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In fact, many people's lives became notably worse after they got super rich, and they managed to lose it all quite quickly. In fact many people's lives became notably worse after they got super rich, and they managed to lose it all quite quickly. When people say they feel like they've won the lottery, they generally mean that they are ecstatically happy.
But this unlucky bunch of lottery winners found that great wealth did not in fact bring them happiness, with many losing it all in a matter of years and others ending up in jail. However, her fortune rapidly dwindled to nothing after the death of her husband Keith (pictured with her) in a car crash in 1965. What's more, he invested in ill-fated family businesses and was $1 million in debt just a year later.3. Unfortunately, made some bad investments and was virtually destitute after just three years.
With the Powerball jackpot soaring to $415 million, it's important to remember that money doesn't solve life's problems.
In fact, many people's lives took a turn for the worse, and they managed to lose all the money.
Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. How often have the words “I wish I could just win the lottery,” rolled off your tongue?
Denise Rossi won $1.3 million in the California lotto, didn't tell her husband, and divorced him just days later. Thomas took Denis to court for not disclosing the money in the divorce papers and the judge awarded Thomas the money in full.
If Denise had disclosed the money during the divorce, she more than likely would have been able to keep all, or at least half of the cash. But when it was time to give the money to the kidnappers to get his son back, the kidnappers never answered. When Joseph looked into their finances, and realised Ibi had burned completely through their savings he snapped.

In the mid-'80s, Adams won the lottery twice; once in 1985 and again in 1986 to defy all odds against her.
Now, Carroll is living off unemployment checks, which give him about $67 (£42) per week. Dampier and his wife won the $20 million prize back in 1996 and used the winnings to help his family out by buying them houses and the like. But in July of 2005, Dampier went to visit his sister-in-law and her boyfriend when she claimed she had car troubles. A Pentecostal preacher working as a stockboy at Home Depot hit the $31 million jackpot back in 1997. Later in life he divorced his wife and eventually committed suicide, the stress apparently too much to handle for this lottery winner.
In 1989, Willie won a $3.1 million jackpot in the Michigan Lottery and was on top of the world. Fast forward to two years later and Hurt was divorced, lost custody of his children, charged with attempted murder, and had one hell of a crack-cocaine addiction. An ex-girlfriend sued him for a share of winnings and won, his brother hired a hit man to try to kill him hoping to inherit some winnings, and other relatives bugged him constantly for money.
Jack Whittaker won the biggest single lottery ticket as of Christmas day in 2002, in West Virginia--a whopping $314.9 million. But then it got ugly, and Whittaker told everyone who wanted money from him 'could kiss off.' His wife and daughter began to resent him, he was drugged had $545,000 stolen from his car in cash while he was at a strip club, then he had another $100,000 in cash stolen from his car, a few weeks later was charged with a DUI. His granddaughter also became resentful and turned into a drug addict, and eventually, she died of a drug overdose. But he later said he wished it had never happened after being sued by a former girlfriend eager to get her hands on the cash and finding out that his own brother hired a hitman to kill him in the hope of inheriting the winnings.
Since then he has appeared in court more than 30 times and has spent time in jail for drug-related offences.
But 11 years later he was more than £2 million in debt, looking for a job and applying for a council house. It wasn't until two years later that Thomas received a letter to his new Los Angeles apartment (accidentally postmarked to him) revealing his ex-wife had won the lottery.

About a month later, his son Graeme went missing and Thorne received a ransom note for the money he had won from the kidnappers. A year-and-a-half later, Pittard was forced to take up a job in a McDonald's flipping burgers. He also started a gourmet popcorn store in Tampa, Florida which performed quite well and provided jobs for his family.
He didn't buy much, a car, a rolex, a house, and he was generous with the rest, helping family and friends. As a result, she quickly found herself in debt and used her future payouts as collateral for a $200,000 loan. At first Whittaker put his money to good use, donating to charities, building churches, and helping out friends and family.
She was able to buy these drugs because of the unlimited amounts of money available, Whittaker said his granddaughter was his world. Ibi was a heavy drinker, and high spender, and their son felt as though his parents didn't really care about eachother. Ibi kept track of all the finances in the home, so Joseph had little idea of how much money they had. And with Atlantic City being located in New Jersey, it wasn't long before Adams had lost all her money.
They were ultimately convicted in 2006 and 2006 and received life sentences for their crimes. He said he found out he won after giving the last $3 he had in his pocket to a homeless man.
Like many others who win the lottery, he was unable to simply say 'NO!' when people asked him for a handout. The loan company filed suit and won judgment for a $154k settlement but they haven't collected anything because Mullins reportedly has no assets.

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