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A general soccer club is comprised of various departments, which carry on specific job functions in order to ensure the overall development of the club. The general manager is the executive of the football team, overseeing all the major activities of the team. In the college football, the main job role of the head coach is to enhance the overall development of the team. The role of the assistant coaches is also very vital in managing the whole football team efficiently. There are times when I look at the time I have spent playing Football Manager as a series and wonder how I could have used it to enhance my life, to make my friends happier or to contribute significantly to the society I live in. Around May of each year, after hundreds of hours played, I try to convince myself that next year’s version will be just a small upgrade and that I should give it less attention.
But there’s no escaping the behemoth that developer Sports Interactive has created over time and Football Manager 2014 has already crawled under my gaming skin, with more than 100 hours played before it was officially launched. Yes, this year’s version is not a leap in any category, but the studio has found a lot of areas, including crucial ones like tactics and the 3D matches, that could use improvement and it has delivered a complex and complete football experience that will keep true fans occupied in the long term. The level of detail remains as impressive as ever, with no less than 51 nations represented, with 5 lower divisions simulated to make sure that the immersion is as good as possible for the gamer who wants to play more than one season.
Once of the big story-related changes in the current installment of the game is the extra emphasis placed on the various members of the club and how they can interact in order to affect the long-term fortunes of the team. Conversations have been constantly evolving in Football Manager for a few years, but this time around, their impact is pretty huge, especially when it comes to the morale of players and the squad as a whole. Talking to fragile superstars after each match, carefully considering how to respond to a rival coach and trying to discern whether a journalist is honest or lying creates a lot of tension and shifts the focus more towards man management.
The narratives that emerge from Football Manager 2014 are now more complex than ever and its beautiful to see how the various actors evolve over time and create complex ways of interacting with each other. Sports Interactive knows that it no longer needs to tinker with the core formula of the Football Manager series and that means that for this year’s installment, the team has been careful to examine the game and improve the most lackluster areas.
But the studio has introduced one huge set of changes linked to tactics, designed to simplify the overall experience and to give players more options to tweak approach without having to navigate numerous screens.
The system of sideline shouts that were introduced last year has been expanded a little and has taken the place of the sliders and tick boxes that made up the team-focused tactical controls. They all come with clear explanations and gamers can simply visualize how they want their team to play and then implement the appropriate instructions. Of course, a lot depends on the players and their positions, as well as on morale and the opposing team, and the simpler system will probably mean that more experimentation will take place and that gamers will test ideas and systems out. The simplified team tactics are complemented by the fact that there are more options for players and an increase in the number of roles they can try out, which means that the overall level of complexity will not disappoint long-term hardcore fans. Other noticeable changes are linked to the way press conferences work, with more variety and the ability to create long-term feuds with other managers, and morale also seems to be more important for the big teams, which can enter a tailspin if a few defeats are allowed to affect the players. Sports Interactive has also made transfers more realistic, even if the sums asked for some players seem a little too high, and it is easier to see the program of a team at a glance. The FIFA Financial Fair Play regulations are also implemented, which level the playing field and make it impossible for powerhouses like Monaco or Manchester City to simply buy their way to glory.
Football Manager 2014 also changes the dynamics of its virtual matches and there are more mistakes, even from the best players, and changes in tactics seem to have a bigger impact. The Classic Mode has also been improved, diverging even more from the core Football Manager 2014 experience, and it now allows gamers to use a cloud-based save to move the same season from the PC to the Vita version of the title. I always use the 2D mode to play matches in Football Manager 2014 because it speeds up my seasons somewhat even if I use the full game mode, but there are many players who judge a new release in the series based on the quality of the 3D simulation. The quality is improved over last year’s game, but no one should expect anything close to what FIFA offers on the PC. The animations are somewhat awkward at times, as is the buildup for some attacking moves, but the game still does a good job of showing how the tactics a gamer has selected play out. Some of the transparency effects used in the menus system and the pre-match screens are also a little distracting and make it harder than it should be to notice some information. The multiplayer elements of Football Manager 2014 allow a player to add more than one head coach and compete directly with their friends, but the structure of the game means that it requires a well-connected group of players to run multiple seasons. This is still an experience best enjoyed alone, taking in the many ways in which the virtual version of your favorite league diverges from reality.
The tactics-related changes introduced by Football Manager 2014 are truly significant and it will be interesting to see how fans react to them and to the way they change the simulation experience.
I like the fact that I can quickly change the shape of my team if it performs badly, but I know that long-term fans might be disappointed to hear that they have less control than they are used to. Other aspects of the game have received enough changes and improvements to make it feel new and different while remaining entirely familiar.
And, of course, all the transfers and the roster updates of the current season are implemented for all simulated countries, which for many gamers is reason enough to pick up the title. I love the increased variety that I get from Football Manager 2014 and the pressure it puts on those who want to lead big teams to glory and I hope that Sports Interactive will react to fan feedback and deliver patches that tweak aspects of the transfers and the morale systems.

Sports Journalists Cartoons and ComicsSports Journalists cartoon 1 of 7Dislike this cartoon?'I'm proud of the lads. May 18, 2015 by Brian Clapp 8 Comments Beginning your sports career at Football Night in America?
A Political Science major graduates from college and a year later is working as a Production Assistant for Football Night in America on NBC Sports.
Sports production jobs are so competitive every opening is flooded with hundreds of resumes. Connecting is one thing – having the skills necessary to be a real candidate for jobs is yet another. There is much more to this story, including what its really like to work behind the scenes for one of the biggest shows in sports. Goulding:  In my mind, what really sealed the deal was the history of sports enthusiasm in my life. Whether it was reading Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News to going online and inhaling everything ESPN and the rest of the internet had to offer, I couldn’t read up enough on sports.
Studying for exams became multi-tasking between getting actual work done and satisfying my immense appetite for sports.
So, in my mind, constantly writing and researching political history, trends and policy, combined with my immense passion for sports, melded together to create a skill set that fit perfectly into the sports production industry.
I certainly earned it through a strong first interview, and it continued with the impressions and connections I made along the way at NBC. My overwhelming passion and enthusiasm for the job really came out in my first conversation with the person who hired me.
He realized then that I would work my tail off, and that despite my lack of experience or degree in the field, I had more than enough drive to adapt to the chaotic world of research and sports production.
Goulding: The first two years that I worked on Football Night in America, we were at 30 Rock in New York City. My day would start around 9AM, when I would get in and log one of the early morning pre-game shows.
Once the pre-game shows ended, each researcher was assigned a 1 PM game and a 4 PM game, where we would watch and work one-on-one with a producer to create a highlight and script for each game. For example, if Randy Moss scored a touchdown, I would need to find a stat that was important for that play. Once the Sunday Night game starts on our network, most of the research staff stays until at least halftime, checking statistics and records, while also making sure that nothing was wrong for our short highlight segment at the half.
When 12-15 NFL games are going on, news in constantly filtering out, players are getting injured, and you need to be able to sift through what’s essential in order to communicate the most important stories.
On Pro Football Talk our shows are, for the most part, planned out from the night before or that day. You’re pretty early in your sports career, but take a moment to look back – are there certain things you wish you would have done differently and if so what advice would you give to someone close to graduating and entering the workforce?
If I were talking to someone looking to get in sports, whether they’re still in college, just graduating or have just decided to switch careers, the best advice I could give would be to network. Ask questions, make connections, and try to find something that you’re passionate about.
I can’t tell enough people how helpful networking is, and how crucial it was to me being where I am today. It’s incredible how a small grammatical or spelling error can hinder a great email or article. Since making the shift from politics to sports – what would you say are your career goals and how is the experience at NBC Sports helping frame your career ambitions? Aside from writing, which is a passion I’ve had since college, these last few years at NBC Sports have helped guide me, not exactly to a specific position, but to certain areas that I want to pursue. I love research, and using statistics to enhance both my writing and television (in this case, sports) programs.
Recently, Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact.
And if you want to know where our privacy policy is before you submit your comments below, it's right here.
So now it doesn’t matter we work our butts off to gain relevant experience because someone with absolutely no experience can come in and take the job the rest of us are trying to get. The different departments are business administration, media and communications, events, player development, coaching development and game development departments.
The general manager is responsible for negotiating contracts, enrolling and dismissing players and hiring head coach for the team. A head coach tops in the football coaching hierarchy and ranks above the offensive or defensive coordinator.
They are mainly responsible for the composition and the development of the players of the team.

They provide the required assistance to the head coach in major tasks and act as head coaches ion their absesnce. But Goulding felt confident one of the skills he mastered in college could be his ticket in the door.
When we spoke, I think he noticed that aside from my encyclopedic knowledge of football and the NFL, he also saw that it was coming from a deeper place, an excitement for the industry more than that of just a casual fan. Everything that I write and research for the shot sheet is read on air, so attention to detail is essential.
It’s a full day, usually at least 12 hours, but it honestly flies by amid all the action and controlled chaos that goes into producing a show.
Unless a breaking news story comes out minutes before the show starts, we basically know what we’ll be talking about hours before our show airs. We had a school paper and radio and television stations that I never totally immersed myself in. It’s not like you can talk to TOO many people, and each person has a unique perspective and can, intentionally or unintentionally, help you figure out what you really love and want to pursue.
Every day you’re writing emails, memos, proposals, cover letters and 100 other things that require you to be a great writer in order to communicate.
My experiences with NBC Sports have opened my eyes, not just to different jobs, but the tasks of each position and how they’re both similar and different from what I expected.
Finding an important stat, or one that someone else might not have thought of, is a great feeling. Doing something in sports where I have the ability to focus on those two things is essential for me at this point. I think your best course of action would be to do a deep and honest self-audit and see where the gaps are in your skill set.
I, myself wasn’t a sports media major when got my start in the sports production field. The job role of an offensive coordinator is to manage all the offensive players and the assistant coaches. They direct the coaches, who are primarily responsible for defensive positions such as defense line, defensive backs and linebackers. Nothing looks worse than a glaring error on a highlight, an incorrect statistic, or if a play is out of order and read inaccurately. I would advise anyone still in school to try to find clubs and activities outside of their classes that can help build a skill-set that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to attain.
Someone could always help you get your foot in the door somewhere, but you have to actually deliver to be hired and stay in that job or career. But the industry is always evolving, so there’s a sense of excitement about my next job being something I had never even thought of as a career position. I know you don’t want to hear it, but for some reason you are being passed over – figure out why and fix it! I went to school at Northern Arizona University and the school had their own sports production broadcast truck that was responsible for producting the NAU Football, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball games live on FSAZ and FSAZ+.
They direct the assistant coaches, who are responsible for various offensive positions such as an offensive line, slotbacks, wide receivers, quarterbacks and tight ends. The defensive coordinators are required tocall the defence plays and develop the defensive game plans. After a semester there, I worked my way up as the lead Chyron Operator and contiuned in that position for five years. The offensive coordinators design specific offensive plays anddevelop various offensive game plans.
I have a great passion for sports, just like yourself, I research sports religiously in my time.
I was just wondering if there was any advice about finding internships and jobs that would be of use.
I did a little freelancing during my student teaching semester and after a year of full teaching I made the switch to sports production fulltime. In addition, they also perform various administrative tasks such as communicating with the students and parents in case of high school and college football. Now I am one of the XPression Operators at University of Phoenix Stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play.
In this field, I use aspects of my education degree but I wish I had gotten a sports media degree because I don’t know how to edit a video or use certain programs that are needed within this field.

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