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In response to Kersten’s dilemma, Deepak shares a 7-step process to release emotional toxins. For an even more in-depth outline of the seven steps, check out this article by Deepak Chopra. But they may be neutral or even positive, but the intensity of the feeling is almost too much to bear.
Americans especially love getting emotional over their favorite football teams and the latest controversies of political campaigns. It may come as surprise to many, though, that the process focuses on experiencing emotions fully and then releasing those that get in the way. Your body, mind, and soul need to process feelings, just as you process food or toxins, so that they don’t make you ill.

Deepak tells Kersten that this may entail burning the piece of paper on which you wrote your feelings, throwing it to the wind, singing, dancing, or doing yoga. Allow yourself to be free of the emotion and recognize the hard work you did to overcome it. But in our personal lives, who wants to be the one laughing the loudest at the movie theater or saying “I love you” first to a sweetheart?

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