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Have you ever found yourself arriving at a location and stepping out of your car only to realise you don’t remember a single thing about the car trip? The best way I find to deal with my never-ending “things to do” is to write them down on ONE list.
I haven’t come across any great apps for action tracking yet, but would love to hear from anyone who has. Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are often associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals. Dedicate time to “Important Goals” specifically spending time to plan how to action them, as well as time actually working on them.
Manage “Interruptions” by consciously minimizing your time spent on them, saying NO to non-critical actions, or delegating where appropriate. Avoid “Distractions” as these are low-value activities and are unlikely to lead to your success. A mind map is excellent if you are not quite sure where to start, and have a lot going on in your head.
Although this is a fairly simple overview to mind maps – it is a quick and easy way to visually plan your goals.
After creating a mind map, or if you have a fairly good idea of your important goals, create a timeline and block out time & key milestones towards achieving your goals. Write down the months remaining until the end of the year (or the weeks over the next 3 months to continue with the mind map example above). Now block out time (in a different colour or something to differentiate it from unavailable time) to spend on the smaller actions required to complete each of your important goals. Your business vision should symbolize an ideal end state, or ultimate status, that will motivate you in goal setting and decision making along the way in your business journey.

The goal is not just to sell to people who need what you have, the goal is to sell to people who believe what you believe. Although the vision board is only for the next 3 months, it is a fantastic way to play around with the WHY I want to achieve certain goals. An excellent tip we learned in the course was to use affirmations (on your vision board) in the present tense in order to manifest your vision i.e.
I first “met” Sarah Prout online after reading her inspiring book The Power of Influence earlier this year. My partner and I have now being living together a year in sunny Karratha where we have made a home that functions as an Art Studio, Home Office, Bike Workshop, Go-Kart Workshop and Garage for cars, boat and go-kart trailer.
I sold a painting at the 2011 Annual Cossack Art Award, and can’t wait to start another painting for next year. I also launched Zest e-Biz Coaching officially only last week and already have one client signed up! I'm passionate about empowering business excellence, but understand the importance of mindfulness in business. Valued at $14.95, yours FREE when you sign up to the Zest e-Biz community to receive inspiration and conscious strategies to take your business to the next level. Of course it can be difficult to capture everything on the same list as you often think of things to do when you are out and about. Dr Stephen Covey mentions this tool in his best seller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The more time you spend planning your “Important Goals” ideally the less actions will fall into your “Critical Activities” – apart from UNKNOWN emergencies or demands of course.
Unlike goals, which are completed (or ticked off) once achieved, a vision should ideally be your “guiding star” and remain fairly unchanged. A vision should embody WHY you are in business.

And by why I don’t mean to make a profit; that’s a result… By why I mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your belief? The goal is not just to hire people who need a job, it’s to hire people who believe what you believe. In doing so I find I’m motivated to complete them because of a higher purpose, rather than simply ticking a box.
I joined the Adventures in Manifesting course and found myself part of an amazing community, encouraged and supported by Sean Patrick Simpson and Sarah Prout to dare to dream and manifest what we each individually desired most.Sean and Sarah invited me to write a chapter in the first Adventures in Manifesting book series and I have not looked back. But, if you can remember to update your list at least once a day, your mind will thank you for it.
Such an amazing experience to get your thoughts in print so they can be shared with the world! I was also fortunate enough to co-ordinate and MC the first Women of Woodside EXPO up here in Karratha – “Celebrating 30 years of Women at Woodside in the Pilbara” in which we displayed over 70 profiles in the community. If you have an iPhone, the notes app is a great tool to track actions that come to mind while you are on the go.
A great rule of thumb is to estimate the time it takes to complete an action, then allow double that amount of time as this is more likely how long it will take.
In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised by the ways this question will initiate manifestations in your life.
You can also sync it to your email account so that transferring the actions to a master electronic list is easy.

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