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We are passionate about opening minds and shaping perspectives of people and organizations as they create communications for their global audiences.
We seek to shape perspectives that your multilingual communications is a valuable element of your brand assets, not a commodity. To answer these questions, we look at the critical processes around the creation of an organization’s source publications and translations. From here, an organization can determine their processes to eliminate or revise messaging that has not been approved by their corporate office or that which may be a risk to their brand reputation or identity.
Many companies spend a large amount of time and money on product collateral, PR campaigns and on other option but with that either companies do not reach and properly deliver their message to their target customers or cannot achieve their business objectives and goals. Like all other marketing plans or programs, marketing communications also begin with a specific audience or targeted customers in mind. After deciding audience an effective marketing communications also required a specific objective or goal in the mind. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. With more businesses realizing the power of digital channels to nurture relationships, rally fans and build customer affinity, opportunity abounds for savvy professionals. To answer that question, we posted thoughts from a variety of marketing and web professionals on social media strategy before tactics.
It’s an ongoing debate, but the consensus among the marketing and PR crowd is clear:  strategy before tactics is the logical approach for businesses to take when engaging in social media.
Yet, in social media marketing and PR, it’s common for communications professionals to dive immediately into tactics without strategy “randomly dialing numbers” as Sarah notes above.
How often have you been in a meeting and heard things like “we need to be on Facebook, let’s get on Twitter, or why don’t we start blogging?”  In the social web, it’s analogous to inviting people to a theme party and not telling them what the theme is (or even knowing yourself).  If you approach social media in this way, expect your returns to be as predictable as the costumes your guests at the party will wear.

You really need to know why you want to use social media and which tools are best suited to meeting that objective.
Strategy needs to drive tactics, as companies first need to know where they’re going before they figure out how to get there. Guy has a point:  a solid strategy does not decrease the value of experimenting, tinkering and trying new tactics out. However, to capitalize on all of that, your process needs to tie all your activities together — the information sharing, the intelligence gathering, the communications, content creation, and anything else that happens in between. By making organizations aware of the impact that culture and values have on the language in their communications and connecting that with their overall strategic business goals, we can bring the global community a little closer together.
It’s important to be able to identify gaps in the processes that can be improved and prioritize objectives throughout the whole Content Lifecycle.
To build a business case for your multilingual communication strategy, it is necessary for your Language Service Provider to understand your organization’s business objectives  and to demonstrate that effective communications can move your organization toward achieving those objectives. Drill down further to technology assessments and determine the role of technology in the channels for communication and how terminology will be managed to centralize control of that messaging.
We have 8 metrics to determine this and among these, we quantify the number of documented communication strategies for each target market, the number of markets in which messaging originates with corporate, the percentage of content reuse in translation, the number of languages with terminology centralized as well as the client’s change of perception in commitment to a global strategy. However, those companies make Effective Marketing Communication Strategies, differentiates themselves from the competitors, as well as an effective Marketing Communication Strategy is also serve as a means of establishing meaningful connections with prospects and customers.
A good start is to know where, on social media, your customers hang out and what you can give them by joining their activities. A lot of roads can get a brand from point A to B, but a good strategy will help selection of the optimal route, as well as how to respond if setbacks are encountered along the way. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

In effect, we can be a catalyst for global change… person by person, communication by communication.
Management of these critical process steps can bring internal process efficiency affecting the multilingual communication strategy while also protecting the brand identity. How do these goals relate to the processes that are in place to create the communications for the domestic market? Within the Balanced Scorecard framework, this objective is within Product and Service Quality. Without a strategy and goals, you won’t know how you’re going to measure results and won’t be able to answer the “so what” question. We then determine which messaging has a direct impact on their brand identity and determine the languages in which those brand materials are published as well as the level of content required for baseline translation.
It may be a great way to share useful content in places where your customers spend time to generate interest for further actions. Don’t focus on some kind of high-level strategy because no one really knows how to use social media yet. And it can provide powerful business intelligence back, straight from the people who buy your products and services. Focus on tactics: Get more followers, make them happy, promote your stuff to them every once in a while.

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