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Most explanations of how organizational corruption persists tend to highlight the rationalizations used by actors, which lessens guilt and makes it easier to commit crimes at work. When we started WebStarts back in 2006 there weren’t many website builders out there. Since WebStarts launched one thing that’s always separated us from the competition has been our customer service. Headed toward the future WebStarts has become more than just a a place to create a free website, it’s become your business in the cloud. WORKSHOP FOR A LARGE INTERNATIONAL BANKWe conducted a unique workshop model for a large foreign bank. WORKSHOP FOR A MANUFACTURING GIANT (PUNE)We conducted a day long workshop on the elements of Image Management for a group of enthusiastic professionals. SEMINAR FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS                       Invited to conduct a Seminar on Image Management for school students.
SEMINAR AT A BUSINESS SCHOOL               Invited as a Guest Speaker to address 120 students at a Business School. WORKSHOP CONDUCTED AT AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL                                                                         Workshop on “Managing your Professional Image” for the junior management of an International School. WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN AT YWCA                        The workshop introduced the concept of Image Management for success in professional, social and personal lives.This interactive and participation workshop had a heterogeneous mix of participants from different backgrounds. WORKSHOP FOR A GLOBAL LEADER IN MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENTThe session educated participants on the importance of Image Management for success in professional life.
Whether you call it TQM, Lean or Six Sigma, business process improvement is an essential activity that assures operational efficiency and effectiveness. In order to capture the true, long-term potential of business process improvement, organizations must move beyond a tactical focus. To help your organization build on past successes and make the journey beyond business process improvement, Michigan State University has created the Advanced Business Process Management Series.
More than 15 years after Michael Hammer first promoted the process-centered organization, advances in technology and in the fields of business analysis, enterprise architecture and BPM has made the effective management of business critical cross-functional processes a realistic goal. Business processes are your organization's tactical mechanisms for creating customer value; they should also be unique sources of differentiation that provide a competitive edge.

These seminars are intended for practitioners and leaders who are already familiar with business process improvement or Lean Six Sigma and who are ready for the next level of skills that will deliver superior, enduring business results. Seminars on Total Asset Management (TAM) allow business people to quickly assimilate TAM awareness and to understand the approach to develop Total Asset Management (TAM), all at low cost. We understand that grouping many people together under the umbrella of a seminar reduces awareness and training costs. Group seminars and workshops are offered for small to large groups, and can be delivered either within your organisation, or at an external venue. JAP’s innovative offer “Design your own Total Asset Management (TAM) Seminars, is available for JAP, in collaboration with your people, to design a TAM seminar for your present needs.
Times have changed and now it seems there’s almost as many website builders as there are websites.
We’re the only website builder who puts their 1-800 phone number directly on the top of the homepage. That’s why we provide you the ability to create a fully mobile optimized version of your website. With everything from e-commerce, to email marketing, to tools to help you better manage your customers. The workshops were spread over 2 days along with personal consultation for each participant.The modules on Image Management were specially designed for their female employees. This session included First Impression, Power Dressing, Customer Communication and Customer Relationship.
The participants were from Standard 8th and 9th and were exposed to the concept of Image Management for the first time. The session highlighted the importance of Image Management for a succesful professional life as future business leaders. The session covered important topics like first impressions, appropriate dressing and business etiquette.
However, as Michael Porter famously pointed out, "Operational Effectiveness is not strategy." By itself, it does not assure sustainability, viability or competitive advantage.
Properly align business processes not only execute strategy, they create new opportunities for strategic success.

Such seminars are an ideal precursor for any business before it embarks on TAM development programs.
Total Asset Management (TAM) seminars can be arranged for any topic, within the umbrella of a TAM function. While other companies bury their phone number deep behind a login or worse, don’t provide one at all.
So while other website builders let you choose from one of the same boring designs already being used by so many other people on the web,.
For that reason at WebStarts we’ve always worked to provide the most features and apps.
These powerful features enable people to get out from behind their desks and start living their lives without sacrificing their income. The management wanted each member of the team to create a positive impact at every interaction with internal and external customers.
Recognising a global skills shortage in asset management training, it has been designed to be a total asset management training and consultancy company specialising in growing ‘Total Asset Management Departments and Teams’ within organisations. WebStarts provides you with a unique drag and drop experience where virtually every element of your website is 100% customizable.
Our training programs are designed as step by step guides, each guide delivering a key building block of best international practice in Asset Management. This flexibility let’s you create a truly one of a kind website that reflects the value of your products and services. We term these step by step guides JAP training modules which simplify asset management development.

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