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Todos queremos una firma que contenga experiencia, conocimiento de la industria y por supuesto ideas innovadoras. Especial presentado 2 veces a peticion popular por, TeleOnce TV(Canal 11), en Puerto Rico. On land, underground, at sea: wherever there's a need for high quality investigation, we're in our element.
Our aim is for excellence: to be pioneers in the field of Geosciences, leaders in the national market and highly competitive at an international level, to provide high quality services and high value-added solutions, with an effective team of motivated personnel, working together in an atmosphere of honesty and collaboration while maintaining the highest respect, both for human beings and for the environment. Find out about what's going on at Igeotest and in the multi-faceted world of Earth Science.

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The 13th Annual Cash for College: College and Career Convention is recognized as the primary source of college information for local area middle and high school students who want to attend college and pursue high wage careers.
We claim this role based on mutual trust and respect, and on our on-going dialogue with customers at home and abroad. The event features college life seminars, interactive career demonstrations, financial aid presentations, an exhibit hall with college and university representatives from throughout the United States, and scholarship opportunities for participating students. Our experience and our constant endeavour keep us alert to change and enable us to keep learning, day after day.

Because we believe in corporate responsibility and personal commitment, we take an active and socially responsible role in our business dealings and beyond, including our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.
We encourage policies of conciliation, gender equality and on-going training for all our employees, colleagues and partners.

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