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PeoplePlus Consulting  is a Provider of Specialist Talent Acquisition and an Executive Search consulting firm. PeoplePlus aims to help our clients achieve organizational performance by sourcing the right talents for their businesses. At PeoplePlus, our consultants believe that making the right match requires not just market knowledge but also understanding and knowing client’s Corporate Culture, the Position Specifications, Job Descriptors and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Our Mission: PeoplePlus aims to be a strategic partner in the growth of our Client’s business by providing value-added human resource solutions with a special focus on executive search and recruitment. We are a boutique executive search firm which aims to work as an extension of our clients’ teams and stewards of the search process. In addition to leveraging on a broad network of contacts through the respective industries, PeoplePlus applies a consultative, innovative and creative approach towards the search process in delivering the right candidates. The skills of an excellent individual producer don't automatically transfer into effective management.
Our management training seminars and management coaching programs will provide your managers with the skills they need to make this transition: from great individual producers to truly great managers. Over the course of our careers, we have all had the experience of working for great managers and not-so-great managers alike. Our management training seminars and management coaching programs will equip your managers with the skills and behaviors they need but haven't yet developed.
In our management training seminars we teach managers and supervisors how to effectively resolve conflict. Your managers and supervisors will learn the techniques and master the tools of conflict management through practice. In our management training seminars we teach your managers and supervisors how to develop their personal power through leadership skills and behaviors. Effective managers help employees to think for themselves, and to become problem-solvers rather than complainers or compliant drones.
We train managers in how to build a deep sense of ownership and accountability in their employees. The best managers have great coaching skills, and the performance of their teams are a testimony to those skills. Our management training seminars provide tools and techniques to build effective coaching skills into the daily behavior of your managers and supervisors.
Everyone wants to work for a great manager, and most employees try to escape from the not-so-good managers.
Give your management team the tools, training and coaching they need to become a great management team. Those who want to put up an events management business, events managers and staff, managers or supervisors tasked to organize in-house events, students of related courses, and entrepreneurs.
Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event. Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within 60 days. Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation.
Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID. Hello, would there be a same kind of seminar happening on a weekend anytime from July 2012 onwards? Enter your name & email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We will work with you to design and deliver a management training seminar that fits your organization's culture, work environment and industry. We recommend that you schedule a single seminar first, and, based on your assessment of its success, work with us to develop a schedule for follow-up seminars conducted over the next year. We understand that your managers and supervisors are busy and may not all be available at the same time. Some of the most intelligent and capable people actually shoot themselves in the foot when they get emotionally charged.
Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that every manager needs, consisting of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.
Effective managers are able to recognise when they are having a negative reaction to a situation or to an employee's behavior. Managers who lack self-awareness just react - and in their reacting, they cast blame and create relationship problems through their reactive behavior. Managers who practice self-management are not only aware of their negative reactions, but are able to control their behavior when those reactions come up. Managers who lack self-management tend to act out their negative emotions, creating employee resentment and disengagement. Managers who practice social awareness are able to tune into the moods, attitudes and emotions of others. Managers who practice relationship management solve problems and correct employee behavior, but they always do it in a way that strengthens the relationship. Managers who don't practice relationship management are always focused on the task, and the task at hand is more important to them than building good relationships. Our management training seminars and coaching programs are designed to give your managers and supervisors the skills they need to improve their emotional intelligence EQs and achieve great results from their teams. Our management training seminars are conducted by Roger Reece, a seasoned manager who has trained and coached thousands of other managers over the years.
Even managers who typically hate role-play exercises enjoy participating in the challenging scenarios that Roger stages for them.
We include DISC Behavioral Style Assessments in a great many of our management training seminars. Your managers and supervisors have the job skills they need to manage their teams, but do they have the right people skills? The effectiveness of a manager depends on the skills and behaviors that the manager is using every day. Old habits are hard to break, but if a manager's habits are producing the wrong results, those habits need to be broken.

In our management training seminars, we teach tools to help managers and supervisors break old habits and form new ones in order to achieve the right results. We highly recommend supplementing your management training seminar with a coaching program to help each manager form new habits and implement the management skills that will improve their effectiveness. How employees treat each other and work together - their performance, attitudes, morale, and quality of their relationships and overall work environment - are ecological forces within your organization. Organizations must work to achieve superior performance levels by ensuring that they have the right players on the field, team talent works in sync, and leaders at all levels are coaching to leverage strengths."- Chuck A. We are a solutions provider for Executive staffing, contract professionals and talent management solutions for companies operating in the Asia Pacific market. We are committed to partnering with our clients in ensuring success when we take on the search contract. We believe that an effective search process will lead to strong organization leadership which will have an impact on our client’s organization’s business growth and success as well as the candidate’s career goals and aspirations. We bring to our clients a strong level of focus and a unique level of commitment through our professional and structured search process.
On that basis, we engage our clients in an atmosphere of trust and transparency throughout the search process in identifying and selecting the best fit candidates to fulfil our clients’ manpower needs. What often happens is that these new supervisors become micro-managers, or else they get so involved in their own work that they fail to develop the skills of the people on their teams. But getting it done through others, as a manager, is an entirely different challenge altogether.
If you could improve the people-management skills of your leadership team, what would it mean in terms of productivity, teamwork, motivation, morale, communication and employee engagement? The great ones held people accountable for their performance but treated people with respect. They were smart and very capable - but they often took credit for the work of their people. If employees do what they are told to do, that's good - at least in the short term - but if they don't develop their own sense of accountability and ownership, they will never develop into high-performing team members. Employees who really care tend to take more ownership of their job and of the team's overall mission. In professional sports, a great coach makes the difference between a mediocre team and a winning team. Others may never have developed any coaching skills because they don't really understand what it means to be a coach. Employees love working for them, and will choose to stay even when recruiters offer jobs with higher salaries. But the great managers develop future leaders who go on to manage other departments within your organization. Needing only a small capital, this creative and exciting venture has the potential for unlimited income.
Then kindly fax deposit slip (indicate name of participant and seminar title) to confirm reservation. The seminar is helpful for both those who want to start an events management company, and those who want to manage in-house corporate events. We will work with you in structuring multiple sessions of the right length to accommodate everyone on your management team.
When these people are your managers and employees, the result is employee resentment, disengagement, apathy and turnover. Those managers are able to think through the situation, determine the desired outcome and choose the right course of action. Self-management keeps managers from saying and doing things that diminish trust, respect and leadership.
They are able to sense how to handle a problem so that the employee learns and grows through the experience. These managers may know how to get compliance from employees, but they are not good at developing and coaching them. These managers often fly off the handle and create hostility and dissonance in their relationships. On the other hand, it may be advantageous to hold the sessions in an offsite location, to eliminate interruptions and keep everyone focused on the learning experience. Always practical and realistic, the role-plays give your team the opportunity to use tools and techniques relevant to the challenges of their positions, in order to solve typical on-the-job management problems. DISC is a widely-used model for understanding personality and styles, and it is extremely successful in helping managers to understand their own behavior as well as the behaviors of the people they manage. Our management training seminars will train them in the essential people skills that all managers and supervisors need. If they are to succeed, managers and supervisors need to build new skills and actively practice them - rather then repeat and reinforce old, unconscious habits - every day.
For example, many managers attempting to correct a behavior in an employee will begin the conversation with blaming and accusation. The management tools, techniques and skills we teach in our management training seminars are straightforward and practical - and they work. Please visit the Coaching page of this website for more information about our telephone & Skype and onsite coaching programs for managers and supervisors.
Some managers actually make team ecology worse through their poor management skills and reactive behavior. A sustainable high-performance management culture, in which teams and employees excel in the implementation of business plans, requires excellence in the identification, hiring, development, coaching, training and engagement of Top Talent. Likewise, our Philosophy is that real results in the pursuit of excellence require integrated management development solutions vs. It takes a new skill set to motivate employees, transform negative attitudes, resolve conflicts, challenge and change behaviors, and build a highly-motivated, highly-productive team. Managers and supervisors develop behavioral habits over the years, and some of those habits need to change.
They dealt with behavioral and performance problems directly and fairly, and they called people up to higher levels of productivity and professionalism. Give them the opportunity to learn and practice the skills and behaviors that will build high-performance teams while improving morale and increasing employee loyalty.

Moreover, our coaching programs provide ongoing telephone coaching support for key managers, to give them a resource for effectively handling conflicts, and to guide their continued practice of using the tools and techniques we've provided. Great leaders exhibit the kinds of leadership skills and behaviors that cause people to follow them - not because they have to, but because of their personal power.
The great managers (who are also great leaders) foster trust and respect through everything they do. Employees who are driven toward compliance, on the other hand, only tend to become apathetic.
When problems occur, they ask the hard questions that make employees take an honest look at what could have been done and what they could do in the future. Our management training seminars will transform your managers and supervisors into coaches; and with practice, they will become great coaches. They hire an employee and within months are complaining about that employee's attitude and performance. Great managers often have the pleasure of seeing the people they have hired become their peers, and sometimes even surpass them, in their career development.
This excellent events management course is also highly recommended for those who are tasked by companies to organize their in-house events. Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid. But I already late for October, do you already have a schedule for Events Management Training on Nov? After the call, Roger will provide you with a proposal that meets your budget and your objectives.
They are able to choose the right course of action and then carry it out, achieving the right results.
If you are planning a management meeting or event, we can use that venue for incorporating a management training seminar into your agenda. Roger uses case studies and stories from his years of management experience, and he is an expert at getting everyone in the room engaged and invested in discussions and group exercises. This puts the employee on the defensive at the beginning of the conversation, and often severely impairs the manager's ability to get the employee to see the problem.
In order to replace an old habit with a new habit, managers must be able to recognize the situations that trigger the old habits and focus on changing their response to those situations. If you would like to improve your organizational ecology, the work must start with your management team. We help them to see the effects of their actions and give them the tools for improving team ecology.
We can design a management training seminar for your management team that will improve their behavioral habits and people skills - and the results will go straight to your bottom line. Conflict itself is not a problem - but it can become a huge problem if conflict is avoided. They learn to be motivated by avoiding punishment; and when the boss is not around, they are less compliant as a result.
Great managers get employees to think and act differently because they build new structures into their thinking. If you're really serious about coaching, follow up the management training seminar with a management coaching program, which will provide telephone coaching to your managers.
And loyal employees recruit their friends and business acquaintances, reducing the costs of hiring.
We will discuss your current situation, the skill levels of your managers, and the outcomes you would like to achieve through management training and coaching. The proposal will include recommendations for seminar length, format, class size and a detailed outline and agenda for the seminar. In any case, once you see the value of these seminars we are confident that you will not want to lose momentum in transforming your management team.
The more they practice behavior substitution, the more these new behaviors become habits, resulting in successful outcomes. When every manager and supervisor is working daily to improve team ecology, the effects are felt throughout the organization. Whether engaged in developing managers or providing conference speakers, Excel Group partners with clients in designing and suggesting follow-up solutions to produce superior results and implement superior management training methods. And they developed people who were promoted to higher and more influential positions within the organization. Some were tyrants, and others were manipulated because they wanted to be everyone's friend. We provide managers with effective tools and techniques for confronting issues without being confrontational. The employees of great managers care about the quality of their work, and do it well even when their manager isn't around. They lead employees to change self-limiting beliefs and to accomplish things they never thought they could do. If you do exit interviews with the employees who leave, you will no doubt get an ear-full about the manager's behaviors and people-management skills. Our management training seminars teach the skills and behaviors that every manager needs to attract and retain good (and great) employees.
You can start with something as small as a half-day seminar, and when you see the results, we can grow it into an ongoing management development program. Some were micro-managers, and others were so busy with their own work that they weren't available to coach their team members.
Our management training seminars provide your managers and supervisors with new tools and behaviors for building accountability and ownership.
Visit the coaching page of this website for more information about our management coaching programs. They ask questions, arrive at solutions and negotiate behavioral changes with positive outcomes.

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