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I’ve heard from first-time brides (at 49+), busy entrepreneurs with 80-hour work weeks, as well as divorcees and widowers who were convinced that the opportunity for true love had long passed them by. Whether these soulmate success stories come from Russia, Ireland, Spain, South Korea, Nova Scotia, Poland, Iran, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Norway, or the good ol’ U.S. These successful individuals did the necessary work—like making soulmate lists and cleaning up emotional baggage that lingered from past relationships, making space for their beloved’s presence in every area of their lives. Occasionally I receive stories from from men and women who do feel defeated, frustrated because they’ve been actively searching for their soulmates without success. MeetMindful has set out to revitalize dating and relationships with an online dating site for like-minded singles supported by fresh, positive love advice, expert courses and more. YOGANONYMOUS is an open platform that allows teachers, studios, event promoters, and bloggers a place to interact with the community at large - we'd love to have you in the crew.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This enlightening guided meditation will help you to physically attract your soul mate to you.
This is a spread that I created earlier this week for a client who wanted to know how to find her soulmate. They carried out manifestation exercises and rituals with an attitude of openness, eagerness and an absence of preconceptions. The common thread goes something like this: “I’ve watched The Secret, I’ve made my list of qualities I want. She has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media.

Or if you are already in a relationship, you'll begin creating a deeper loving soul connection with the person you are currently in partnership with. Even if their hearts were still aching from a past breakup or their present circumstances were less-than ideal, they didn’t allow themselves to fall into the common trap of thinking that they’d already done and tried everything, that nothing new would work for them.

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