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Professional project management of any project is fundamental to ensuring that the end result is exactly how our clients visualised it several months earlier. A good project manager will guarantee that a project finishes on schedule and within budget. We are not claiming that any project will be trouble free.A  Rather, we claim that our professional, fully qualified team will be able to effectively resolve any problems as they arise but proper front end discussions will minimise any eventual problems. Diamond Made is committed to front end planning, assisting each client to develop a vision and strategic direction from the very first meeting.A  Our professional service facilitates effective evaluation, implementation and problem solving. Working in total collaboration with our clients we ensure full achievement of all objectives and maximise return on investment. We treat each project as unique and, specifically, we appoint a dedicated project manager to each client, enabling seamless transition- from concept to fruition.
Our team comprises qualified, experienced, dedicated people who share our passion for what we do.
They are all experienced in feasibility of commercial developments within the hospitality industry, master planning, design co-ordination, authority liason, contract management and administration and, most importantly, cost control.
Operational ineffectiveness is manifested by the inability to generate or satisfy demand, or to properly administer the business. Internal causes of operational problems include ineffective marketing and supply chain management, high costs, overtrading, poor post-acquisitions management, and big projects that went wrong.
External factors affecting the operational fortunes of the business include unfavourable changes in regulatory requirements, and unfavourable legal and political factors. Unfavourable events such as the death or departure of key personnel, strikes, sabotage, fraud, natural disasters, IT disasters, or adverse legal judgments may also lead to an operational crisis.

We analise, plan, implement and embed improvement in clients' value chain and support functions.
Support functions: demand administration - improved procurement, IT, finance, HR, management and administration. Rather than signing in as a guest, we strongly recommending registering for a Disqus profile first!
The Management Consulting Competency Framework defines the competencies and standards for management consultants, and forms the basis of the IMC USA's Certified Management ConsultantA® qualification (CMCA®). List of successfully filled up positions where we have placed many candidates to different organization in Business Consulting, Management & Business Development domain. Experienced HR Consultant having in depth knowledge of IT business & development Strategy. We review the performance through employee referral before submitting such profiles to our client. RCI provides an array of services to organizations and their leaders to create human resource systems that support and reinforce the organization’s quality, performance, and profitability goals. Contact RCI to discuss any of our consulting services or training programs further or to develop a customized training program for you in this practice area.
Jeff currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Greater Madison Area Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. He served for three years as the vice president of Programming and is currently president for the chapter with his service as president ending in July 2015. For Philips Consumer Lifestyle, QVS Consulting is designing and implementing a new forecasting process and model for future Cost of Non Quality under Warranty conditions. The competencies presented herein set forth the knowledge, skills and behaviors required of successful management consultants.

For more about our client’s where we have filled up the positions request you to kindly hover your mouse on slides.
Within Finance this leads to new requirements for forecasting techniques and forecasting reliability related to planning for both Management Accounting and Financial Accounting purposes. A forecasting model, harmonized processes, controls and reports are designed and build for Europe and are planned to be deployed globally. There are three levels of progression: early (technical expert), advanced (expert management consultant and CMCA®), and mastery (CMCA® widely recognized for expertise and actively sought by senior level executives), all underpinned by professional behaviors and ethics. QVS Consulting is in the lead, supported by a Philips team, Infosys team and CQM consultants.
His handouts were extremely helpful and his teaching skills were outstanding!"- Workshop ParticipantRussell Consulting, Inc."The information that you shared has been inspirational and has helped me look at things in a new light. A great program!"- Workshop Participant, Building High Performance TeamsRussell Consulting, Inc."Jeff provides relevant solutions to real world problems.
He also provides a format for you to develop your own personal and organizational action plans.

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