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In this post-game video interview, he exuberates the mindset and attitude of SUCCESS, not only in football but more importantly in LIFE. EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIONMost of our clients are scouting continuously for talented individuals. SALARY BENCHMARKINGIf you would like to evaluate your market worth to establish if you are being underpaid, under-utilised or stunting your career development, we can help you assess where you are, where you should be and how to get back on track. WELCOME TO THE AQUARIUS SALARY BENCHMARKINGIf you require financial services industry-specific salary benchmarking information,attach your CV here. And so today, I am super duper moxie ooper excited to present Kelly Marie Alvarez to you, friends. What advice can you give to paper crafters who are interested in incorporating more trends into their projects? My advice would be to stick to what you love regardless of what the trends are because if you love something that makes it trendy to you! In your opinion, what paper crafting techniques are trendy right now and why do you think they are appealing? I would say that coloring with Copics is one of the trendiest things out there, and I love it! Name some doors that have opened to you as a result of being connected to the paper crafting industry and what that has meant to you. Once you spot a trend, do you have a way of filing that idea away for later use that works for you? Do the evolving trends change your paper crafting style, or do you inject the trends into your already established style? I'd like to thank Kelly Marie for taking the time to answer my questions today in celebration of Stamp It! All you need to do is register a comment saying how Kelly Marie has inspired you here today by midnight EDT on Sunday, July 3. I love Lawn Fawn and this conversation with her inspires me try hard to achieve what I want because as she demonstrates that nothing is impossible.Everyones dreams are fullfilled and inspiration is everywhere ! I enjoyed reading Kelly Maries' outlook on trends and I love how she believes that we should stay true to our own style - I see so many styles out there and think that maybe I should try them out but I don't seem to pull them off! Thank you for highlighting Lawn Fawn, a company that I did not know about and its delightful owner. I love her style and I feel inspired to keep it clean and simple and leave the focus on the stamped image.

Kelly Marie is an inspiration in the way she followed her dream to start her own stmap company. It's so great to meet someone who absolutely loves what she does, and to see that she finds so much inspiration all around her!
Kelly inspires me to not be afraid, to be brave, to love and enjoy what I do and everything will fall in place. I always love seeing how creative people's minds work :) Kelly Marie is an inspiration in how to do what you love! He's giving away a life-changing eBook called "101 Powerful Affirmations" which you can Download for FREE Here. Cards a few weeks ago, and since we were due for an Ask Around post 'round abouts this week, I thought, What better way to celebrate stamping than to interview the owner of a trendy stamp company? Back in the day, I knew her as a fun published paper crafter whom I was lucky enough to meet at the Winter 2010 CHA Supershow. I think we all have our own trends that are special to us, and that is definitely important to creativity, as these trends always seem to come out in our work. From magazines to catalogs to web searches, Pinterest, retail stores, and just living and walking around our wonderful world! Check it out – a great use of white space, a rich red, grass green, black and golden yellow would make an awesome card! I love the colors, the whimsy of the umbrella, the fantastic multi-sized stripes, the large messy flower and the deep scalloped collar. The colors, the whimsy, the funky drawings, the fact that everything is a bit off center, I love it all! If you see something that has become trendy in general that speaks to you then find a way to incorporate it into your already existing fabulous style!
I think that it is so appealing because there is something about coloring that brings back that joy from childhood. I love brainstorming stamp set ideas, I love seeing them come to life and testing the stamps for the first time, and I love seeing what everyone creates with the sets.
I’ve always loved making cards, and I didn’t know there was this whole world of crafters out there! And remember, here in the Moxie Fab World, you have to check back on our weekly Winnerday post, always the first post on Tuesdays, to see if you are one of the luckies. I agree that those pictures from Pinterest are very inspiring, just looking at the pictures makes me want to go make something cute and colorful.

I love the simple and sweet style that Kelly has which reflects in the stamp sets as well!I love her promotional videos because they always make me buy every set that lawn fawn releases.It is so much fun to see her featured here and reading about the simple things that inspire her. It's amazing what she has accomplished in such a small amount of time and is fun to be part of it. An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase or even paragraph that you repeat regularly to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe of your intention for it to be the truth. We offer Career-Coaching services to candidates either as stand-alone interventions or as an adjunct to our interview process. Full of life and passion, today Kelly Marie is the proud owner of Lawn Fawn, a most delightful stamp company with cutie designs that are dead on trend. I don’t follow something because it is a trend but more because I like it and it makes me smile! Even a cereal box in a grocery store could inspire one with an awesome color combo or layout! Blogging and being connected to this industry made me so happy and that inspired me to make it my career when I wanted a change in my life. I also occasionally actually pin things I rip out from magazines to the corkboard in Lawn Fawn’s office.
I really need to stop once in a while and really look at ordinary things in a new perspective. I found the online world of crafting three years ago and started Lawn Fawn a year and a half ago.
Another thing appealing about it is that it can be incorporated into so many different styles so it can appeal to everyone! And isn't it great to find out a little bit behind what makes this creative an oh-so-trendy girl tick? Pinterest is wonderful because we are all inspiring each other with what is trendy to each of us, and we can all pick and choose what inspires us.

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