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Great time yesterday at a doggie play date hosted by Laura’s Critter Care and Laura Cagwin Stauffiger at K-9 Kids Club.
We just got home from a weekend trip and used Laura’s Critter Care for the first time. Overwhelmingly pleased with the care, customer service and professionalism provided by Laura. The service provided by Lisa was excellent and the ease of use of your web site and documents made the experience very pleasant. I was a little hesitant about using a pet sitting service at first but I have been using Laura’s Critter Care for almost 2 years. My family and I went on our Florida vacation, I was very skeptical of leaving my fur-kids alone with anyone.
Here I am with our pet sitter Miranda Workman, her fur baby Sherlock, and my wife Lorrie who is holding our black and white cocker, Adele.
But when we moved here from Utah we had no family or friends to take care of our dog Hurley. Thank You for such GREAT service Laura, you and your husband are true angels for so many pets. Lisa’s concern for our satisfaction of the pets needs and the plants she kept alive for us were excellent. I cannot tell you how happy I was to receive, pictures and morning updates every morning of our vacation.

Knowing that Lisa is here overnight to snuggle up with Chessie lets me relax and enjoy myself while I’m away. It is very hard for me to trust someone quickly but with Lauren, the minute I met her in person and spoke with her on the telephone I knew we found the perfect match!
She arrived as scheduled each day and texted me with details of their walk (pick up and drop off time, route taken, any issues that she thought I should be aware of) and a really cute photo of Selena.
Thanks to Laura’s Critter Care, Laura, Miranda and Marilyn for always taking such great care of our fur babies. We have a Rottweiler with Addison’s, who needs multiple medications, and a pug that dislikes everyone! I would confidently recommend Laura’s Critter Care to anyone in need of top notch doggy love and care! We would like to adopt her! Great communication, love the texting and always know when she is coming. We are having such a stressful time and not worrying about the dogs has really helped.
I have full confidence in Laura and Bill to show integrity in caring for my animals and my home should I need to leave the area.
They clearly love the dogs and when we recently had a minor problem with Seamus Lisa acted quickly to contact me and get Seamus to the Vet. It was very reassuring knowing that I had someone reliable to walk Selena and not only that but someone who truly cared about her! She gives me daily updates, photos and responds back right away, even with her busy schedule.

She makes it possible for me to get away and take vacations and puts my mind at ease while away.
My 4 year old daughter missed the pets so much…seeing pictures of them really helped her. For a week straight our dogs looked out the window every morning, as they were awaiting Cindy’s arrival. Laura and Bill have a genuine love for animals too and they are very caring, knowledgeable and protective walkers.
I will also put up on my Pet Alert of WNY Facebook page and hope that you receive more clients! What more could you ask for in your absence, than to have someone come and provide the same love and care you would provide?
But it seems she rose to the challenge!  Having someone here for ALL of our pets was lovely.
Usually we have to bring the dog to the kennel.  She went the extra mile to get the job done. So I thank you Laura for holding high standards for your business and hiring such caring professionals like Deb.

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