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Alyson Gregoire is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, having received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Hotel and Food Administration. Presently, Alyson is employed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts at the Sheraton Centre Toronto as a Management Trainee in the Rooms Division.
As most graduates know, the transition from student life to the working world can be challenging. TalentEgg connected with four alumni from the Enterprise Management Training program to see how the skills they gained shaped their present careers.
After completing her degree in Business Management, Chantelle Peter started hunting for her first career opportunity. Enterprise’s Management Training program offers employees a comprehensive education on the day-to-day operations of the business. Chantelle’s professional development as a Management Trainee gave her the chance to move up in the company and take on new challenges.
Chantelle and her team in Bolton all work toward a common goal: to deliver top-quality customer service. Chantelle’s participation in Enterprise’s Management Training Program gave her the professional skills she needed to succeed, and made her the leader she is today.
Upon his graduation from Ryerson University, Romesh was faced with the dilemma of deciding his next move. He had already been working for Enterprise part-time as a service agent while he was completing his degree in Business Technology Management.
As a Management Trainee, Romesh learned excellent time management skills to navigate his busy days. Management Trainees receive in-depth instruction, and Romesh spent a lot of time with his Branch Manager and the Assistant Manager. Much like Romesh, Briar wasn’t entirely sure where her degree in Employment Relations from the University of Toronto would take her.
A team player to the core, Briar was a varsity athlete in university and played on the field hockey team for four years.
Briar began her career with Enterprise in 2011, and five years later, she is still with the company. With her willingness to learn new skills, Briar advanced in her career and became an Area Manager. For Hailey, the fairness of the company ensured that all employees could relate to one another, and she experienced a united community amongst her colleagues early on. According to Hailey, the best way to ensure your success in Enterprise’s busy environment is to communicate well.
Like the other Enterprise Management Trainee alumni, Hailey found that the company offered plenty of opportunity for advancement. Enterprise focuses on employee development, and Hailey found a mentor in her Branch Manager, who taught her the details of the business.
Enterprise is the largest car rental company in Canada, with plenty of opportunities for graduates. If you are looking to do something truly interesting with your career and to jump start an international career – this graduate program could be for you. You will be assigned a personal mentor from EF’s top management who will support you throughout the program.
After completing the Global Finance Program, you are guaranteed a challenging position in our global finance organization. EF’s global footprint, entrepreneurial culture and strong business growth—foster a special environment that opens up unparalleled international career paths for young professionals with the right ambitions. We are international. With a global network of offices and schools, EF is able to offer an international career in any part of the world. We are entrepreneurial. EF has grown into the largest international education company by hiring people who are street smart and “can get things done”. To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter and attach your transcript of records.
Early application deadline October 25, 2015 (24:00 CET) for February 2016 intake and later start.

For StudentsKIRCHHOFF Automotive is family-owned company that is determined to provide outstanding opportunities for students enrolled in a college or university. We strive to deliver exceptional learning avenues for students in areas such as Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Logistics and IT.
The program is constructed upon the notion of allowing recent graduates to gain a fundamental insight into the automotive world and grasp an understanding of the various disciplines that contribute towards our success. Her experiences thus far in this program range from front office management, rooms coordination for the Pan Am Games, and most currently as a project manager for the 100 million dollar renovation.
However, the Enterprise Rent-a-Car Management Training Program offers graduates a promising step towards an exciting career. The program encourages employees to learn all aspects of the business, from customer service, sales and marketing, to finance and operations.
As soon as she discovered Enterprise’s Management Training program, she knew it would be a great fit for her.
She notes that she always dreamed of working in a place where she could determine her own path, and that’s what Enterprise provided. Their daily tasks include booking reservations, preparing rental contracts, assisting customers, and generating new business leads.
In her current role as a Branch Manager, she manages her fleet size and mix, as well as four employees, including an intern, a Management Trainee, and two service agents.
He says that like most people after they graduate, the hardest thing for him was deciding what kind of career he wanted.
When one of his managers took the time to discuss the benefits of the Enterprise Management Training Program, it was a pivotal moment in his career. When Romesh began his current position as a Branch Manager in Toronto, ON, he used the training he had learned years before. Upon her acceptance into the Management Training Internship program at Enterprise, Briar realized that the company exposed her to several career opportunities at once. As such, Briar knew she wanted to work for a successful company with a strong sense of identity. The program’s fast-paced curriculum teaches Management Trainees the business at an accelerated pace. At Enterprise, Briar was able to fuse her team-player mentality and leadership skills to develop a community among her employees. Communication, time management, problem-solving, and decision-making are the professional attributes she swears by.
Write them down and check in with yourself to make sure that you’re on track to achieving them.
Upon her graduation, she was working three part-time jobs and searching for one career where she could develop her professional skills. Between customers, colleagues, business partners, and vendors, Management Trainees spend a lot of time interacting with different people and clear, professional communication skills are critical. However, she also knows that all Management Trainees must rely on themselves in order to accomplish their goals at Enterprise. Learn how you can take your career to the next level with this established company by taking a look at their Employer Page!
Each year we accept a handful of exceptionally talented individuals who we train to become our future leaders.
The goal is to quickly give you a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of finance that you will need to accelerate your career. In the beginning you will work with accounting and other core areas that you should learn early in your career. As a member of a selective group of current and former global finance participants you will be invited to international meetings and trainings with senior executives. We believe change is key to business success, personal development, and career progression. We recommend you to send in your application as soon as possible as we are screening applications on a continuous basis. Genom att skapa de basta och mest akta relationerna mellan olika manniskor och organisationer.
Our vision is to provide students with hands-on experience which allows them to apply their newly gained knowledge into their class-room environments.

Successful candidates will work along-side knowledgeable employees gain first-hand experience.
In China we closely work together with the professorship for automotive lightweight construction of the Tongji University in Shanghai. She looks forward to sharing her experiences and vision for the future with regards to trends and opportunities in the hospitality industry.
This in-depth coaching prepares new employees for later career success, as well as opportunity for advancement.
Not only was it a unique opportunity, but it was also a great place for her to develop her skills with the support of her employer. After successfully completing the Management Training program, Chantelle continued her work with Enterprise as a Branch Rental Manager. She says, “A career at Enterprise means you get to learn how to run a business, so you do everything!” This enabled her to pursue her diverse professional interests. The majority of this role is spent learning the fundamentals of sales and customer service. Eventually, she came across an ad for Enterprise’s Management Training Program and applied. Hailey notes that every one of her colleagues was eager to lend a hand and work with her during her time as a Management Trainee. She would go over the game plan for the day, which ensured that the team had specific goals in mind before they opened.
She also lists patience, excellent customer service skills and the ability to multi-task as key skills that graduates will develop in this role. The program is tailor made to give you a broad exposure to many different finance areas and to EF’s senior management team. The scope of employment opportunities include: remunerated internships, co-operative placements and post-graduate work opportunities. Our aim is to ensure that candidates are fully engaged with the organizational goals whilst ensuring adequate professional growth within the organization. In North America we cooperate with the University of Toronto (Ontario), the Queen’s University in Kingston (Ontario) and the Ryerson University in Toronto (Ontario).
Tasks range from managing phone calls, picking up and dropping off customers, negotiating rentals, and visiting accounts. Her routine tasks consisted of answering phones, writing up contracts, doing pick up and drop offs for customers, maintaining vehicles, and marketing to new accounts. To this day, Hailey considers the abilities she learned as a Management Trainee essential to her current role as Branch Manager.
As she is originally from British Columbia, Lauren spends her free time exploring the city of Toronto.
Our 18-month program will place you in three different roles in different countries and business units, with each assignment lasting approximately six months.
That way we especially realized numerous projects successfully with German universities and advanced technical colleges. In Poland we carry out R&D activities with the Wroclaw University of Technology (Politechnika Wroclawska) and with the AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow (Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza Krakow). This influx of new experiences is challenging, but Briar says that new employees are supported during the learning process by upper management and the Enterprise team. One of your placements will be at our headquarters in Lucerne, but you could also be preparing a project presentation (and shopping) in Hong Kong, or finalizing the quarterly closing (and watching the latest NHL game) in Toronto. Being exposed to different countries and business units will enhance your learning, allowing you to assume additional responsibilities and develop a wide range of skills that will prepare you for a future leadership position. Furthermore, we work together with the Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy Gliwice (Instytut Metalurgii Zelaza) and the Institute of Welding Gliwice (Instytut Spawalnictwa).

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