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It is well studied by the scientists that there are more than 107 million eye cells working to create a special color.
According to the geneticists, it is very rare that common eyed parents produce kids with special eye colors because of the eye color genetics. Historical use of natural treatmentsHistorically, people throughout the world have found ways to reduce bed bug populations even before science led the way to modern control techniques.
One very novel idea is still in use by Eastern Europeans and works remarkably well to reduce, although not eliminate, bed bug populations. From squashing the bugs to burning sulphur in ancient times, to applying kerosene on mattresses, people have used many methods to control these pests. There is a string bean plant found in that area which has a coating of hooks on the underside of the leaves. This fact proves the theory presented by some scientists that external objects and light conditions are also responsible to make the eye color.

It is really important to study the history of parents in order to see the eye color combinations. For the sake of this section, we will look at “natural” as meaning derived from nature or has minimal process.
The locals have found that if they collect the leaves and put them on the floor with the underside up inside infested rooms, the bed bugs are snagged on the leaves. These include some natural oils which have some success, soaps which work if applied directly to the bed bugs, and diatomaceous earth, or a natural dust of diatom skeletons from the ocean which cut the cuticle of bed bugs and desiccate the pest. It is believed that blue as well as green eye color appears just because of the level of pigmentation. Some experts believe that eye color genes are present with equal amount but they need special switch to show their effects.
Any items discussed in this section are not the legal definition of “natural” but rather the informal definition of “derived from nature” with minimal processing or refining.

A study by Richardson of USDA in 1942 showed that there was a trap rate of 32% in one night. The study of genetics is giving numerous clues about the coloration in eyes but it is necessary to find the basic information. However, if you have blue eyes then there must a person having blue eyes in your ancestors. Without getting dominant situation, it is impossible for the color genes to give a new shape to your eyes.

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