions and biases, sit patiently in the “not knowing,” and allow the act of listening to birth something truly original and worthwhile. When it’s time to speak like a mirror you reflect back to the speaker what you understood so that she feels fully heard and valued.
Undoubtedly, listening is as important a talent as strategic planning, managing crises, making decisions, and other leadership prerogatives.

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