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If youa€™ve ever experiencedthe stress that comes from financial pressure, you know how difficult it is when you are so strapped that you dona€™t have enough money to pay your bills.A But I want to tell you that God is always faithful! If you are living for God, walking in holiness,A doing what the Holy Spirit has told you to do with your life, and sowing your financial seed into the soil of Goda€™s Kingdom, then you areA promised a harvest to meet the needs in your own life. This is Goda€™s promise to you, and itA always works.A But what should you do when the devil is assailing your finances? Ia€™m talking about those timesA when youa€™ve done everything you know to do, but you are still being financially hassled. The word akoloutheo means to follow or to go somewhere with a person, as to accompany him on a trip. These signs andA wonders are continually to be in step with us and with the message we preach. To preach withoutA these miraculous signs should seem very strange to us, for God intended these signs to persistentlyfollow us and the message anywhere and everywhere we go.A These signs are Goda€™s signature that the message is true. Hence, every time the Gospel is preached a€” whether at church, on the mission field, in a large crusade, in the bus or subway, at your job, or at the grocery store a€” you should expect these supernatural signs to be present in some form.
Often I literally feel that barrier move out of the way as the Spirit of God shoves it aside and makes an avenue for His blessings to flow into my life andministry. These signs should accompany you everywhere you go because they are a part of your spiritual equipment, faithful partners of the Gospel message!A But if this is true, why dona€™t we see more of these signs following Christians? For instance, once when we needed a new building and were desperate to find the money to pay for it, the Holy Spirit instructed us to sow a seed into someone elsea€™s building project.

Or someone elses life or vision that God has given them.A  Although the amount of money was huge to us at themoment, we knew that sowing that seed was essential if we were going to experience the financial breakthrough we needed for our own building.
If a Christian isna€™t believing for these signs to be manifested or expecting them to follow him,A they probably wona€™t. If youa€™re not releasing faith for the miraculous to occur, very little of theA miraculous will be in manifestation in your life.
Instead of giving in and surrendering to the attacks that are assailing you, you have to a€?put up your dukes,a€? heave backward with all your spiritual might, and throw a knockout punch at the face of the devil! Dona€™t shrink back in fear or worry; instead, make this a critical moment when you sow an extra financial seed! He guaranteed that Goda€™s supernatural signature would be on anyone who preaches the Gospel and who opens the way for the supernatural to come to pass by believing.A Today I want to encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle the flame in your heart toA see the supernatural signature of God on your life, your church, or your ministry. He wants to authenticate and guarantee that the messageA you preach or share is truly Heaven-sent.
From this moment onward, I release my faith for the miraculousto follow me when I preach or share the Gospel with unbelievers. Helpme to sow it by faith, confidently expecting it to break the stranglehold that has been on my financial situation. I am intensely hungry to see the miraculous, andA I am constantly believing for it to be in manifestation. Are you hungry for the supernatural, or have you been passive about seeing signsA and wonders manifested in your life?

How long has it been since youa€™ve earnestlyA prayed for signs and wonders to be a part of your life?A 3. Instead of surrendering to the attacks that are assailing my finances, I am going to throw a knockout punch at the face of the devil!
At this critical moment, I am going to sow an extra financial seed that will break the devila€™s stranglehold on my life.
Remember, these signsalways follow wherever the Gospel is preached and believers are believing forA them to occur. Once I obey whatthe Holy Spirit is telling me to do, I will boldly command the devil to take his foul hands off my finances! Can you think of a specific time in your life when you were under great financial stress and the Holy Spirit instructed you to sow an extra large, extra sacrificial gift into your church or into someonea€™s ministry?A 2. Did you attribute your financial breakthrough to your bold act of giving in a difficult moment?A 3.

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