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What you currently have and are experiencing in your life is a direct result of the law of attraction.  Just like the law of gravity works whether or not you believe in it, so does the law of attraction. According to the authors and the teachings of Abraham from this book, there are 3 steps to the law of attraction and learning to manifest your desires. Woman, Take Hold of Your Power – 50 Ways Women Give Away Their Power…and How To Get It Back!
Heal and clear the pathways of manifestation as you open yourself up receiving what is most appropriate to you in the now. In Manifest Your Heart’s Desire guided imagery meditation, you will be working with the Lightning Path. The healing provided through the use of the Manifest Your Heart’s Desire guided meditation will clear and balance your energy channels. JumpStart Your Intuition JumpStart Your Intuition with our 50 page free online training course.
In this article I will share with you a step-by-step system I put together for myself several years ago when I made the decision to combine all I had learned about Heart Intelligence, reality manifestation, personal development and spiritual growth, to manifest my heart’s desires. I believe this treasure is who you really are, and who you came here to be in this lifetime. Within your heart there is a treasure, or seed containing the destiny you’re here to manifest.
And, as all journeys, it begins when you make the conscious choice or commitment to follow the call to adventure from within your own heart, and leave the safety and security of your default life.
Manifesting from the Heart, requires that you first become aware of the key 7 principles underpinning this process. You may find that some of these ideas are not new. Now that you understand the seven basic principles governing the process of Manifesting from the Heart, let’s look at the 9 steps involved. Please be aware that, even though I’m listing them in numerical order, in reality, this is not a linear process. Having the necessary mindset for the creation of your vision means that your mind – both conscious and unconscious – must FULLY ACCEPT the new vision. Manifesting from the Heart requires that you also create a strategy or a step-by-step plan of action towards the creation of your vision. What are the action steps, or roadmap I will follow in order manifest your purpose or vision? In order to create this new reality, chances are you’ll need to form new habits or develop new skills that will strengthen the muscles that will ultimately build the vision. Some of these might be inner mental or emotional skills, such as patience, focus, and tenacity or external physical skills such as running, cycling, and swimming if your vision is to take part in your first triathlon. What are the new skills, behaviors, practices or habits that I must develop in order to manifest my vision?
What are the key activities or resources that I will be focusing on during the next 90 days in order to manifest my vision?
The dictionary defines the word intuition as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
What is my heart or inner guiding system(s) telling me about this particular vision, purpose or goal? After your receive any intuitive guidance from your heart it’s VERY important that you take some kind of action.
The final step of the Manifesting from the Heart system is the actual physical manifestation of your vision or goal.

Be sure to create time and space to celebrate your new manifestation, as celebration introduces the vibration and feeling of joy and appreciation, which again expand your capacity to continue to create exponentially.
If you’d like to accelerate or amplify your results, you might want to join some kind of a heart-based group, or circle, so that you may take advantage of the added benefits of what I call, the power of the collective heart or as I like to call it, the ‘Masterheart’. Your Intention is amplified by the group’s focused intention, creating a palpable effect in you and your environment.
Request my FREE webinar and learn how to create a new reality using the intelligence, wisdom, and power of your heart. The Heart Intelligent is our weekly email newsletter and audio podcast to help you follow and stay on The Path of your Heart. Request your FREE access to 2 weeks of Applied Heart Intelligence training that will transform your life!
When I speak with someone who is interested in coaching, I first ask them to tell me about their dreams. The Path to Soulmate Love Course takes the concepts and lessons in the The Path to Soulmate Love by Gabriel Gonsalves and shows you how to implement them in your life in a guided, step-by-step online program.
Rita Louise's medical intuition, psychic clairvoyant readings and spiritual energy healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype. Since then, this has become the basic framework I privately share with my individual coaching clients, and group trainings. This treasure lies dormant within you, already accomplished; only awaiting expression in the physical realm by virtue of your perception of it, the choices you make and the actions you take from a united state of heart and mind. In fact, most of them are part of the wisdom passed to us from ancient traditions, now being corroborated by science. At the subatomic level, all matter is ultimately made up of particles or moving waves of energy moving at high-speed.
Each pulsating wave generated by your heart is at least 1,000 times more powerful energetically than those generated by the brain.
This is one of the reasons the information in the movie The Secret did not work for many people.
As with electricity, in the end it is not necessary that you understand how electricity works in order for you to apply it. What I believe is most important is that you become aware that your heart is way more than just a pump. You can think of your heartset as “the heart of your goal”, or simply, “the goal behind your goal”. Just like your heart pumps your blood, and powers your body, your Hearset is the juice or power behind your vision. In other words, you must believe that what you desire can be achieved and is possible. The reason this is so important is because if you have any opposing thoughts, or competing commitments or beliefs that contradict whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest or create you will not obtain the desired results. Remember the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So, what you want to do here is reverse engineer all the activities, or actions that will lead you in the direction of your vision. When it comes to creating plans, your mind is the king! And, remember that your strategy is simply a map to help you get to where you are going, but that the map is not the territory. Therefore, the ability to focus on your vision is really more about energy management, rather than mental power. In other words, it is a level of understanding or knowing that transcends the mind, and often times comes from the spiritual or unseen. So, to manifest your vision into a physical reality, you must be willing to take some kind of action.

This is the end of your journey towards creating or giving birth to something completely new. It is an expanded, measurable, electro-magnetic field, greater than the sum of the individual hearts, which is created when a group of people make a choice to come together with an open heart, for a common intention or purpose.
Experience the free flow of God’s energy as it opens, clears and heals the pathway of manifestation through your physical and subtle body.
Order your copy of Manifest Your Heart’s Desire and begin living the life you have always dreamed of. A journey that transcends your mind’s imagination, into the limitless possibilities contained within your heart.
On the other hand, the energy powering your feelings or emotions is mostly made up of magnetic energy. The higher the energy field, the more positive it is, and the greater the energetic or vibrational level. And that within yourself, you already have all you need to manifest the desires of your heart.
Stop waiting for others to tell you what it is you ‘should’ be doing or having, and start creating a vision for each area of your life. You’ll achieve this by answering these key questions: What are the necessary steps that will take me there?
Along the way you’ll need to make adjustments as you start moving forward in the direction of your vision. The key here is that you identify what are the people, places, activities or habits that are draining you of your energy. This is why it is also referred as an ‘insight’, a view from within. This intuitive guidance can often be received in the form of an idea, a thought, a vision, a word you hear, a hunch, a deep knowing or simply a feeling. Therefore it’s very important to include it, as many systems of reality manifestation leave this very important step out. Rather, it’s a process of expanding yourself so that you can grow yourself into the kind of person you always knew inside you were. Magnetic energy either attracts of repels. The combination of thoughts + feelings creates a subtle electro-magnetic field which cannot be seen, but can be felt and even measured. Each level contains a predominant emotion and it is from this emotional states that thoughts are generated.
An inspired action is one that comes from a higher frequency or level of intuition and guidance.
A new home? Without a clear vision of what it is you want, the process of manifesting from the heart cannot begin. Then, allocate time in your calendar to focus this energy to work on your vision, project or goal.

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